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  1. Yes, it is. Only time we've had to do that was sailing through the area frequented by the Somali pirates.
  2. OP, please tell us how this turns out. I am so sorry you have gone through so much stress. Our own son called us in Miami after we'd gone to sleep and demanded we return home. So glad he did. We'd be quarantined in Argentina rather than on our bucket list Antarctic expeditionary cruise right now. They can afford first/business class if they are in a Neptune Suite. I hope they got good advice from their concierge and are on the way home now or soon. Please keep us posted and God bless you for being a concerned daughter.
  3. OP, I'm so sorry about your luggage. I read about that and wondered how anyone could proceed without the right clothing. I still wonder how they did it and if they were able to land. We should be on the Midnasol right now. Never heard a word about the cancellation from H but I think that was the responsibility of the third party we booked with. Ship was sailing and we were in Miami ready to fly to Argentina when the border closed. Thank goodness we didn't get on that plane.
  4. Reading the above I realize just how blessed we are to be at home. We traveled as far as Miami to fly down to Buenos Aires for the March 15 Mindasol voyage. Argentina imposed their fourteen day quarantine the very day we were to fly to BA. We had just cancelled due to extreme pressure from our son....who turned out to be right. He did not want us quarantined overseas. Shortly after we cancelled, the whole trip was cancelled as everyone would have been sent to quarantine. We have a travel credit from the cruise and a credit for the land portion from our agency. Will have to work something out with the airline I am afraid, which is likely a loss since the policy is use it within a year of issue. I doubt we can find anything by July if travel is even possible by then. Rebooking is problematic as we had a special and price is double what we paid.
  5. Heading to Antarctica on an expeditionary cruise next week....no way to cancel and probably no need. The virus situation has taken a lot of the joy out of going however. Have a 37 day HAL cruise scheduled for next year and hope all will be resolved by then. Also have a trip to Israel (land based) booked for December. Wait and see on that one.
  6. It has worked for me several times in the past....but now there is new leadership and/or policy about pricing. Maybe that's the difference. Before the current worsening of the virus crisis, I was ready to book a pricey NCL itinerary. Didn't do it because I didn't want to risk being stuck in that inside I usually book (and have been in on occasion) given what happened with Diamond Princess. It may also depend on how large the ship is. The times I've been able to upgrade for low cost were all on one of the larger ships during weeks that are less popular. Would never count on an upgrade during holidays/spring break, etc.
  7. We have never had a bad cruise on NCL. We love the entertainment and like the OP never having to worry about dining arrangements. I continue to follow three of the entertainers on FB and would book a cruise just to hear them again. Itinerary is why I book. As a new cruiser I chose NCL for price and itinerary. Now we've done the common itineraries and haven't been on NCL for a while. They finally have one we haven't done and I'm looking to book that. Seeing the world while having a great time is a winning combination. RCCL is the only line we've been on that has equal entertainment (IMO of course). But the two cruises with them were both less enjoyable by a lot than all the rest of our NCL cruises.
  8. Glad Canada is being proactive. Have not heard what is happening if anything in US. Lots on news about the Princess passengers. Not so afraid of that as they are being quarantined on arrival. It's the unknown factor that is scary with so much opportunity for transmission if anyone had it and was asymptomatic when they left Cambodia.
  9. I apologize if this has been answered previously....have read last several pages and from the beginning but could have missed some pages. Is the CDC tracking the Westerdam passengers to ensure the virus is not being spread? I pray that all who have been sent home already stay well for their sakes for the health of everyone in their home countries and along the way home.
  10. I can only hope these passengers have been identified and tracked as they make their way home to around the world. I read that some flights have been cancelled. Does anyone know how many are left in Cambodia or if all flew out to wherever they live? This is a nightmare scenario for all involved and perhaps to communities around the world where these potential carriers live. We went on a Transpacific cruise from Shanghai to Vancouver a few years ago. Most of the passengers had a respiratory illness by the time we got off in Vancouver. DH commented at the time we were were transporting that virus (thank God not this one) back all over North America.
  11. We varied our air return and did a two night private tour for less than the cost of the one day excursion on Celebrity. If the one day is all you can do, do it, as the falls are fantastic. If you can be flexible, I agree with everyone that says take multiple days. I would like to have had more time there myself.
  12. Glad someone else is in the Veendam fan club! We've spent 90 days onboard and have 37 more booked. I love the size of the ship, the crew, and the itineraries.
  13. I've been on a number of cruises where handshaking was discouraged. Officers put their hands behind their backs and greet people in line by nodding and talking with them. That works for me. I dread passing the peace at church and have used sanitizer afterwards for years. People may talk but that's okay. Son's church has had sanitizer in every pew for several years. Noro, flu….plenty of reasons not to handshake even before coronavirus.
  14. Our friends sail this weekend and just received this notice. I think it is a good response to this issue. We were to be on this sailing but dropped it when O was forced to drop the Cuba itinerary. IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION FOR GUESTS TRAVELING WITH OCEANIA CRUISES Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, Due to the growing concern regarding coronavirus infections in China and in an abundance of caution, we will be implementing new policies designed to protect the health and safety of our guests and crew. These new policies will apply to all guests on all sailings worldwide, effective immediately, for the next 30 days. In addition to the already announced non-touch temperature screenings detailed below, we will be denying boarding to any guest who has visited mainland China in the last 30 days. These guests will receive a refund for their cruise. This new policy is in addition to non-touch temperature screenings for all guests. Any guest who registers a body temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius or higher, will not be allowed to board. These guests will not receive a refund and will be advised to open a travel insurance claim with their insurance provider. Please know that the safety, security and well-being of our guests and crew is our number one priority. We truly appreciate your understanding and thank you for your diligence and assistance in helping us ensure that all of our guests and crew remain in good health. If you have traveled to mainland China in the past 30 days, please contact your travel advisor or Oceania Cruises directly so that we may begin the process of cancelling your pending voyage, collecting your travel information and start the refund process. For guests travelling on our upcoming China sailings, we will be sharing further information in the coming few days. Please Note: The mainland China travel restrictions do not include Hong Kong or Taiwan. Should you have any questions regarding the coronavirus, please speak with your personal physician or visit the websites for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at www.CDC.gov or the World Health Organization at www.WHO.int. Sincerely, Carlos Ortega Vice President, Guest Services Oceania Cruises
  15. A measured and very reasonable response given the CDC's announcement. A good reason to book air through HAL. Thanks for posting.
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