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  1. We are on the Ruby Princess. I assume she docks at the OPT Circular Quay but perhaps I should check. Might make a difference where we decide to book.
  2. We are doing one night pre-trip so maybe that would be the night to spend at the Holiday Inn and then maybe find another hotel for post trip.
  3. We will be in Sydney post cruise for 4 nights. Our choice for a hotel is the Holiday Inn Old Sydney or something in the Circular, Darling Harbour or Potts Point area. The location and view from the Holiday Inn looks good but it is a little more pricey. My question is, is it convenient for most of the tourist sites or would we be better off booking a hotel in one of the other areas?
  4. We are sailing on the Ruby roundtrip Sydney with our first port of call after 2 seaday cruising Fjordland heading towards Auckland. Should we be on the port or starboard side or does it make any difference, and not just for the Fjordland cruising but for the entire trip? Thanks for your input.
  5. Or maybe i’m reading it wrong. I know on HA you can take an overnight tour where you get off in Milford Sound and cross the island and pick up the ship the next day. I don’t see that Princess offers this so maybe that’s the reason it doesn’t specifically mention Milford Sound.
  6. It cruise the Fjordland area but does not specifically mention Milford Sound which others do, so the way I read it, it doesn’t cruise Milford Sound.
  7. we are planning a cruise in 2020 from Sydney. I recently found a great fare on Princess but it doesn’t include Milford Sound which HA does but there is almost a $1300 pp difference in price. So the question is, is Cruising Milford Sound worth $1300pp?
  8. Thanks. That's kind of what I thought but now you've confirmed it.
  9. we are looking at several itineraries, some include Hobart, Tasmania and some do not. Would we be missing out by not going to Tasmania? Also, some include Melbourne and some do not. Melbourne looks like a big city. Is it worth including in our itinerary or can we skip it!
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