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  1. Hi...Though I posted this review on the other review section of cruise critic, I thought its only fair that I post this similar review on the forum for others as well since Cruise Critic was my main source of info for this cruise...I chose this cruise to take advantage of the low price offered immediately after the hurricane season to the western carribean and mexico sadly after the devastation to the eastern carribean islands...some highlights... - even though sailing was close to november, climate was gorgeous, mid 70's outside and a little cooler inside the ship... - Out of the 10 or so Norwegian Cruises I have been on, I thought Andre was the best cruise director with his pure honesty and sometimes true to life views that were hilarious...I actually he was better than the legendary Julie... - shows were top notch, especially the chemistry between the group "The Mercy Boys" and their harmony was so good reflecting mostly british music along with some r&b hits from the us mainland... --unlike many of the harsh reviews, I thought Brat Pack was great for its 80's teenage saga and nostalgia but be careful there is a scene where they disrobe to their undies.. - After Midnight was great for the tap and rhythm section mostly harlem and jazz music reflecting the roaring 20's of that era -although I did not eat at dinner in the mdr, food was plentiful and delicious at the buffet during all hours, especially the asian food section... --i did tip well my room steward who along with other room stewards and the various staff on the ship literally work day and night busting their behinds... - being platinum latitude member, I got a chance to go beneath the ship into the crew quarters, down the "I95" stretch, backstage of the theatre but most memorable of all are those gigantic machines that clean and fold all the laundry of the entire ship in one go... ---Only Port I got out on was the private island, Harvest Caye...although it was raining, it was still a memorable time...its a beautiful island and NCL really went out their way to add some native and public charm to the island..there are lots of small stores with native goods, chocolates and liquor..then there is the biggest pool I have ever seen with several overhead bridges, waterfalls, a swim up bar and its own two floor restaurant....the beach was not the greatest as the water could be a little more blue but plenty of space to tread in and plenty of chairs to rest...but be careful, one main drawback is that you have to pay for everything here... -- I had a great time overall and would highly recommend NCL to everyone --one more thing, don't miss the shows in the atrium...even though they were crowded, they were absolutely hilarious and the high turnout reflected that... Bye and can't wait to sail the NCL Bliss next!
  2. also, what roles do tyler and andre play...are they both cd's which is unlikely but just wondering?
  3. Having been on the Haven personally and as well as others have said, it is a unsurpassed luxury that is way better than any other major cruise line...you are attended to with your own assigned butler and can lounge in your own private paradise in the lounge area or hot tubs... gyms are totally free... spa is also heavenly on the Escape with heated lounges, hot tubs, sauna, snow and salt rooms but I personally think its expensive...you have three options, book the haven alone for all its luxury which is absolutely worth its...or book a spa cabin where access to the spa is complimentary...or book the spa separately for around 200 dollars per person..i hope this helps
  4. My grateful thanks Chris...this really helped me plan my cruise sailing 10/28...can't wait to "Escape".:D
  5. great review Chris...i have been living vicariously through your posts...thanks
  6. foxy...I think you might be able to score some onboard credits...does not hurt to insist!
  7. Original Poster here...thanks for all the prompt reply everyone...love to see that cruisers can help each other out as a community...can't wait for the Escape!
  8. Hello, fello NCL lovers...I am sailing the Escape on 10/28/17, would love to get some input on some questions I have...thanks 1.For which shows do you need to make reservations and how and when is the best time to make them? lol...talk about 3 questions in one sentence 2. Do the dailies stay the same day after day for example in a month? I would love to plan out my cruise ahead of time 3. Are the food republic, bayamos and pinchos tapas open for lunch? 4. I know from the past, you can't have on anything, even a necklace or sandals for the insane drop slide, is this true? 5. Since we do not plan on getting visas, do we need any formal paperwork at least for Harvest Caye? I know these are a bunch of questions but I promise anyone who answers these will get a big wet kiss...lol....and of course, a grateful thanks
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply two wheels...can't wait!
  10. POA, I have been reading this review from day one...very hilarious and awesome reporting..thanks
  11. Hello...I can't wait to escape on the escape :D in a week but I was wondering if anyone could help me with the pinchos tapas restaurant at lunchtime... 1. is it covered by the sdp at lunchtime even with the surcharge? 2. since its not offered to book online, can i just go onboard with the sdp purchased online and use it at pinchos tapas during lunchtime? thanks mucho!
  12. Hello...I keep reading that Bayamo has an upcharge of 15 dollars per person....does this mean I can eat as many apps and desserts as part of the SDP with Bayamo.... My other question would be....what are the best food items Bayamo, Food Republic and Pinchos Tapas are known for....anything in particular that I would love no matter what the price...thanks
  13. i would back up what most are saying here...teppanyaki is a definite and for its price value, its much worth it to try cagneys and moderno as opposed to paying a hell more at home.
  14. this is a valuable thread for me as all my specialty restaurants for pre-booking are not available...please tell me that they save some reservations for the sdp when you initially board the ship.... from what my personal cruise consultant tells me, sbp is offered 50/50...while calling the concierge who tells me that its more that 75 percent of the restaurant reservations and thus, the sdp can be booked on the first day....please somebody tell me the latter is true...thanks
  15. wow, being that you can't even ride on that route after 5 am truly is the worst...I hate to say this but leave before 5 and kill a few hours at a nice diner for breakfast nearby....especially if you need those vibe passes... also, ask for some discount on the hotel rates for this inconvenience...they just might give you a few dollars...good luck
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