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  1. onthelake

    Tampa airport to Riverwalk

    I read that a taxi from the airport to downtown Tampa is a flat fee of $25. Can anyone confirm that, please? We booked the Barrymore based on their shuttle but our arrival is outside of their schedule.
  2. onthelake

    Dress Code Question

    So if my husband and son wear suits, they will be in the minority?
  3. onthelake

    Flying Toronto - Tampa

    I realize Tampa is an international airport with customs and immigration but I am wondering if we will go thru the process in Toronto and simply deplane in Tampa. When I travel to Chicago via Calgary, I go thru customs and immigration in Calgary and simply deplane in Chicago. We are flying with WestJet if that makes a difference.
  4. onthelake

    Port of Tampa

    Which dock does Holland America use in Tampa? Thank you.
  5. onthelake

    One Way Air Fares On Spring Transatlantic Are Crazy!!

    We also used Iceland Air and just want to add that the 48 hour layover allows you to get in a good bit of sightseeing. We enjoyed our time there immensely.
  6. onthelake

    Teens getting bored on ship

    There are the kid’s clubs but there is also shuffle board, ping pong, the pool, pizza, sleeping in, firiends, the sports court, buffet, . . . They will find plenty to do and friends to do it with. Really, it is only sea days that they will need to be occupied so it will not be a problem.
  7. onthelake

    Europe or Alaska with elementary aged kids?

    Another vote for a Baltic cruise. A lot to see and do for all ages.
  8. To confirm which adaptor is needed, check on the forum for Australian cruises here on cruise critic. Also, any luggage store should be able to help you. From the adaptor sets I have seen/purchased, they all have a full set of adaptors so you can travel the world and have what you need.
  9. Check on the Military board here on cruise critic within this special interest cruising section. Military discounts can be substantial and could make a big difference in your cost/choices.
  10. onthelake

    Keeping track of teens

    With ages of your children, it should not be a big problem. We always insisted on meals together and where to meet. During the meal, we would discuss what each person was doing during the next portion of the day. I always have a general area where I can be found and my husband is equally predictable. Lots of folks use things like sticky notes or white boards in the cabin, or you can leave messages on the cabin phone.
  11. onthelake

    How old?

    It isn’t just about the child and maturity level, it is also about the cruise and time of year. If you are on a Carnival spring break cruise, the decision is different than for a Holland America Alaska Cruise.
  12. onthelake

    Best line for Alaska for multi-generations??

    We did Princess as well (a couple of times) and were very pleased. Now we have moved to Celebrity for most cruises and find they fit our expectations better in a cruise market that is constantly cutting corners. Your son will have a great time on any ship/line so look at what the adults will enjoy. Your parent’s 50th is really an event to celebrate. Congratulations to them!
  13. onthelake

    Things to Look for Before Booking Long Flight?

    I would discuss this with your pediatrician first. I would also consider (I know you probably do not have the time ) stopping in Hawaii for a night or two instead of flying straight through. We did this some years ago but our son was about 10. Somehow, after about 8 hours it all just became monotonously the same and we dozed a lot of the time.
  14. Usually, little ones take a day or two to settle into a new environment and then they are fine. Seven or nine days will probably not make any difference, especially since you are together as a family.
  15. My first choice is Ardastra Gardens and Zoo. Very family friendly for all ages.