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  1. Maybe a TA can chime in here, but I always thought that the cruise price is the same straight across the board (in the US as of several years ago) no matter how you book it, unless it was part of a group booking.
  2. I just received my FCC in an email for my canceled cruise. Was there suppose to be an actual certificate to open up, or it is just the certificate # listed within the email? I am waiting on the refund of Port charges, taxes, etc which I know will appear on my credit card. How will I receive confirmation of my OBC? Will I get an email with a confirmation #?
  3. 4 hours ago, jknc said: "With Royal, never. I’ll stick to luxury cruises and leave Royal for the poors." Wow! Thank you Thurston & Lovee Howell. With that attitude, I am sure most of us will take our "poor" life over yours any day. I will still wish you to remain safe & healthy during this pandemic. Signed, a 3rd steerage commoner.
  4. Can I assume this Lift & Shift does not apply to a cruise already cancelled by Royal? My June 6th cruise was cancelled by Royal, & we were going to book the same ship for June 2021. I would be starting from scratch at the current prices?
  5. I have also sailed both. The Enchantment has been our least favorite ship (16 cruises so far) Loved the Jewel. The only reason we did not care for the Enchantment is because, when they added the mid section to the ship with more cabins, they did not expand the public areas accordingly. This made many areas, like the Windjammer, very overcrowded. Just my opinion.
  6. I redeemed 125000 points for $2500 off my sailing for 2 to Caribbean. I paid the balance of approx. $800. They will not refund your points; however, they are allowing the points to be applied to another cruise booked by & sailed by Dec 31, 2021. The value of the points will be based on basic ocean view value at time of booking new cruise (as opposed to the cancelled cruise value.) If you are getting anything back as a FCC (like in my case), the B of A Visa points can NOT be combined with the FCC. I MUST take 2 cruises next year to be able to use both. I'll take one for the team & book 2 cruises.
  7. thank you again for your help. I was beginning to think I didn't know how to read the legend. it's nice that TAs have access to the more up to date info We did have the Pullman on Allure only.
  8. What website is that from? I am not seeing the same Legend on royalcaribbean.com
  9. Also, I notice the symbols change depending on sail date range. We are looking at June 12, 2021. But it doesn't make sense that the earlier cruises have a triangle (sofa bed) & my June 2021 switches to an * for Pullman? now I am really confused? I can't imagine they added a Pullman as I thought that happens at the prefab. factory for cabin building
  10. oops. I meant cabin 7264 with the Pullman. Thank you for the photos. I was picturing an old style unfold the convertible couch into a bed.
  11. We have always had the Pullman for 3rd person in cabin. (considering booking Cabin 1D #7664 on Symphony) What is the cabin like if we opt for the sofa bed instead? (considering booking Cabin 5D #7666 on Symphony) We would save approx. $200 with sofa bed option. Does the cabin steward close up the sofa bed during the day? Is the sofa bed in the way when it is opened? Or can you still walk pretty freely without disturbing the person in the bed at night? If anyone has any photos on an Oasis class ship with the sofa bed open, that would be helpful. Thank you in advance for any help.
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