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  1. Does the card allow you to get unopened cans of soda or just fountain drinks? I did not know of this discount. Thanks OP!
  2. I apologize if I'm repeating myself....posted on a thread like this not too long ago but did check and it doesn't seem to be this one I'll say it again: We have spent 90 days on the Veendam, way more than any other HAL ship. I'd gladly do another ninety! When we first booked it in 2007, there were threads just like this one. And it did have engine and plumbing problems during the weeks before we sailed but none during our week. In 2015 we were on for Voyage of the Vikings. I was so pleased that the ship looked much better than it had in 2007 and no problems. We spent 48 days on for Amazon Explorer, no problems then either. It is not a new ship obviously and one should not it expect to be. But it has a fabulous crew and when we sailed the two long voyages, we had the best captain we've ever experienced. OP make your decision based on price and itinerary and don't worry so much about reviews, Those displeased seem more likely to submit them.
  3. This is the problem in my opinion for those who take precautions like the OP. We went on a land tour in January and one rude person with a horrible virus infected the whole bus. He did not even cover his mouth..hands would have been a big improvement for him. Some gave him a mask and he just blew his nose into it. The cough was so bad people thought he had lung cancer or emphysema. I said no, his wife had the same thing, just more courteous. No matter what you do it is difficult to stop the airborne illnesses especially if fellow travelers do not attempt to keep their germs to themselves.
  4. I am doing a cruise with another line that does the landings. It is not much more expensive than the cruises I've looked into that do what this one does. It is a fairly good sized ship, one of those that does the coastal cruises in Norway. The small expeditionary cruises were out of my price range. I booked it through a budget agency but the cruise line is well known. I don't know rules about posting but you can search my user name and find the roll call I started for it. EDIT: Just read the posts above and yes, it is Hurtigruten.
  5. That's my Veendam! Same thing occurred when we were onboard a couple of years ago. As others have said, just wait and flush when you can. There were warnings in 2007 before our first Veendam cruise and it has been a subject of discussion ever since. We have spent 90 wonderful days on the Veendam with no bad cruises, even when the plumbing has been a subject of discussion. Enjoy your cruise and don't let a delayed flush spoil it.
  6. Yes, on that. I had to upgrade from a guarantee after I found out that cabins in my category could be under the galley. OP, I sympathize. IMO lanais are obstructed ocean views with a door cut in them with a big price attached. I would rather have the privacy of an inside if I didn't spring for a balcony. Have balconies on other lines but the cost differential on HAL for the relatively few balconies has created a market for lanais...but not for me.
  7. Loved it! We were on the Veendam with the same great captain that we had for the Voyage of the Vikings. I was thinking the other day I'd love to repeat this. We went to Carnival in Rio. It is amazing but once was enough for that. Just too late for me. We saw four of the parades but the winning was one of the final two that performed after 3 a.m. Loved all of the ports on the Amazon. Some of those on the coast of Brazil are underwhelming and can be a bit dangerous if one goes out on your own. I'd stick to excursions on the coast.
  8. Great idea! I use ours as coasters. Love them!
  9. You are right about the loyalty benefits. We've finally reached 4 star and basically, it's the laundry (not that I don't appreciate that with our long cruise coming up). It's so much more on X and by extension, RCCL. RCCL is my least favorite of the lines we've sailed, but knowing that I'd get my Elite on X benefits would make me consider booking if the itinerary and price were right.
  10. Time for anything thinking of buying to buy! We paid $35 per share several years ago and this is the lowest I've seen in a long time. Getting ready to enjoy another $250 OBC on our upcoming cruise so I didn't consider selling even when it was high.
  11. As a platinum plus on NCL and 4 star mariner, I agree with your assessment. I like both cruise lines for different reasons. As you said, NCL wins on entertainment and activities for children/young adults. HAL is ahead on everything you mention. As we get older we appreciate those things.. Never had a bad cruise on either line.
  12. Doggy Daddy, Not sure this will help but we were there with Celebrity and considered both their one day and overnight excursions. We found we could stay two nights on a private excursion for less than half the price. The one day thing would be a waste in my opinion. The one you describe would no doubt be nice but I don't know what you would miss in the mean time. (We chose not to take the very pricey one to Taj Mahal where you were away from the ship. Would have missed three fantastic ports and could take a separate two week trip to India including air for what the excursion cost.) We were fortunate our cruise ended in BA so we could extend our air, do the excursion, and then fly home. The falls are fantastic. I'd weight the question of whether you'd ever get another opportunity to see them and the ports you'd miss if you do. If you think you'd get back or take a cruise that begins or ends in BA, go another time. If not it's the question of the Falls versus what you'd miss and the $$. Whatever you do, enjoy your trip.
  13. Thanks so much!! I knew about the solution (same as Galapagos) but not the boots. Our friends will be much relieved about that....Floridians with no boots, l
  14. Maria (or anyone who's following) Can you tell me if you bring your own boots to go ashore? Thanks in advance.
  15. Enjoying this discussion, thanks to all. So sorry about your cancelled cruise. I had to cancel my March trip due to severe back trouble and had to send DH anyway as we'd arranged a group trip for our church. My mother has been gone ten years now but when she was with us, her nursing home actually told me not to tell her when we were traveling. She would worry herself into illness. I had other relatives and a faithful caretaker seeing her while I was gone. That was helpful the last couple of years. Enjoy your Hurtigruten trip! We just booked our first so this discussion is very helpful.
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