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  1. Thank you - that one looks good. I will probably book with them.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the advice. One thing that will help is that we are on Vision with less choices (less temptation) than the larger ships.
  3. We have both lost 50+ pounds in the last two years. We are both worried about how much weight we might gain on our 16-day Panama Canal cruise. It would really help if we could weigh every day on the cruise. Can anyone tell me whether their are scales in the gym on Vision or anywhere else?
  4. This exactly how I did it (using a spreadsheet, of course!), except that we didn't make any lunch reservations. We had no trouble being seated anywhere at lunch.
  5. We had a wonderful experience with the UDP on Oasis last November. I had all of my dining plans figured out before we boarded, so I was able to make our reservations immediately after boarding. We had to make our Izumi Hibachi reservations for the first night on board (although this seems to be inconsistent ship to ship and sailing to sailing). We had no problem with any of our other reservations. We didn't make any lunch reservations. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have.
  6. OK, but my question was about my Set Sail pass having the designation and my husband's not having it. Folks, I really do try to find an answer using the (less than great) search function on this site. I try to be helpful to anyone who asks questions here, whether the question has been answered before or not. Sorry - this question really isn't that important - I'll just drop it.
  7. Thanks, Bob. I did a search before I posted and read through all of those threads. None of them answered my question.
  8. I just checked in for our cruise on Vision out of Miami. I use the mobile app for both of us and included photos. I just checked our Set Sail passes and mine says "Expedited" and his does not. What does that mean? We are Diamond, so maybe it doesn't matter?
  9. I agree with everything this poster said. We also did southbound with a land tour prior on Celebrity. Although we are generally not balcony people, we really enjoyed our balcony on this trip. It was worth it for the day sailing down the Inside Passage. We were on this trip a year ago and can't wait to go back!
  10. Thanks. I have emailed them a second time to ask about this. Their first response was that I had to book through the cruise line (but they don't offer this excursion or anything like it).
  11. Truth - there are some that will argue otherwise, but it makes no logical sense!
  12. I would love to do the luxury day sail, but when I go to book it on their web site, it only offers hotel pick-up, not cruise port. We are on RCCL, and they don't offer it as a ship excursion. Did they pick you up for the excursion you bought direct?
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