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  1. Update-reasonable outcome They pulled the phone call recording & verified that the casino person did in fact tell me everything was combinable (but the policy is still the policy on what is combinable.) So the final result was, they took off my balcony & casino discount (total of $500), in order to use the 125,000 Visa points which were good for $2495 (lowest ocean view at time of booking), and as a good faith gesture (which I suggested so we could be done with this), they gave me $300 in OBC-I only "lost" $200 of my original discount. The $200 I "lost" is still a lot of money to me that I was planning on saving, but at this point it was not worth the time or effort to keep pushing the issue. I feel the compromise was fair enough.
  2. The value of the 125000 would be $2500 off my cruise as it would be used as 5-7 night Caribbean cruise for 2 minimum ocean view value (which was over $2500). So I do not want to use it for OBC. but I thank you for pointing out the option. They offered to remove my other discounts so I could use the Visa points, but then I still lose about $800 I was saving originally.
  3. Booked Symphony back in June through the Casino department. I always specifically ask about combinability of discounts. I have casino, senior, C & A, & B of A Visa points, & Royal was running BOGO60% "sale." As in the past, the person tells me that I can combine them all. Without this, I am not in the position to take my family on a cruise. I call to redeem my 125000 points to get $2500 off the cruise, & I am told I can't combine it with my Casino discount. I am mad at myself for not getting it in writing from when I booked, that I can combine everything (I have done this in the past.) I am mad at Royal for not standing by what I was told & what has been combined in the past. The new terms & conditions are Dec. 2019 (after I booked), and I do not see anything about casino discount not combining. I spoke with a supervisor in Resolution Specialty/Rewards Dept. & she needs to try to get special approval to give me discounts. Won't have an answer until this week, but she said she doubts they will make exception. Any other angle I can take or department I can contact to resolve this quicker or if they come back with a no?
  4. No headliner. That will be a 1st for our cruising experience.
  5. I wonder if the iSkate show is the same as it was on Harmony. Each performer did a freestyle skate to their personal genre of music they like.
  6. For May 30th & June 6th 2020 sailings, the entertainment pre-book has 2 comedy shows available. 1 in the Attic & 1 in the Main Theater. I know the 1 in the Attic will be adults only, but is the 1 in the main theater for all ages? Also, can I assume there will be a headliner show (not available for pre-booking.)? Are there any other shows not available for pre-booking? I know the Harmony had an extra Ice & Aqua theater show once on board that were not available for pre-booking. Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. on our dec 8th sailing, there were 2 other shows not available to pre-book. we had a 2nd headliner act (hypnotist Marc Savaard) & Journey Tribute band (Resurrection) that performed in Musical Hall & also in Aquatheater. It has been our experience on 3 Oasis class ships that there has been 1 or 2 additional shows once onboard.
  8. My family's tradition is Windjammer. We are usually on the ship by 11 & windjammer is not crowded YET
  9. Does anyone have feedback on Michele the CD who took over for Bobby Brown?
  10. Johnny Rockets is 2 doors down & of course, sells milkshakes.
  11. Obviously tastes & opinions vary. My family LOVED Rickey Mathews from the Mariner. He was a great showman. For me, it seems like some CDs are just MCs or hosts, and others have the added value of being entertainers. I assume Mark on Harmony was Mark "Bing Bong" Walker who we have also loved on 2 cruises. Abe Hughes, Alan Brooks & Leigh Xuereb were also some others of our favorites from the past.
  12. Do you receive your SeaPass card at check in, or is it outside your cabin? Is the photo gallery all digital now, or do they still put out physical pictures to go through?
  13. The song Grease Lightening is the unedited version so there are sexual references including a couple of words that are repeated a few times that can be considered inappropriate for impressionable kids. The show is fantastic!
  14. On allure, is decks seven aft by the elevators the same as on oasis as far as you cannot walk from port to starboard due to the boardwalk sign below?
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