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  1. If you are on the JOY now (or recently), what time are the Main Stage Shows?? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I think I will keep my SE stateroom - or if I do bid for Haven, only a small bid. thanks again for the info.
  3. Is that for Penthouse (category SE) as well as Haven, or just Haven?
  4. I am on Jade with Penthouse Suite (not Haven). Do either Penthouse or Haven have a separate dining room they use for breakfast. I think on some ships they use one of the specialty dining rooms for this. I would try upgrade to H3 Haven if they have breakfast room and Penthouses (SE) do not. Otherwise extra space, 2nd bathroom and access to the Haven Courtyard are not too important. I am on port intensive 13 day trip with only 3 sea days. Thanks.
  5. Thanks again for the advice. I will try to upgrade in advance. And get SIM. I do have NCL app.
  6. So glad I asked. You guys are great. I re-checked and do have the 250 minutes as one of my perks. So I will try to get on early (as Platinum should help) and go straight to Internet desk. I guess there are reasons, but wish they could do this (and other things) before embarkation. We are on the Jade Singapore to HK 12 days. I know i can get WiFi in ports, but likely will not have too much free time there as we have many excursions - but do have an overnight in Bangkok where I can catch up at the hotel. Thanks again. Very helpful.
  7. As Plat, my wife and I both have 30 min free internet. If we want to upgrade to Unlimited, can we do this in advance or have to wait on board or ?? Thanks.
  8. Is there any way to "opt in" or call to find Upsells? Or do you just wait for an email. If the later, about how long before cruise date does HAL send these out? If you can call in and inquire, do you just ask if Upsells are available? I have heard both that you have not choice of cabins (only category) and also that you do before making your "offer". Which is correct? Thanks for the info.
  9. sort of confusing. We are platinum and also have 250 package as part of our perks. On a 12 day cruise out of Singapore. So It appears we can use the 250 package as credit toward unlimited price, but not the platinum minutes as well. Can I 1) get this done with NCL before boarding so I don't have to go to the Internet desk. Or 2) need to wait til on board but do it all on line and not to internet desk, Or 3) have to visit internet desk to get the Unlimited reduced price due to my 250 minute package? I have seen LONG, SLOW lines at internet desk and probably will not get on the ship until 2 or 3pm. Thanks for the info.
  10. GTV Any chance you are on the HAL Mexican trip leaving 2 Nov. Was with you a year ago.
  11. I agree Step One is not as entertaining at the big shows with a story. Or even the "Frankie Valli" show. I understand there are very many tastes, but 45 minutes of just dancing to pre recorded music gets a bit boring to me. The NS Billboard and Rolling Stones room and BB Kings were great and very well attended (usually standing room only) - but not production shows. Those shown by earlier post of MSC shows look very tempting.
  12. You know all ships have their entertainment planned long in advance. Why do they not publicize the scheduled entertainment for at least 60 days in advance, with the "subject to change" wording?
  13. Just did B2B last week in Ft Lauderdale (Mar 24). Process same as above. If you switch cabins, keep old card to get off and before you get off get a new cabin one at Guest Services that morning. Everyone gathers in BB King until last non B2B person gets off. That sometimes takes quite a while (30+ minutes) as a number of stragglers. AND they waited until all of those had got bags and process thru Border Protection before letting you off the ship. From that point a very short process to go down to Customs area and walk past with passport open and then back on ship. No need to do another muster. We waiting on aft of Lido deck to "save" seats for those new Cruise Critic folks coming on for the Sailaway. We could not buy drinks until they ended the Muster drill.
  14. Is there a plan to convert the other HAL ships to have the Rolling Stones Rock Room installed? If so, how soon?
  15. Just off the New Statendam 31 March. Rolling Stones band was great with both some new groups and mostly old classics (CCR, Eagles). Get a seat 10-15 minutes ahead or you will be standing (or dancing). I agree, could turn down the volume 10%. Billboard piano is just across and also excellent. The nights both are playing, they run back and forth without interruption. By the way, BB Kings is just down the hall and as loud or louder than Rolling Stone Rock Room.
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