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  1. What are the differences between a concierge, a genie & a butler?
  2. I was pricing out a cruise for June 18, 2020 Adventure of the seas 8night. I can't figure out how $1939 is BOGO 50%? 50% of what $$ did they start with? I know it's RCCL math, but I can usually figure it out. We also have the C&A balcony discount. Can someone decipher & explain this to me? Thank you. Pricing by Guest View Summary Ocean View Balcony $6,082.00 3 Guests Deck 8 Room 8254 Guest 1 Cruise Fare $2,346.00 Taxes & Fees $163.67 Guest 2 Cruise Fare $2,346.00 Taxes & Fees $163.67 Guest 3 Cruise Fare $1,390.00 Taxes & Fees $163.67 Discounts & Credits BOGO50 NRD $1,939.00 Balc Suite NRD $226.00 Average cost per person $1,469.34 Total $4,408.01
  3. Thank you for the replies. So definitely no smoking in casino sailing out of Australia.
  4. I may be totally wrong but, I thought I read that certain Royal Caribbean cruises have completely non-smoking casinos, either based on itineraries or departure ports?? Can someone please give me the straight scoop on this? Or am I just wrong?
  5. Any idea who will be CD on Oasis after drydock? Specifically for Dec 8, 2019 sailing?
  6. so are all of the cruises to the Bahamas & Caribbean that are available for summer 2020 now posted? Or are there still more to be rolled out?
  7. What kind of food is served in the Solarium Bistro? Does Oasis solarium have the adult pool?
  8. Also, my experience has been that if there is an open table of 3-2 BJ that has been vacant for a while (usually because the min bet is too high ($50 or $100) for many players), I have asked the pit boss to lower the min bet to a more comfortable amount ($15 or $25) , and he did. Instead of having a vacant table, people sat down. It never hurts to ask.
  9. I remember when we sailed on Allure, there was a room in the On Air Club on deck 5 in which you could make & email a video or photo "postcard". Does the Oasis have this feature?
  10. Thank you for the quick response. Not affecting a shared sea pass account in the same cabin is exactly what I needed to know.
  11. Onboard credit for $100 redeeming 10000 points-what is the difference between SHARED CREDIT & INDIVIDUAL CREDIT?
  12. "Just so I make sure I understand....There are 6 events showing as open to pre-book on our cruise in June. As long as I book tickets for each of the 6 events, I will see everything that is available? That is...book comedy one night, see all comedians...book headliner show one night, same for all showings...etc? And then the other shows that do not require tickets we just show up." Correct.
  13. Marc (Bing Bong) Walker is one of my family's favorite CDs. We like his sense of humor.
  14. iSkate was also a non-reservation ice skate show
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