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  1. SFO-F/A

    Doctor's note for 93 year old?

    This is not true information about the morgue. There is a morgue on every cruise ship I've been on. Bodies are not put where the frozen food is kept! :o
  2. Thank You, wonderful videos!
  3. Thank you. I enjoy your videos....thanks for posting.
  4. How long did it take to purchase your funicular tickets and was it a long wait for the funicular?
  5. We have cabin M715, with the outdoor eating area above us. How is the noise from that area? Is the smoking area near enough to smell the cigarettes?
  6. After a night of drinking and dancing, some food is really welcome around midnight :D;)
  7. Just off the Mariner a week or so ago. Windjammer open from 10-midnight. The night I went there was a huge line, I waited about 15 minutes. One station open with fajita's, nachos, burgers, sweets. I only went one night, don't know if they change the menu. Very popular.
  8. SFO-F/A

    Mariner Cruise Compass

    Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to post this information!
  9. SFO-F/A

    Mariner Cruise Compass

    Thanks, that's what I thought. Will buy for my 4 day cruise in a couple of weeks. Not bad, seeing it includes special coffees and water. WAY better than NCL.
  10. SFO-F/A

    Mariner Cruise Compass

    Thanks for the photos. What is the price for the drink package? I didn't see the price.
  11. SFO-F/A

    Taking luggage on board

    We carry everything, on airplanes, and cruise ships. We each have a roller board suitcase, 20-21 inches, and a carry on soft bag. I put my purse inside that soft bag, DH has computer bag as well. We've traveled like this for 45 years! It probably comes from being a former flight attendant, traveling standby and never wanting to let your luggage get out of your sight.
  12. Super photos! What hotel is that with the great view of the cruise ship?
  13. Thank you for the photos, beautiful!