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  1. The item was dark, and right up against the wall of the safe which is black. We didn't notice it, and apparently neither did the cabin attendant who previously serviced the room. Probably also why the owners missed it when they were cleaning out the safe for their departure. I suppose it's possible that someone snuck into our cabin after we checked in, broke into the safe, and stashed something there, but I'm thinking it's probably not the most likely scenario.
  2. As we were leaving our cabin, 10309 on Symphony of the Seas this morning (11/17/2018), we noticed some items left in the safe by a previous occupant of the room. If you stayed in the room and are missing items, please contact Royal Caribbean. We notified the attendant of the items and she said she would take them to her supervisor.
  3. I would not pay more for the same category of room. We always book guarantee when available, and have always been happy with the room, as well as the occasional upgrade.
  4. Maybe they'll just add one of these...
  5. The press release says that Empress will have a Solarium when it goes to Cuba... Does anyone know when it's being added? Where are they going to put it? http://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1296/royal-caribbean-international-opens-sailings-to-cuba/
  6. If you have the Internet package, CNN is streaming live. Normally, to watch CNN live, you have to log on with your cable provider credentials, however on election night, they're streaming free so you can watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  7. It's very nice. Make a point to stop by and check out the selection. If you don't think you'd like it you can always eat somewhere else.
  8. Some Quests have been family friendly, but extremely funny, especially with the instant-replays. Others have been R-rated (full frontal nudity) and also very entertaining. It really depends on the cruise director and the crowd aboard. It's nice to have a mix of adults-only events as well as family friendly events throughout the cruise. They tend to do this with the comedy and I see no reason not to do it with the Quest.
  9. If you'd rather not run outdoors where you may experience actual sunshine, you might consider running on a treadmill at the gym. They have very good equipment and you can't beat the views of the ocean.
  10. I think you'll enjoy the solarium, steakhouse (Chops), and piano bar (Schooner bar). The production shows on Royal tend to be among the top in the industry. MDR food will be about the same as Carnival. The kids will enjoy rock climbing, mini-golf, slides, etc. Consider mixing up your meals. For example, try the MDR for breakfast or the buffet for dinner to get some variety.
  11. Thanks for sharing the info. There are certainly ways to get around this since pretty much any computer can be used as a router with the right hardware and software, and they can't really ban all computers from connecting.
  12. We've been big Royal fans, but had a great experience on Celebrity on our last cruise. Great food, and a really good deal, with an upgrade to a very nice suite with a butler and private hot tub on the balcony.
  13. We were seated once at an 8-top with all gay couples. This was not a gay cruise, they just had a very attentive Maître D'.
  14. Bring your own if you're really concerned you won't see any.
  15. If it was really that rough, I would sit tight and hold on to something solid so that I didn't get tossed around 18 feet. Is it just me? Or is that common sense?
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