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  1. That was us, LOL. We felt like a couple with no country.
  2. We also left the Sunrise today and I have to say the disembark was awful. We had group 1 and went down to Radiance at 8:45 and were told we could get our luggage. They let us off the ship but customs said they did not clear it yet. We could not get back to the ship and we could not stay in the customs building. We had to sit outside on concrete between the ship and building. Luckily it was not very hot like when we left. After about 20 minutes, they said the luggage is ready so we got in line and went to get the luggage only to be told it was not ready. We said we were told it was, lady talked to supervisor and said group 1 is ready, we just don't announce it. The good thing was there were 4 people at the customs checkout so we did not have the fiasco jimbo had but I could imagine how bad it would have gotten. Got to LGA on time and back in Chicago. Overall great cruise.
  3. Awesome so far. We did NYC last year and doing it again next week. Looking forward to seeing more.
  4. That is the difference between priority and guaranteed dining room times. Platinum and suite guests have priority but if the list has already been filled, you may be out of luck. I have not gotten my "priority" time a couple of times due to late booking or a last minute dining change. I guess we will all have to wait to get Diamond to get our guarantee.
  5. I think the use of the pool during the day makes it well worth the money. I did not like the cabana area as much as a regular balcony but I would stay there again because of the pool area. I did not hear any music from the bar area and we were pretty close to it.
  6. We are in the same boat. As soon as we hit, 100,000 points, we are going to drop it for another one to get a good initial bonus. I wish I didn't use the startup points for $200 OBC or I would already have a new card. There are better cards out there, but the 1500 for 100,000 points is nice if you can get there.
  7. If you have a small carry on, I would not check it unless you can do without it. Odds are that it will arrive at your door but there have been instances when bags get misplaced for a good amount of time. I just put the essentials in my carry on and check the rest. If you have Cheers, "free" drinks are included with that service as long as they qualify under the Cheers rules (no towers, pitchers, etc.). But you can get any beer or mixed single drink under $20. I love their bloody mary. As far as "happy hour" on table games, I don't think I have ever seen them lower their limits on game unless it is really dead and it still will not go lower than the set minimum of $6 ($5 bet with 1$ sucker bet for BJ or $6 bet). Sometimes a 25 will go down to 10 but not lower than 6. And to tell you the truth, the tables are usually busy throughout the day and night.
  8. How exactly is this supposed to prevent fires. I am pretty sure that fires can occur on new ships as well as old ships. Perhaps you should start a new thread on how you dislike Fantasy Class ships.
  9. I do not see the big draw to this package either. Does the $15 voucher even cover the cost of the other restaurants? Personally for me, I do not like the steakhouse and will each at Ji Jis 2-3 times a cruise so I will just continue to pay as I go.
  10. About five years ago there was a promo for referring new cruisers who book. I booked a cruise with 2 new couples and my PVP said I could get $50 for each person. When I booked, it was the first time I even heard about this promo. Anyway, that's the only time that I have ever seen a refer a friend promo.
  11. Thanks for the information everyone. So it looks like if I book now, I can take advantage of a future sale. Is this valid until final payment? I know Carnival has a lot of different options to book and depending on the fare, you can get a lower cost or OBC after final payment.
  12. Hello, Longtime Carnival and RCL cruisers and we are looking at doing the British Isles out of Southampton in July of 2020. Does anyone know when the sales come out for 2020? I started looking late last year and they had some for summer of 2019 like drink package, tips, etc., but I have not seen anything for summer 2020 yet. Thanks
  13. I don't believe that they check it. We have added our credit card to our adult son and his gf and have never had a problem. Never really thought that it would be an issue. Guess I never read the fine print.
  14. There are no cost savings benefits to buying cruise cash. Some people buy it to help them budget for their cruise. It is not cheaper if you purchase before cruising. If you want to save money, buy gift cards from AARP for 10% off and when you get on board, you can go to guest services and put the gift cards on your account or use them to buy cruise cash before the cruise.
  15. Ice bucket works best if you like your beer cold, and who doesn't! I always go to a bar and get a bucket and the steward keeps it filled with ice.
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