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  1. Haha! I deleted all that! I thought I was recovered enough to read about going on another cruise, but I'm not! I got triggered and started typing. Always a bad idea.
  2. We loved Hideaway Heist. I wish they sold Big Daddy's Hideaway Resort beach towels in the souvenir shop. It would have been a great memory at the pool. So cute!
  3. Same thing happened to us a couple of weeks ago on Harmony. I assumed it was not unusual. We didn't have any conflicts so no problem for us, but I did wonder about people who had reservations for dinner - especially if it was a for fee restaurant.
  4. We cruise so infrequently that I can't comment how things usually are, but the observations are accurate. I will say that the one I quoted surprised me. The tweens were using the Solarium as their hangout and really having a ball. Singing loudly as tweens will, using the steps as their stage for their social media account videos - just generally being tweens. It went on for a good while and no one addressed it. Admittedly, there were not very many adults in there as it was HOT. But it was definitely not a relaxing environment. I only went there once, not because of the tweens, but because I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass. Of course, that was not Royal's fault. Haha! It was July. The cabin balcony had a breeze and was much nicer, but I was surprised and disappointed because the Solarium is beautiful. I wish its design had a way to create more breeze.
  5. It was an unpleasant experience for sure. But there didn't seem to be anything to do except wait and see. We assume he went to talk to the head waiter. The lesson I guess would be that just because you made reservations and it shows up on the Royal app in the calendar, you don't necessarily actually have reservations. Nobody contacted us except for the business card sized notice we found later in the room. It didn't even say that it was changed, only that we were confirmed for 9pm. And that was in only one of our rooms. That was the only reservation we had, so don't know what would have happened with more.
  6. This happened to us as well a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't very pleasant as we weren't aware of it until we were seated and had already been served appetizers. The server then returned and addressed us by names not ours. When we said it wasn't us, he literally said we weren't supposed to be there and wanted us to leave. We just sat still and said nothing, waiting for what I don't know. He left, came back, and continued serving the meal. Much later, we found a card in one of our rooms that said our reservation had been moved to 9pm. We talked to a person with a clipboard, a person who looked us up on a computer, and then were shown to the table. Not a word was mentioned until the server called us by the wrong names. He was unhappy.
  7. Interesting. How so? We just prepaid them all and left the room steward a little extra because he was so nice and helpful. We have gotten the survey, but haven't filled it out yet.
  8. That explains that. I didn't care for the dish that I ordered, but didn't want to order another one and the server was even more irritated. I don't think they like people who are on Any Time Dining. Do new employees or people with low scores get assigned to Any Time Dining?
  9. Thank you for responding! It doesn't make any sense to me. What you stated is what I would have thought, two completely separate things. All funds have been taken out of our account - the Cruise Planner purchases by Royal and the cruise fare by the travel company. And the numbers don't match anyway. I am assuming that if it wasn't paid in full at the 90 days the reservation would have been canceled and you wouldn't be able to print out Set Sail Passes? I do not know!
  10. Thank you! Me too. So excited about getting to go on another cruise. Wanted to add one last (hopefully!) piece of information related to some of the posts that might help (confuse, inform?) other people in our situation. Yesterday because we never heard back from the TA and probably never will, we called the customer support line of the company to ask about getting the guest booking invoice and got another shocker. The Royal invoice showed we still owed a substantial amount of money! However, Royal had assured us and told the customer service rep that we were paid in full; and in addition we were able to update Check In and print our Set Sail Passes. We asked her to call back and ask why - which she did. The answer she got was that those charges reflected extras we had purchased in Cruise Planner. But we have already paid for those - in Order History, on Calendar, everything. Plus, we logged in to Cruise Planner to add the charges up and they don't match. So she called back again. They said - That's just how it works and the reservations are paid in full. Has anyone else had this happen? Is this some kind of accounting quirk? I don't know. This whole thing has been aggravating! I'm assuming that if you can print your Set Sail Pass, you are good to go.
  11. Thank you for replying. That seems to be another important point for positive experiences - using a TA that you have known for a long time. My main question was about the website and how or whether it changes when you have paid in full. The answer seems to be that the only change was in the Check In button, and the payment and Check In happened on the same day - 90 days out.
  12. A friend of my husband always books through Carnival and he gets alerts when there is a price drop on his cruises. We have never gone on Carnival, so I don't know any more than that.
  13. Yay!! Haven't heard from the TA about the Royal invoice, but... We called Royal back today and the rep immediately answered that we were paid in full and said that for some reason our account was locked but that she would unlock it and did. Off work today so filling out the Check In information and printing out Set Sail Passes. Yay!! So - What happened to the website is - The Check In button turned into a link, but it said Locked and then it changed to Update Check In/Set Sail after we called. The Pay Remaining Balance button stayed gray and didn't change. The Cruise Planner button still works with no change. Thank you for all the great information that I didn't know yesterday! Keeping it in mind for the future. 🙂 Sipping Mango Tangos and watching the sun rise over the ocean on our cabin balcony in July! So happy!
  14. Yep - it was the reason we switched because we had heard people comment about TA's watching for price drops - and she said she did. I guess I thought that it was an automated process and I wasn't thinking about the business conflict for them. So my third lesson - not the TA's job to save you money after you have purchased your cruise! However, my problem here wasn't that, though, as we had hoped but not counted on it. We could not tell whether the cruise had been paid for or not. And I wondered whether there was some indication on the website that it had been paid; and then after hearing more here, whether using a TA affected what you see on the website. When I know the answers to these questions, I will post them and hopefully move on to looking forward to the cruise. 🙂 It looks like the person on here who hopefully provided me the path to finding out is a TA. Thank you!!
  15. Thanks for replying. Live and learn. This aspect really did not occur to me until the problems started, but from their perspective it's not a money maker for them to pass on discounts to you! We have only cruised maybe every six years or so as just getting to the boat is a huge part of the vacation budget, so this had been an experience.
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