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  1. Sorry - I should have looked at your cruising schedule! I understand. I hope you're right!
  2. OK. Got it . You're making fun of me. Just looking for opinions. I should know better with all of the snark on these boards.
  3. I would love to boo a cruise for late 2021 or early 2022. DH says we will not book a cruise until we are sure we can cruise without masks. Best guesses as to when that will be? Not that it's relevant to the question, but we are both receiving our second vaccine a week from today.
  4. Thank you! There are folks everywhere - here, Facebook, etc. who think they can predict how all of this will turn out. Me - I don't have a clue! If you think this thread is bad - wait until the fall when those who turned out to be right come back to say their "I-told-you-sos". 🙂
  5. I agree - I apologize if my words or tone implied criticism - this is my situation and mine alone.
  6. Please don't take what I said as criticism - I didn't mean that at all. I forget that folks make non-refundable deposits - we never use them because of responsibilities at home that make it difficult to commit. I buy insurance, but only at the time of final payment. As far as it being a bet - for me, it seems like a really dangerous bet at this point in time. I'm sure there are many on these boards that can afford to LOSE $500 per cruise, but I (with my rapidly dwindling 401K ) am not one of them.
  7. Thanks for the sanity check! Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way. This is exactly what my husband said. We will wait on a vaccine. He has promised me a fall vacation anywhere I want to go by car.
  8. So many here are saying, "I'm not going to cancel; I'll just wait for the cruise line to do it so I'll get FCC." Am I the only one that's concerned about the cruise lines going into bankruptcy and losing my deposit? If I had 28 cruises booked I would be very concerned about losing that much $$. We only one cruise booked at the moment (Oasis in November) and we will probably cancel in the next few days. Am I being unreasonably pessimistic? I don't know a lot about business, but how can the cruise lines survive with no revenue for months (maybe many months)?
  9. Great review MrFun! You were so helpful to me with UDP questions a couple of years ago. I have booked the UDP on Oasis for November. Quick question re Hibachi - when we had the Ultimate package you could only dine at Hibachi the first night. Now that there's a surcharge, can you eat there any night?
  10. Thanks- I'm such a rule follower. Ha! I purchased UDP - I'll cancel my MTD reservations closer to cruise time when I'm sure we want to stay with UDP. (The last time we used it we both gained twice the weight we usually do on a cruise!)
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