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  1. Wow....great information. Thanks, I will keep these in my Celebrity file.
  2. Yes, I filled out an online form and was called back by an agent about a week after I filled out the form. There's nothing like a sweet 16 balcony! I've had them twice and really enjoyed the space. The agent I had told me that I had to switch from a 2C to a 2C. I guess that's the rules. However, he said he could let me go up to the 2B if I paid the difference, which was a bit over $100pp at the time, plus still keep my original perks. I made the switch 6 weeks ago, when the prices were still low and they were offering a couple of perks. He had to put it through the supe
  3. I've been to the Holy Land, not on a cruise. Fascinating.
  4. I believe we were on the Millennium 2020 transpacific rollcall together? Yes, agency is in NH. All I know is the agents are now working from home. At least they were 6 weeks ago when I changed cruises. It took over a week to get a response from the company. You may hear from them Monday.
  5. I booked the Millennium with an online booking agent. It took quite a few days to get a call back. We were on the same roll call. I wrote about how frustrating it was to try and get through to the company because they seemed to take days to get back to me. When the agent called back, he had all my information. And knew what I wanted to do, as I wrote it all down in an email.. He was going to book me in the same category and we were online looking at what cabins were available. Then I realized I would be right above the life boats in the 2C solstice cabin. I to
  6. Thanks for the photo. Yup, I didn't want to see the life boats. It was worth it for us to pay a bit more to have a clear view of the water.
  7. Yes, the price was pretty low on the 2021 cruise, it just didn't have the benefits. We paid the price difference between the 2C and 2B, maintaining the benefits, drinks, wifi, tips, OBC.
  8. We did a lift and shift from the Millennium to the Solstice. We had a 2C on the Millennium. They would lift and shift to the 2C on the Solstice. I found out that the 2C on the Solstice is an obstructed balcony, with life boats right below the balcony. So I opted to switch to a 2B paying about $100 more for no obstruction. It was worth it to me.
  9. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. I love the little snowman on your balcony table.
  10. Beautiful, all unique and lovely! I never tire of sitting and watching the sun set.
  11. Very exciting!! Hope to meet you cruising someday!
  12. Wow, wonderful job! How long did you fly? Did they change crew when different presidents came into power? How fascinating!
  13. Thanks, the sunset was taken in Freemantle, Australia Yes, AF-1, SFO based flight attendant. How about you? Air Force?
  14. Our last cruise, February 2020, Majestic Princess. We loved it, can't wait to get back to cruising.
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