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  1. Cruising on Oasis in December (cabin 7680 Oceanview Balcony.) Are there outlets available by the bed? Using CPAP & need to know if I will need to request an extension cord from Special Needs Dept. or not. Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. I started collecting them from our 1st cruise on Sovereign, which was VHS. I have them from my 1st dozen cruises or so, and then they must have completely stopped producing them. I know a lot of it was stock footage, but it always showed clips from the actual week of the cruise. I especially liked that the week of shows was always included. Since we are not suppose to videotape the shows, it was a great way to remember what &/or who we saw. Oh, well.
  3. Is the Cruise in Review DVD still being sold on any ships, or is it non-existent?
  4. "I feel like Charlie Brown kicking a football. " Love this reference
  5. Husky. I never said I hate marketing emails. Marketing in itself is obviously important. I said that I don't like the multiple marketing emails that threaten that the sale is ending & it is the last chance to save, and then it is not.
  6. I get the part that it is still cruise related. But I don't get excited anymore once I see what it is. I think they can be turned off as well, but I don't want to miss actual information. I just wish they would have the sale, and then end it. Stop telling me it is expiring when it never is.
  7. I am referring to the multiple emails a day about the %off planner items. The "don't miss out", "last chance", "expires in...(countdown clock)", 24 hours just added, this time we mean it, no, this time we really mean it that the offer is ending... OK, I'm done ranting.
  8. seems like there has been a lot of turnover of CDs in the past year or so. I hardly recognize the majority of names on the list
  9. We just had Ricky M. on Mariner last December. In my family's opinion, he was a fantastic entertainer!
  10. does royal offer a shuttle from port of Miami to ft. Lauderdale airport/
  11. Last December Mariner out of Miami, we were on board at 10:45am
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