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  1. I was able to do the same a out 4 wks ago for my 11/18 cruise but come embarking no medallion since our cabin didn't have it
  2. Let me rephrase what i said, rcl and Celebrity raise the price before the promo starts to basically not offer it for free vs what you said is totally opposite. At that point, princess is raising prices do to supply and demand
  3. Your best bet would be taking the cruise around the 15th. the 2nd week, the price will just about double
  4. just keep this in mind, sometimes the group pricing isn't any better than regular pricing or a current promo going on
  5. from what I have seen, Princess is pretty good of not raising their prices during these promos. The ones who are notorius for raising prices, or basically making you pay for their "free" items promo are celebrity and RCL
  6. It just depends on how far in advance you book it and which option of EZair you choose, one you pay now and one you pay at final payment. When we did Alaska several years ago, we flew from Orlando to Seattle and used the Ezair and it was cheaper
  7. Have to keep in mind that like someone else stated, the size of the ship makes a huge difference. Not just the capability of the port, but the approach to the port. Some may bridges over the approach that some of the bigger ships can't fit under, or can only fit under certain times of the day. I know in the caribbean, there are only so many ports you can visit in 7 days and at some point, there may not be islands they can reach over the 7 days.. With us talking about accessability, St Thomas is a prime example. All the cruise ships have to time it just right on entry and exit to coincide with the tides or they won't make it out.
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