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  1. So it appears only the Excel suites will have access to the loft 19 with the exception of anyone buying cabanas in that area if Excel passengers don’t buy them. I know that MSC had Cabanas in their suite area but the cabanas weren’t available for purchase by anyone not in the Yacht club accommodations, but Carnival wants to ensure they are always filled. As described, it appears that only the highest level Excel suite would also have access to the Havana area. There is no mention of Excel or non-Excel suites having access to the Havana Area so there would appear to be roughly 150 suites that don’t have a perk of a separate sun deck area.
  2. It was a very interesting track and I enjoyed it since it was very unique for ship tracks. Really enjoyed the hill which was nice since there were no chaises to sidestep there. Wind wasn’t too bad on sea days, but some areas are more exposed than others. It is tight heading towards the rooftop garden and not especially safe cutting through the garden since staff were around the area and sometimes chairs blocked it a bit. overall liked it since there was a little less tourist traffic with the way they designed it compared to other ships. Have a great trip!
  3. She was only on the Edge inaugural western cruise 1 day. She said a few words before the deck party and saw her walking around with the Captain. There were rumors of a QA, but not sure if it ever happened. Maybe we had an unreasonable expectation. We expected many more events and her being around for most of the week, but I guess she met her requirement since she did cruise for a day on the same ship.
  4. We are in the same situation. The website indicates a new tapas restaurant and Ocean cay are being added soon. I thought the tapas was slated to replace Eataly, but haven’t seen officially what Ocean Cay would replace unless they could fit both in the Eataly space. we also don’t eat sushi so would prefer a different combination. Was hoping that maybe they will make the changes during the transatlantic and have the new restaurants ready for New York.
  5. You know the cruise lines will eventually do this around the pool since it is easy extra cash. The question will be if they will actually pay for staff to enforce it or deal with issues.
  6. One thing to keep in mind is that the Mardi Gras roughly will have roughly the same number of passengers as the Harmony. The Harmony is 46,000 tons larger to better handle the number of passengers. Most of the early feedback from other posters on the Mardi Gras also relates to having too many passengers for its size. Carnival hasn’t said much about the entertainment yet, but you can probably expect a few new 30-40 minute playlist productions. Hopefully the main theater will be improved over the current Vista class Liquid lounge which has terrible sight lines in much of the theater.
  7. Noticed in the fine print that it is only combinable with certain promotional rates. Our Meraviglia cruise to Canada booked currently doesn’t have any of those rates available and the standard rate is much higher so there are some voyages it doesn’t work for.
  8. We noticed on the Edge in December that we never had a spare roll in the bathroom and had to ask for another roll multiple times. Maybe they were afraid of us stashing rolls away before the last night
  9. Won’t make me pay for another Edge sky suite to see them gone, but happy that Celebrity isn’t afraid to admit that this oversized designer chair has no business being in this size cabin. Hope they realize the rocker money should have been spent on a table or better balcony furniture.
  10. We have also seen suits and dresses in Le Bistro many times, so some do approach it as a fancy date night so as another indicated don’t be afraid to dress up if you prefer.
  11. Thanks! Still looks about 1/2 the size of the rear Havana area on the Vista class ships based upon the deck plans. Someone had mentioned 80 rooms have access so expect chairs to be at a premium. Expected a substantially larger ship to have a better Havana area so quite a disappointment.
  12. Just choose New York departures for Sept 2020 and you will see the 6 day Canada and a 15 day repo to Orlando. You can see routes/category prices, but can’t book yet
  13. MSC is in the process of downgrading their included drink packages too so they are all the same looking for extra cash.
  14. I think the listing I saw indicated that only the premium plus got the mini bar included which was included with the yacht club previously so that would be another downgrade.
  15. Looking at the same timeframe. The 2nd and 3rd weeks of March are peak for spring break. Some, but not many have the 1st week. April always concerns me due to school vacations, but I would expect that 1st week might be safer with Easter being later this year. I wouldn’t expect the weather to be that much warmer with the early April date to make that much difference in using the outdoor spaces. Usually you can get outside comfortably by the afternoon on the 2nd day.
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