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  1. I am on that. But doubt if it will go. Bliss is in Europe now.
  2. My question is: After all the cancellations over the past 3 months, cruise lines should have computer programs where they can react to cancelled cruises rather quickly and issue the options (FCC, refunds, other) to those with reservations. Instead they drag their feet. Cruises into Canada were known to be a "no go" many weeks ago, but cruises were not shown as cancelled on the web sites. I have a NYC to Quebec cruise that still shows in my reservations page on NCL. The bad part is I cannot rebook a new cruise using the FCC (and whatever bonus is offered) until they process the cancellation and the FCC shows in my NCL account. Yes, I have heard one can book and then apply the FCC later, but much prefer to know what the FCC will be and then do it all at one time.
  3. Unfortunately for me, status comes mostly from # of days cruising - regardless of the price you pay or the amount you spend on board (casino, drinks, excursions, etc.) Yes, a suite gives one more points, but an Inside is the same as a Mini Suite. I have had a number of Neptune Suites and received double points, but also many Mini Suites and no extra points. I usually spend about $1,500 per week on shipboard items (both wife and self), but not many extra credits there. I think if HAL wanted more profit, they would offer some extra perks to those spending more on board - and many of those things would not be costly - and attract them for future cruises. I get no "special" offers other than the regular 4 star perks.
  4. I did not know that. This policy likely gets many to try other sister lines vs. trying some other line. HAL take note.
  5. I don't understand why cruise lines under the same umbrella don't merge their Loyalty programs. Different earning points based on Line, price, cabin, etc. I think many Elites would try a sister ship if they had many of the perks rather than starting at 0.
  6. I also have received an email about me getting 125% FCC and OBC for a 7 June cancelled sailing. I just chatted with HAL and they said the FCC is not available to see on line in my HAL acct? How does one see all the credits - ask for another email? I had and NCL cancelled and about 15 days later the amount of FCC they gave me shows in my on line account as well as the cruise next certificate that was reinstated. Then I rebooked using part of the NCL FCC and the residual (I booked a lower cost cruise) shows in my NCL account - so much better than HAL. So I can go out to the account at any time to see my credits. Or am I missing something with HAL??
  7. HEADLINE: IT'S GETTING WARMER. OVER 50% WILL DIE. Subtext: Summer is coming. And eventually everyone (over 50%) will die.
  8. Maybe if you don't think the 416,000 is likely, you should not state that number. I guess one could say (and some have) that 616,000 million is possible. But most respected say now that the death rate will be much lower by August.
  9. So you are saying over 116,000 deaths by Aug and 416,000 by end of the year. ? So a huge increase in the last 5-6 months. Maybe so and, if so, travel will be severely impacted. However, I believe your numbers are very high - especially for the end of the year. We will need to look back and see.
  10. My question to you: How many deaths will there be by Aug 2020? And at what level would it have to drop before you would think people would start cruising again.?
  11. Thanks. I also looked at the coverage - but somewhat concerned as CSR may say I used FCC not credit card to purchase the "make up" cruise I already booked. They do have an "exception" for points used I believe. Can you get back on C.C. and look for or start a thread on how to handle CSR insurance for issues with NCL - I know that may be months. Of course I would like to take my cruise in late Aug, but sure if they have not filed chapter 11 but then cancel the cruise, I will not be able to get a refund from NCL. Also some concern if we start cruise and they go bankrupt a few days later. At least it is a NY - Quebec short cruise.
  12. Will they cover if you used Future Cruise Credits to rebook even if you used CSR for the cruise that was cancelled? What about Cruise Next certs? When can one file? I guess the day they declare (if they do) bankruptcy?
  13. Although one of the best, don't be too sure CSR will cover this
  14. Are you buying stock today? Proof is in the pudding.
  15. Point of Reference: I had a 7 June cruise to Alaska on HAL. They notified me about 6 days ago that it was cancelled. Offered 125% FCC + $500 OBC for future cruise OR refund by applying on a web link. (refund to take 6-10 weeks)
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