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  1. Thanks for the great review! one question for you. Is there a bar in the Haven Horizon observation lounge or is there bar servers? Just got off the Celebrity Edge and their suite lounge just had servers and sometimes getting a drink wasn’t quick.
  2. We also felt similar about Luminae last week. Don’t understand why Celebrity wouldn’t anticipate problems with these limited menus and the removal of access to the main dining menus. Asked for shrimp cocktail the 1st night and were quickly told don’t have that, only what’s on menu. Go up to the Retreat sundeck next day and they have shrimp cocktail for lunch, but not available at night. Then we were told to tell them in the morning if you wanted something different than what’s on the menu for dinner. You shouldn’t have to do this when you are paying this type of money for a suite. we were tempted to order off the kids menu one night since it looked better than the regular menu one night. We were speaking to one of the corporate staff one night and he was shocked that we weren’t getting anything we asked for in Luminae so obviously not everyone is on the same page yet in expectations.
  3. We just got off Sunday. We ate 4 nights in Luminae and in Fine Edge, Le Petit Chef and Rooftop garden. We also did lunch on the Magic Carpet. With the disclaimer of food-being subjective, we enjoyed the specialities much more than Luminae. Many were complaining of the limited Luminae menus and as the week went along they were being more flexible providing something else if you let them know in the morning. We enjoyed the Rooftop food/service the most. It is compromised with always having wind since there is no enclosure around the restaurant. We ate there while docked in Cozumel and quite a few had the blankets given out wrapped around them due to the wind. They really should redesign the area for future ships. Fine Cut, food was very good, but food/drink service was slow for us. Even the Maitre’D brought us the dessert menus quickly followed by the waiter obviously feeling things were too slow. Le Petit Chef was a lot of fun. We selected the full animated menu. Thought food was very good except for the unattractive looking dessert. Dining took a while since they obviously didn’t tell everyone that the animation timing is dependent upon people finishing their courses somewhat on the same time. We had a table near us send back their French onion soup and waiting for another one and others savoring it like it was their last meal while the rest of the room were long done and staring around waiting for the show to continue. Magic carpet lunch - thought the food was great, but once again not really practical with all the wind from the open front side of the carpet when at sea. They also shouldn’t serve potato chips with the sandwiches since the staff was constantly cleaning them up when the wind blew them everywhere.
  4. Thanks VT for all the information and have a safe trip back to the cold northeast!
  5. Correct, there was no way to lock/unlock from outside on the Horizon. We always made sure we had any valuables in the safe and just closed the door on the way out to the lanai. Not ideal, but we were the last cabana cabin next to the lanai so we preferred this method rather than looping down the hallway and then through the Havana bar.
  6. I agree with everyone’s comments. Not overly impressed with this new suite setup so far, but will reserve judgement until we sail in just over a week. Basically the Edge suite class provides a pool deck which is nice, but probably too small for the number of suite guests. Personal preference is to sit at a bar so think Retreat lounge is a downgrade to Michael’s IMO. The ship seems to have a shortage of nighttime lounges compared to other ships which is why I would have preferred a full scale Retreat lounge with bar. Luminae menu is 1/2 the size compared to the other Celebrity ships since they don’t offer the main dining room menu. VT’s pictures of the suite area in the new terminal do look nice so there is one big plus 😎
  7. We did love the Havana cabana, but it does get packed on sea days due to having more cabins with access than Vista. Also read recently that the top suites will now also have access so it will get even more crowded so don’t expect you can go out at noon and find a space. Bar can sometimes be slow since they take care of both inside/outside the Havana area. still worth the premium IMO, but Carnival needs to stop adding additional rooms with access to make it worthwhile. They did do an excellent job at enforcing people wearing their bands to control access on our cruise.
  8. VT, so sorry about your fall. Please rest up and enjoy the suite life and hope you are feeling better. They should have moved you into an Edge Villa to speed your recuperation.
