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  1. Thank you for all the different options information Frances. I'll check it out now. 🙂
  2. Hi @supergran, Yes I'm on the roll call. I'm going to pop in there again soon. Chat there 🙂
  3. Hi @bonship, I hope you enjoyed your cruise. How was the Elm Wildlife tour you took?
  4. Hi mahdnc I just came across your review and it was great. Answered a lot of questions I had for our upcoming cruise. There are a couple I still have if you don't mind. I have found out that everything is still in USD on board so I presume the casino slot machines & table games are too. Can you bring along your own USD cash or do you have to charge it to the seapass and they give you the funds at the casino teller? My second question is about the daily newsletters. I thought I had read that they don't deliver these to the rooms anymore but you provided some pictures off w
  5. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Kind Regards Carla
  6. Hi Leigh, Thanks again, I will look at this option and maybe add in a private tour to some of the other sights as also suggested. Our own personal combo tour. 😀 It doesn't appear to go inland over high bridges like DH wanted but looks like it reaches some heights and against some cliffs. Thank you for the links and feedback from your friends. Kind Regards Carla
  7. It's crazy some of the mark ups. I mean I expect to pay extra as their tours come with certain guarantees and my first cruise all we did was ship tours as we didn't know any better and would have had no confidence to do it ourselves. But is this case the tour's normal price is 3x what you can independently do and the sale price 2x. That is taking it too far I think. Maybe the train line charges a premium for the charter of their service, I really don't know but it's a lot and they have taken away the option of doing it ourselves by providing full access to the cruise lines on t
  8. Thank you I did know that but always good to let someone know in case. The normal price of the tour is $368 AUD pp. If it was that it would be a no but they are getting me in with the sale even though it is still very expensive. Thanks Carla 🙂
  9. Thanks Jazzbeau. I'm very interested in the wildlife options but I'm pushing my luck a bit with DH as I have already booked many other wildlife tours on this cruise. Maybe I can leave him at the Pub and do it by myself. Funny you mention your pre-cruise tour...When I was looking around at options I actually googled how far Queenstown was from Dunedin thinking we could skip the town and have the day in Queenstown instead. That was wishful thinking, based on maps we would have to turn around just before we got there to get back to the ship in time! 🤣🤣
  10. Hi Leigh, We are on Celebrity Solstice and are in port on 15th March 2020. I have checked the train website itself and it isn't offering any direct journeys for the morning, only late in the afternoon. We booked the cruise late so I thought it was just that the tickets were all sold but a tour company told me it was the cruise ships that had all the tickets. We don't really want to spend that much money as there are three of us but also don't want to miss the opportunity when we have the chance of it is a "must do" kind of thing. I'm tied on what to do. 😣😀 Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm after some personal opinions from those who have done the Taieri Gorge Railway excursion in Dunedin. The day we are in port there will be two cruise ships and all seats on the train have been booked by the ships so we can not take the journey direct. The ship cost at $260 AUD pp (on sale) is high and there is not much else that interests us or we are already doing something similar at other ports. If you have done this train journey how did you find it? Was it a valued experience that you are glad you didn't miss or perhaps not something you felt was valuable (not j
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