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  1. Watching cruisers in the heat of St Maarten with massive wheels of Gouda walking around.
  2. Is there an activation fee for platinum WiFi now? This time we did not use it, it’s not worth the fee.
  3. I apologize if this has been discussed before but I could not find it. I went to activate my 30 WiFi minutes on the Gem today and there was a 3.95$ activation fee? This is very expensive for a Platinum ‘perk’
  4. Thank you all, this is very helpful! I didn’t think about stargazing - it sounds fantastic!
  5. I was hoping someone could help who has stayed in a forward facing balcony suite in a Jewel class ship, are there any restrictions on the balcony with curtains closed at night, when you can use it etc? Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the input! I think I may go knee deep and see how brave I am.
  7. My cruise this week has several snorkeling excursions being offered. Has anyone done this in November? I feel like it will be too cold.
  8. We are planning a cruise and would like to see Bermuda by pedal bike on the trail. Can anyone recommend where to rent a bike and where to get on/off the trail? We would prefer to do the portion from Hamilton to Shelleys Bay. Thank you!
  9. I would probably recommend booking what you think you may want later on and then if you want to be spontaneous cancel that later booking and go at the new time if it’s free.
  10. We went around 8 early on in the week and it was not a problem to the specialties. I think it would be much harder towards the end of the week. We are only 2 people.
  11. I just got off the Escape and although we normally are in the Haven we were in a balcony this cruise. Given the overnights in Bermuda and an unusable Haven Courtyard when we sailed last June, I decided to try a balcony room instead. In summary, we enjoyed ourselves much more than we thought we would. We arrived at the port at almost 1 and were on the ship very quickly. Our rooms were also ready quickly. The room was an ok size and the balcony is not much smaller than the Haven. We didn’t have reservations but were able to go standby to restaurants and were seated without much wait. I found we explored more of the ship and enjoyed the Waterfront for some quiet time out of the sun. While we enjoy the Haven, I was pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed ourselves not being in the Haven and at a fraction of the price.
  12. I like NCLs flexibility with eating timing. You can get something to eat 24 hours
  13. This week they have had (I apologize if the names are not correct I am going from memory): Ralph Breaks the Internet, Spider-Man into the Spider-verse, A Star is Born and Aquaman (this one in 3D in the theater). These are the ones I remember.
  14. Unfortunately the water always tastes like coffee to me. I bring a thermos and fill it with hot water from the buffet. I also bring my own decaf tea because sometimes it’s hard to find in the buffet and I don’t feel like asking for it.
  15. The Haven sun deck is quiet at sail away compared to the the other open deck. The kids may like the other areas more with music and everyone having fun going under the Verrazano. Just something to consider.
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