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  1. The Haven sun deck is quiet at sail away compared to the the other open deck. The kids may like the other areas more with music and everyone having fun going under the Verrazano. Just something to consider.
  2. Thank you all for your helpful replies!
  3. We are considering booking the Insignia. We like to spend time in the cabin but I could not find any information on in cabin movies. Are these included on demand? What tv channels are available? Thank you.
  4. On the Escape last week, biscotti. Never seen that before and they were delicious. Their paneer is pretty good in the Indian food section when it is available.
  5. I went on a snorkeling excursion this week on Grand Cayman and it was great. I recommend this to most people who can handle a little rocking in a smaller boat and that can swim. Some general observations /suggestions: -If you cannot swim I do not recommend a snorkeling excursion or stay on the boat. There were a couple poor swimmers that were not comfortable at Stingray City in 3-4 feet of water. The crew was great but the couple sounded terrified in the water. Listening to the screaming I’m not sure if this was the right trip for them. -The stingrays are big and think you have food. They get very friendly. If you or your children or parents are afraid of this this may not be the trip for you. Or stay on the boat. -If you are prone to sea sickness carefully consider if this type of trip is right for you. The boat rocks in the open water. I do not think it was a good experience for the person vomiting for hours. The rest of the people, although sympathetic, also did not enjoy watching the vomiting or the bag of vomit spilling on the deck.
  6. We went December 2017, brought vests but did not have to use them. If you snorkel further I recommend travel fins to make it easier, going between the areas had some current. We saw the usual fish, nothing spectacular but easy from the beach.
  7. Does anyone have more recent ideas for getting to the hotel from the airport for an elderly lady traveling alone? The taxi seems expensive. Are there shuttle bus options?
  8. Was this a prank by the bartender? ‘Thanks for the tip, here’s some bacon.’ This is the funniest reply I have seen in a long time. Thank you for the laugh!
  9. The Escape Haven courtyard was unusable by adults during the Escape June 10th cruise. Kids for most of the time in both hot tubs and the pool. Courtyard filled with screaming kids. The poor attendant having to mop up the water the kids left by JUMPING into the hot tub from the sides. Just be prepared for this If you booked a ‚Haven‘
  10. Last week I witnessed one hot tub filled with young boys. The other hot tub had a group of kids taking turns jumping in from the side and an attendant standing next to it with a big squeegee broom cleaning up the water each time a kid took a turn. Earlier that day a toddler was in that same hot tub. A few days before kids jumping from lounger to lounger in the shallow part (so dangerous in my opinion). Something guests should know before spending the money for the Haven. The courtyard area was great if you have kids - if you don’t have kids the area in my opinion was unusable most of the week. Can an adult really get in a hot tub with someone else’s kids? In my opinion no. As long as I know this before I book I’m fine with it.
  11. The show is great but your kids may be very uncomfortable next to their mom/dad during many of the scenes.
  12. We have sailed the Breakaway Haven in early December a few times. Last December there was a family with two kids who screamed in the pool. When Dad came it got much worse. The year before there was a family that would entertain their young child with the iPad in the Haven restaurant playing classics like ‘wheels on the bus’ at a loud volume for all to enjoy.
  13. I have been searching the HAL site for a printable list of excursions before I purchase the cruise . I can filter by port but the description is truncated when I print it and on the screen. I do not want to print each excursion individually. Is there a way to get the full list for an Alaska cruise? Thank you.
  14. I‘m also just off the ship and really enjoyed the comedians. I personally liked them much more than second city. Rock of ages was great as always. Margaritaville, as mentioned, was still with the cover. We ate there because we wanted to eat outside for lunch. I also agree that the margaritas were not the best on the ship. They tasted like they had artificial sugar. I do not remember that from last year.
  15. Great review! Did you happen to see what movies are available on demand in the room? Thank you.
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