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  1. 1. No add'l charge 2. Depends on time of day, whether it's a sea day or not... 3. My husband went at 10 am ish on a sea day, little to no waits
  2. My inlaws use TracPhone and were unable to use their phones on our RCI cruise in March....my Verizon phone worked just fine.
  3. On our March 2nd FOS cruise, the jackpot started on Monday, the first sea day at $1500 and continued to build until the last sea day when it maxed out at $7700. Of course I kept coming back every day with the hope of winning it, but eventually it was split between four people and my inner bad attitude grumbled that it was probably to people who didn't "suffer" thru playing the whole week and I was cranky about it.....It was quite a full house that last day.....
  4. We sailed the 3/2 Western itinerary and enjoyed every minute of it. We were onboard by noon and eating lunch. Staterooms for all three couples in our party were ready by 1 pm with excursion tickets, compass, etc. Met our attendant roughly 5 pm ish, at which point I sent out items for pressing. We had early seating on Deck 5, Galileo Dining and had a table just for the six of us. Food was fine, I am not one to nitpick it. Stateroom storage was adequate. I did bring an over the door shoe organizer with pockets and it helped greatly with makeup, sunscreen, etc. Also brought a popup clothes hamper which helped with dirty laundry. Plenty of hangars and space for all our clothes. Our suitcases fit under the bed just fine and were out of the way. My husband enjoyed the flow rider and rock climbing wall the first sea day and had little to no waiting for each. He won $500 at bingo early that week as well. The ice show was good as was a Temptations Revue group one night. The requisite towel animals appeared daily as well. We did excursions at three of the four ports as well. If you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to answer as best I can..
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