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  1. What has really surprised me most has been how tight the tables are in the various dining venues. Even the last photos now from Lloyd show the Oceanview with tables right next to each other, but more surprising is the lack of space between rows of tables. Would expect this on a mega ship, but the passenger space ratio on this ship is even better than the S class yet tables/chairs seem extremely jammed into food venues. Maybe just optical illusions and maybe we will need to see in person.
  2. I have actually seen umbrellas on both Carnival and Norwegian. They are huge so they pretty sturdy covering about 4 loungers, but they keep them down on very windy days.
  3. Thanks for the info VT! Any my idea on how they figure out if space is available. Would the concierge or Luminae Maitre’d have to call the specific main dining Maitre’d or Blu Maitre’d to check on space when you want to eat? Assuming would need to coordinate it with them rather than just show up at an alternate. Would expect that many would like to try the different main dining rooms even if in a suite although some may stay in Luminae if the menus are decent. Did corporate provide any info on additional everyday items on the Luminae menu since they don’t want to answer my question or if they will offer anything from the MDR? There need to be more things than posted since I can’t believe you can’t get a salad at night since none are shown. Blu menus seem much more extensive than Luminae including everyday and salad options. Thanks!
  4. We are also in a sky suite for the Dec 9th and had similar questions after being underwhelmed with the posted Luminae menus in the app. Others have noted that Blu has been available on a space available basis for suite guests on other Celebrity ships. Nobody is sure if this will also be a possibility on Edge. Also noted that suite guests could also order from the main dining menus and have served in Luminae. Luminae is not located anywhere near the main dining rooms on Edge so it doesn’t seem possible that they could continue to offer this. I has sent Celebrity an email asking if Luminae would have everyday menu items since none are shown on the posted menus. Almost 2 weeks now and no answer. I know they will just credit you the 15% if you book a speciality on the ship. Expect they will credit it onboard if you book online. Not sure if you book a specialty in advance with onboard credit if you would receive the 15% onboard. We booked two with onboard credit. Others have also noted that shoreside concierge doesn’t contact sky suite passengers in advance. Only the upper suites are contacted. Not sure if we can email in advance. We can certainly see ourselves wanting to go to Blu or the main dining room some nights if the Luminae menu is as small as shown if they allow. Would be nice if Celebrity would provide more info on suite dining/options.
  5. Have done 2 NYE sailings on the Breakaway when it was in NY. People in general did dress up for NYE, but Not many tuxes/gowns. Many in suits/dresses, but as others noted it is still freestyle so others were still in t-shirts/shorts. I would expect similar out of NO, so you would have company if you want to dress up, but never mandatory on NCL.
  6. I haven’t seen any in the renderings. The only definite shade that was shown were the mini cabanas that seemed to have a covering over the top. Celebrity didn’t have an answer whether there was an additional charge for these when I asked a few weeks ago.
  7. I am intrigued by many of the photos provided by Lloyd, but there are many possible form over function concerns as others have noted. i remember concerns when the designers for Virgin Voyages were announced. Great designers who had never designed for a cruise ship. Could get very inventive designs or designs that don’t work on a cruise ship. Once again the form over function debate. Only time will tell with Edge, but it will certainly be an interesting ship to walk around. Maybe Eden just needs the Edenists hanging over the tables to fully appreciate it 😁
  8. Anyone notice that Celebrity’s countdown clock on their website shows 28 days until the maiden voyage? Are they adding December 1st to the list of maiden voyages too or another fine IT feature? Their Instagram feed also listed the maiden voyage as the1st.
  9. Agree VT! Have been eagerly waiting to see these areas! Stunning photos. Thanks to Lloyd and company! Great full pics of Eden and the Sunset bar also!
  10. Better bring back a ship with the Havana area back to NYC in 2020 since the Horizon this summer spoiled us and can’t even look at the Sunrise in 2019 without it. The rates they were getting for the summer on the Horizon were high and they all mostly sold out so you would think they would be happy to bring a Vista class back for a summer. Sunrise prices seem much lower than the Horizon rates.
