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  1. Thanks! Seems like a strange decision when they are trying to create a dedicated suite area. Can’t expect the pool bar to stay open too late unless they have to staff it to allow waiters to get drinks there at night in the lounge. Suite lounges on NCL and MSC were always fun at night with the bar. Definite miss here In my opinion.
  2. Thanks VT! I haven’t seen a single photo or video of this space anywhere. Looks great!
  3. Thanks VT for following up on this item! i did get an email response recently to my Luminae menu question indicating what you reported that it would be the small menu since everything is cooked from scratch. They did indicate that they would aim to accommodate any requests to make it a memorable experience to paraphrase. They didn’t mention about eventually adding an everday menu as you had indicated they told you, but hopefully they will implement it quickly. Appreciate that they will make everything from scratch, but the variety will be much lower without having the main dining room menu also available. Can’t believe they wouldn’t expect some pushback with a smaller menu at these price tags for the suites. Would have thought a daily Caesar salad, chicken entree etc would be included without having to ask. Cant wait for your suite feedback!
  4. VT, thanks for all the info/pics you have provided and glad you are having a great trip!
  5. Thanks for the chart VT! Have a great trip and safe travels. One thing that surprised me is that Luminae is only open for lunch on sea days. NCL and Msc both had their suite dining rooms open for lunch all 7 days in case people stay on the ship. Wonder if the still unseen Retreat lounge will have some type of food at lunchtime. Otherwise this would seem to be a miss on Celebrity’s side trying to create more of a ship within a ship concept for the suite area and keeping up with the other suite products.
  6. Sorry, my screen grab isn’t working well on my IPad, but cut/paste info is below. HOME/DINING/THE EDGE SPLIT CABANA (UP TO 2 GUESTS) The Edge Split Cabana (Up To 2 Guests) Prices Starting From*$200.00 USD Adult
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So excited for all those finally getting their own in-person Edge visits starting this weekend. Hope they have plenty of storage space on all their devices for plenty of photos!
  8. Noticed Pool Cabanas are now in the planner under dining? They now have a split Cabana for $200 for just 2 guests. Don’t know if these are smaller or if you have to share. There is a link for a cabana food menu but it doesn’t work yet.
  9. Interesting, we did the same, but only see x-press passes in the app and have no option to check in again via the app. We will just have the printed passes along with those in the app for however they want to check us in.
  10. Finally loaded on my phone and you click on the Grand plaza and it says to visit the location to enable tour. Some virtual reality tour!
  11. Noticed in the app under dining for Eden there is now a list of drinks. Those listed range from $15-20 so there would be an up charge for at least some drinks even for the premium package is still at $15 max.
  12. I also liked in the email how you had to click on a link to confirm that you received the message that only expedited arrival is available through the app so nobody can complain at the pier if it is slow.
  13. Ok, they have me completely confused with the app now. Just received an email from Celebrity indicating you can only get expedited check in via the app. We had already checked in a long time ago on the website. Xpress passes already show up in the app so you can’t check in again or provide a scan of a passport photo. Regular jpeg photo was provided during web check in. Anyone else on the early voyages confused by this process either? Assuming that anyone who did a web check in prior to the app must settle for non expedited arrival. Guess anyone yet to check in for their cruises should only use the app. There is even a separate path on the website for Edge check in now which avoids the old standard path.
  14. Royal did have the failed attempt of Dynamic Dining on the Anthem which was trying to be a happy compromise. They had one of the available dining rooms designated as formal all the time It was entirely your choice to ever go there for dinner. You could just go casual to the other dining rooms. There were no designated shipwide elegant nights. Their execution of the concept was poor which ultimately doomed it, but it did seem to have something that appealed to everyone. Gave the ship a different dynamic seeing people dressed up for the formal dining room any given night instead of only potentially the 2nd or 5th night. They actually gave the guys jackets if you didn’t wear one so they did enforce it.
  15. Are you sure that a 1 day port day pass is still an E+ perk? Never heard of it before and I don’t see it listed on the Celebrity captain’s club listing.
  16. Maybe it is hidden in the Retreat lounge since I don’t think we have seen any pictures of that venue yet.
  17. What has really surprised me most has been how tight the tables are in the various dining venues. Even the last photos now from Lloyd show the Oceanview with tables right next to each other, but more surprising is the lack of space between rows of tables. Would expect this on a mega ship, but the passenger space ratio on this ship is even better than the S class yet tables/chairs seem extremely jammed into food venues. Maybe just optical illusions and maybe we will need to see in person.
  18. I have actually seen umbrellas on both Carnival and Norwegian. They are huge so they pretty sturdy covering about 4 loungers, but they keep them down on very windy days.
  19. Thanks for the info VT! Any my idea on how they figure out if space is available. Would the concierge or Luminae Maitre’d have to call the specific main dining Maitre’d or Blu Maitre’d to check on space when you want to eat? Assuming would need to coordinate it with them rather than just show up at an alternate. Would expect that many would like to try the different main dining rooms even if in a suite although some may stay in Luminae if the menus are decent. Did corporate provide any info on additional everyday items on the Luminae menu since they don’t want to answer my question or if they will offer anything from the MDR? There need to be more things than posted since I can’t believe you can’t get a salad at night since none are shown. Blu menus seem much more extensive than Luminae including everyday and salad options. Thanks!
  20. We are also in a sky suite for the Dec 9th and had similar questions after being underwhelmed with the posted Luminae menus in the app. Others have noted that Blu has been available on a space available basis for suite guests on other Celebrity ships. Nobody is sure if this will also be a possibility on Edge. Also noted that suite guests could also order from the main dining menus and have served in Luminae. Luminae is not located anywhere near the main dining rooms on Edge so it doesn’t seem possible that they could continue to offer this. I has sent Celebrity an email asking if Luminae would have everyday menu items since none are shown on the posted menus. Almost 2 weeks now and no answer. I know they will just credit you the 15% if you book a speciality on the ship. Expect they will credit it onboard if you book online. Not sure if you book a specialty in advance with onboard credit if you would receive the 15% onboard. We booked two with onboard credit. Others have also noted that shoreside concierge doesn’t contact sky suite passengers in advance. Only the upper suites are contacted. Not sure if we can email in advance. We can certainly see ourselves wanting to go to Blu or the main dining room some nights if the Luminae menu is as small as shown if they allow. Would be nice if Celebrity would provide more info on suite dining/options.
  21. Have done 2 NYE sailings on the Breakaway when it was in NY. People in general did dress up for NYE, but Not many tuxes/gowns. Many in suits/dresses, but as others noted it is still freestyle so others were still in t-shirts/shorts. I would expect similar out of NO, so you would have company if you want to dress up, but never mandatory on NCL.
  22. I haven’t seen any in the renderings. The only definite shade that was shown were the mini cabanas that seemed to have a covering over the top. Celebrity didn’t have an answer whether there was an additional charge for these when I asked a few weeks ago.
  23. I am intrigued by many of the photos provided by Lloyd, but there are many possible form over function concerns as others have noted. i remember concerns when the designers for Virgin Voyages were announced. Great designers who had never designed for a cruise ship. Could get very inventive designs or designs that don’t work on a cruise ship. Once again the form over function debate. Only time will tell with Edge, but it will certainly be an interesting ship to walk around. Maybe Eden just needs the Edenists hanging over the tables to fully appreciate it 😁
  24. Anyone notice that Celebrity’s countdown clock on their website shows 28 days until the maiden voyage? Are they adding December 1st to the list of maiden voyages too or another fine IT feature? Their Instagram feed also listed the maiden voyage as the1st.
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