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  1. Yes, very disappointing but completely understandable. I think they were worried that once on the island, tenders wouldn't be able to bring passengers back. It was indeed rough upon our early docking in Melbourne. A tug had to be brought in to bring the ship to the dock. Too much wind for the thrusters. And too much wind for us to get much beyond the end of the dock during our early arrival time in Melbourne. Hoping for better weather today for tour to Healeville animal park and the wine region. And really hoping rough seas do not interfere with our call in Tasmania. Two lost ports were tender ports and hopefully we can get into Burnie which is not a tender port.
  2. This must vary person to person and mattress to mattress. I am on the Maasdam now and find the bed way too soft. I have back trouble which is aggravated by a soft bed and I realize that might influence my opinion.
  3. Two years ago we added a tour in Romania prior to our Viking river cruise. It was independent (and wonderful) as the VIking precruise was already full many months before sailing. Insurance had been purchased already for the rest of the trip. I used the company whose owner is answering questions this month and was able to cover those five extra days in a separate policy for a reasonable price.
  4. Had this in the Pinnacle last night. As another poster said, it was okay but not something I'd ever order again. To each their own on this topic...and I am a bacon lover.
  5. After leaving Yanchep we headed north to Nambung National Park. We visited the beautiful beach area. There are huge shifting sand dunes there. Then we went to nearby Pinnacles, also part of Nambung. We hiked through the vast number of pinnacles ending up on a lookout where we had a picnic supper and waited for the sunset. The clouds were pretty but ended up blocking the sunset. Then we headed back toward Perth, stopping once to stargaze. Four of us from roll call had ridden the train to Perth to meet this excursion at a hotel. Turned out two others from the ship were on it and had been picked up in Freemantle. Great for us, too, as the guide returned us to the ship at 10:15 p.m. Long but very good day.
  6. We enjoyed Yanchep too. Then drove a distance up to Pinnacles Desert. Amazing place.
  7. Thanks for posting about my favorite ship! We've spent 90 days on the Veendam and would love to spend more with the wonderful crew and leadership who make the cruises great. No, it's not the newest ship but it is a very special one.
  8. OP, I am so sorry this was your experience. We did VOV in 2015 and it did not disappoint. Experienced cruisers told us we had "The A Team" of staff aboard. Cutbacks seem to have changed that. We were also on the Veendam. We had the same wonderful captain and crew for Amazon Explorer in 2017 on the Veendam. This is a relatively expensive cruise and I'm sorry you did not get what you paid for and expected.
  9. Have a good cruise in spite of the room. Maybe a good thing you are going prepared given cabin location.
  10. Does the card allow you to get unopened cans of soda or just fountain drinks? I did not know of this discount. Thanks OP!
  11. I apologize if I'm repeating myself....posted on a thread like this not too long ago but did check and it doesn't seem to be this one I'll say it again: We have spent 90 days on the Veendam, way more than any other HAL ship. I'd gladly do another ninety! When we first booked it in 2007, there were threads just like this one. And it did have engine and plumbing problems during the weeks before we sailed but none during our week. In 2015 we were on for Voyage of the Vikings. I was so pleased that the ship looked much better than it had in 2007 and no problems. We spent 48 days on for Amazon Explorer, no problems then either. It is not a new ship obviously and one should not it expect to be. But it has a fabulous crew and when we sailed the two long voyages, we had the best captain we've ever experienced. OP make your decision based on price and itinerary and don't worry so much about reviews, Those displeased seem more likely to submit them.
  12. This is the problem in my opinion for those who take precautions like the OP. We went on a land tour in January and one rude person with a horrible virus infected the whole bus. He did not even cover his mouth..hands would have been a big improvement for him. Some gave him a mask and he just blew his nose into it. The cough was so bad people thought he had lung cancer or emphysema. I said no, his wife had the same thing, just more courteous. No matter what you do it is difficult to stop the airborne illnesses especially if fellow travelers do not attempt to keep their germs to themselves.
  13. I am doing a cruise with another line that does the landings. It is not much more expensive than the cruises I've looked into that do what this one does. It is a fairly good sized ship, one of those that does the coastal cruises in Norway. The small expeditionary cruises were out of my price range. I booked it through a budget agency but the cruise line is well known. I don't know rules about posting but you can search my user name and find the roll call I started for it. EDIT: Just read the posts above and yes, it is Hurtigruten.
  14. That's my Veendam! Same thing occurred when we were onboard a couple of years ago. As others have said, just wait and flush when you can. There were warnings in 2007 before our first Veendam cruise and it has been a subject of discussion ever since. We have spent 90 wonderful days on the Veendam with no bad cruises, even when the plumbing has been a subject of discussion. Enjoy your cruise and don't let a delayed flush spoil it.
  15. Yes, on that. I had to upgrade from a guarantee after I found out that cabins in my category could be under the galley. OP, I sympathize. IMO lanais are obstructed ocean views with a door cut in them with a big price attached. I would rather have the privacy of an inside if I didn't spring for a balcony. Have balconies on other lines but the cost differential on HAL for the relatively few balconies has created a market for lanais...but not for me.
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