  9. Thanks! Seems like a strange decision when they are trying to create a dedicated suite area. Can’t expect the pool bar to stay open too late unless they have to staff it to allow waiters to get drinks there at night in the lounge. Suite lounges on NCL and MSC were always fun at night with the bar. Definite miss here In my opinion.
  10. Thanks VT! I haven’t seen a single photo or video of this space anywhere. Looks great!
  11. Thanks VT for following up on this item! i did get an email response recently to my Luminae menu question indicating what you reported that it would be the small menu since everything is cooked from scratch. They did indicate that they would aim to accommodate any requests to make it a memorable experience to paraphrase. They didn’t mention about eventually adding an everday menu as you had indicated they told you, but hopefully they will implement it quickly. Appreciate that they will make everything from scratch, but the variety will be much lower without having the main dining room menu also available. Can’t believe they wouldn’t expect some pushback with a smaller menu at these price tags for the suites. Would have thought a daily Caesar salad, chicken entree etc would be included without having to ask. Cant wait for your suite feedback!
  12. VT, thanks for all the info/pics you have provided and glad you are having a great trip!
  13. Thanks for the chart VT! Have a great trip and safe travels. One thing that surprised me is that Luminae is only open for lunch on sea days. NCL and Msc both had their suite dining rooms open for lunch all 7 days in case people stay on the ship. Wonder if the still unseen Retreat lounge will have some type of food at lunchtime. Otherwise this would seem to be a miss on Celebrity’s side trying to create more of a ship within a ship concept for the suite area and keeping up with the other suite products.
  14. Sorry, my screen grab isn’t working well on my IPad, but cut/paste info is below. HOME/DINING/THE EDGE SPLIT CABANA (UP TO 2 GUESTS) The Edge Split Cabana (Up To 2 Guests) Prices Starting From*$200.00 USD Adult
  15. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So excited for all those finally getting their own in-person Edge visits starting this weekend. Hope they have plenty of storage space on all their devices for plenty of photos!
  16. Noticed Pool Cabanas are now in the planner under dining? They now have a split Cabana for $200 for just 2 guests. Don’t know if these are smaller or if you have to share. There is a link for a cabana food menu but it doesn’t work yet.
  17. Interesting, we did the same, but only see x-press passes in the app and have no option to check in again via the app. We will just have the printed passes along with those in the app for however they want to check us in.
  18. Finally loaded on my phone and you click on the Grand plaza and it says to visit the location to enable tour. Some virtual reality tour!
  19. Noticed in the app under dining for Eden there is now a list of drinks. Those listed range from $15-20 so there would be an up charge for at least some drinks even for the premium package is still at $15 max.
  20. I also liked in the email how you had to click on a link to confirm that you received the message that only expedited arrival is available through the app so nobody can complain at the pier if it is slow.
  21. Ok, they have me completely confused with the app now. Just received an email from Celebrity indicating you can only get expedited check in via the app. We had already checked in a long time ago on the website. Xpress passes already show up in the app so you can’t check in again or provide a scan of a passport photo. Regular jpeg photo was provided during web check in. Anyone else on the early voyages confused by this process either? Assuming that anyone who did a web check in prior to the app must settle for non expedited arrival. Guess anyone yet to check in for their cruises should only use the app. There is even a separate path on the website for Edge check in now which avoids the old standard path.
  22. Royal did have the failed attempt of Dynamic Dining on the Anthem which was trying to be a happy compromise. They had one of the available dining rooms designated as formal all the time It was entirely your choice to ever go there for dinner. You could just go casual to the other dining rooms. There were no designated shipwide elegant nights. Their execution of the concept was poor which ultimately doomed it, but it did seem to have something that appealed to everyone. Gave the ship a different dynamic seeing people dressed up for the formal dining room any given night instead of only potentially the 2nd or 5th night. They actually gave the guys jackets if you didn’t wear one so they did enforce it.
  23. Are you sure that a 1 day port day pass is still an E+ perk? Never heard of it before and I don’t see it listed on the Celebrity captain’s club listing.
  24. Maybe it is hidden in the Retreat lounge since I don’t think we have seen any pictures of that venue yet.
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