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  1. I think NCL system automatically issues a FCC into your NCL account. However, if you wish a refund, just fill out the form and they will send your a check and delete the FCC from your account. Sort of a 2 step process. Did you not read this:? Updated 03/30/2020 Your safety is our #1 priority—both on and off our ships. Due to the current global environment, we are extending the suspension of all sailings across our fleet through May 10, 2020 and plan to relaunch cruise operations with embarkations beginning May 11, 2020. We are thinking of each and every one of you, and together we will return to our favourite place - the ocean, stronger than ever. Guests who were booked on suspended cruises will automatically receive a 125% or 150% refund of their cruise fare in the form of a Future Cruise Credit which can be applied towards any Norwegian Cruise Line voyage through December 31, 2022. Future Cruise Credits will be applied to your account by April 1, 2020. EMBARKATION DATES FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT March 13 to March 17, 2020 150% of cruise fare March 18 to May 10, 2020 125% of cruise fare We’re also giving an additional 20% discount when you book by April 14, 2020 using your Future Cruise Credit on cruises embarking July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022! This discount will be automatically applied when you book online. Guests who do not prefer to take advantage of a future cruise credit will receive a refund to be payable after 90 days from completion of the Refund Form below. Refund requests must be submitted by April 27, 2020 for all suspended sailings. Please note that if your suspended sailing was scheduled to embark between April 12 - May 10, 2020, you will not be able to request your refund through this form until April 13, 2020.
  2. did you look in both your and wife's NCL Latitude account on line? They issue separate amounts and not always the same in each.
  3. My guess is that if the virus lasts til late July, they will just sail more to Caribbean til Fall. If virus clears up by late May, they will reschedule the TAs to go over later (and have to cancel some of the Med. cruises) So much depends on WHEN they can restart.
  4. I disagree. My NCL cruises (2) were cancelled. I received an email stating the FCC (125%) that will be put into my NCL Latitudes account (which happened 3 days later). Also an online form to complete if I wished a refund - although they did state refund could take 60 days. This was all automated. I called NCL last night to discuss an account issue and was connected within 5 minutes to an agent, who handled my question quickly. I was thinking some cruise lines wait until just before the cruise to cancel so that if the passenger cancels before the cruise line does, they can charge cancellation fees or issue FCC at a lesser rate. I'm sure some call in to cancel before the cruise is officially cancelled due to fear of virus or related reason. I have an HAL to Canada on 7 June. Am sure it will be cancelled, but will wait until then to decide my options. Of course, if a line goes bankrupt, we may get 0.
  5. That is crazy. I have had 2 NCL cruises cancelled (last one for 14 April). After they cancelled with an email and letter (usually about 3 weeks before scheduled) I had the FCC and CruiseNext Certif. posted in the Latitudes "My Account" section about 3 days later. I could then rebook using the FCC as I wanted. NCL also gave a 20% off the price of a future cruise IF you rebooked withing about 2 weeks - although your sailing could be up to 18 months away. That can amount to quite a bit depending on you cruise/cabin selection (I re-booked a much longer cruise with Suite for $10,000 (2 people) and got $2,000 off) I think HAL only gives an extra about $500 OBC for re-booking?? Of course, if the line goes bankrupt, likely all is lost. Swamped, sure. But this should be an automatic program as cruises cancel to post the FCC amounts.
  6. my GUESS; Most other than Alaska will start up in early June. If you plan future cruises, best to wait and if NCL cancels, they give you 125% Future Cruise Credits for next cruise.
  7. CruiseNext Certif. are reposted to your NCL "My Account" Log in and click on My Account - at bottom. May be posted a day before or after your FCC is posted (also shown in My Account). Then you can use them on next cruise, or hold them. I think they will extend the expiration period in a week or two - keep checking. Unsure on Insurance as I use my Cr Card for insurance. I think you need to have the FCC shown in your account before you can re-book another cruise using the FCC, although FCC usually posts within a few days of cancellation notice. The 20% off future cruises is NOT posted as such - so be sure to check when re-booking --- my agent said it processed automatically when she re-booked me.
  8. Airports in Asia have temp scanners. the "cameras" are mounted pointed at a single file line that everyone has to walk thru - ie immigration. These readers can act very fast and if a temp over a certain level is found, a sound can be beeped and the person taken aside for further screening. On cruises, the line to get into the gangway could be used.
  9. Per my call to NCL. The FCCs for cancellations announced a few days ago will be in your on line NCL acct by Friday evening. Also one can combine FCCs to pay for one new cruise. so if you have already booked a new one, you can later apply any new FCCs to that balance due. Had to check on the 20% discount julig22 stated as not in letter. I did see that in NCL site (updated 3/30). I will likely make a 2nd new reservation instead of applying my new FCC to the new reservation I made 5 days ago.
  10. NCL cancelled my cruise 2 weeks ago. I got the 125% FCC and also a 20% off a future cruise if I booked by 31 March. I decided to book a new cruise in November and the FCC credit was applied to that cruise (which took care of the deposit as well as some of the total cost - total was much higher as 14 day for new vs. 7 day for old). I had another cruise for April 12. Just notified yesterday that is cancelled also and I will be getting 125% FCC from that (but no 20% off a future cruise). Does anyone know if when they post my new FCC (hopefully in a week or so) that I can apply that FCC to the my new November cruise that I have already booked?
  11. Yes, they put it back in your NCL acct. Sign in to your NCL account and it shows each certif and expiration date. Once on line, click on My Account (upper right) and see in the My Coupons and Credits section. Also if you have Future Cruise Credits, they will be listed here also. Allow 5 - 7 days or so after you cruise is cancelled.
  12. SAPMAN

    Beach Day ????

    And how did you get there. Appox time and cost. Thanks
  13. Note to all. There is a chance that NCL will go bankrupt later this year, so the FCC in your account will go to 0 or your cruise may not get refunded. So maybe refund now is better? And I do not think Insurance covers a bankruptcy - unless you want to pay big bucks (maybe 20% of cost for 75% coverage).
  14. Right. Just hold on and use it later on, although likely lose the 20% discount. Or request a refund if NCL cancelled it.
  15. I found my FCC by clicking on My NCL (top right after sign in), then View Acct, then under the My Cruise Vacations (if you have any booked) is a section "my Coupons and Credits". It is there that my FCC and Cruise Next is listed. As I recently booked a new cruise using FCC, my FCCs are now gone. This probably showed up about 2 days after notice that cruise was cancelled. Cannot use it until is shows up.
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