  11. We really haven’t seen much of anything related to the suite rooms/area. Small little peek of pool area and that’s it. People even mentioned that the area was unavailable for the September travel agent tours. Thought we might have another reveal of just the suite areas, but would they do it now when full pics of the ship will be available in a few weeks? still waiting a week for a reply from Celebrity if Luminae will also have an everyday menu at dinner.
  12. Anyone use the find on deck feature for the Edge in the app? The Retreat lounge shows up on both deck 15 and 16 where all other deck plans including Celebrity site show it only on deck 15. Assuming just an error in beta version of app rather than two story lounge.
  13. Some groups did a Havana inside/Havana cabana combination with the rooms across from each other. They found the Havana suites much too expensive for the little additional space and the other combo worked better for 4.
  14. Tough to get perspective from pictures, but the Oceanview seating looks pretty tight between tables/aisles. This isn’t truly a mega ship where 5000 people need to be crammed in. Pics show two different type of chairs and one set with different color cushions (port/starboard?) trick to find people or designer having fun? Thanks Lloyd for all the great photos!
  15. Had the same take your own photo for the Anthem out of NJ. Seemed that either the system accepted too many bad pictures or something else since most people we spoke to had to have other photos at the pier. I think I did a good job with our photos, but we will see. was most impressed recently with Carnival check in where they scanned your passport and that photo was used for your ship photo. Easy as it could be!
  16. Interesting that MSC seemed to hint that the Meraviglia would be coming to NYC for the summer of 2020. Maybe they are scaling back their US plans once again.
  17. I was able to load on an IPad, so expect it should work on any tablet. I did look on google play and it looks like it is also free there so I wouldn’t pay. Did look like there were some install problem comments and you needed android version 6.0 and above so not surprisingly glitch free. I already had the app, but still couldn’t see edge until I manually updated the app. There was no pending update for Edge inclusion from the last app update so even a little glitchy on IOS. You can see if the Celebrity site has a link to it and maybe it may work better that way.
  18. How about the rent a Poet or something to that effect? Can’t find it again This one may also go into trying a little too hard, but will give them unique points.
  19. It is just Celebrity cruises from Royal Caribbean cruises Ltd. Teal blue background with a big X.
  20. VT - I agree that Luminae and Blu menus looked similar for entree categories, but they are not showing the everyday entrees (chicken, steak, salmon) and green salad appetizers that Blu is showing. The jury is still out if an isolated from the main dining area Luminae will be able to provide variety with just its own kitchen. It will be pretty ridiculous if suite passengers need to go elsewhere to get a larger menu at the prices being charged.
  21. TexSea - thanks for the info! Looks like they have the first 2 days of menus included to give everyone a flavor of what to expect. Looks like the keep changing the Eden dinner menu.
  22. Yes, I was surprised that they had Cycling package online and they added on a 18% gratuity. Don’t see that at your local gym!
  23. We were in the Havana on the Horizon and the pool area was jammed on sea days. I think there were around 20 additional rooms classified with Havana privs compared to the Horizon and it showed. thought it was odd that higher priced suites didn’t have access, but the area couldn’t support the extra cabins already. Don’t know how many suites would have access, but people in the Havana area may not want to pay the premium for an even more overcrowded area moving forward. We will certainly think twice next time with even more passengers being added. Will be curious to see how the new 2020 new class build incorporates for the Havana area when they release details early next year.
  24. Thanks for the info! Wonder if this is a permanent shutdown of the Julia street station? Have used it multiple times on cruises in NO. Don’t remember if it ran later than 7pm, but it was an easy/fun way to get to Bourbon street during the day with one transfer. Another case where they want more cruise business and I can’t imagine the shuttles can hold as many people. There was one time they needed 4-5 streetcars to take the 1st wave of visitors off the ship so the streetcar was very popular to get around town so hopefully it will just be temporary.
  25. The December inaugural’s are tough with the holidays just after. Traditionally this is the cheapest time to travel since nobody wants to travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year since everyone is so busy. People cruising would have far cheaper alternatives to sail compared to these inaugurals. i would expect that the December 16th would be the most difficult for those flying since you would have to fly out of an extra packed airport on the 23rd which is one of the busiest travel days of the year.
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