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  1. Same general phone number I have received other calls from Celebrity about questions I have emailed, so unfortunately it was a real Celebrity deal
  2. We received a phone call yesterday offering us a “deal” of $100 off a cabin for the second inaugural voyage since we were already on the 1st. This wouldn't even cover our airline change fee if we happened to have the dollars/vacation time to stay on another week!
  3. Agree with another reveal even though delivery is getting close. The Retreat area and suites weren’t available for the September travel agent preview so I would expect Celebrity would want a distinct reveal for their first dedicated suite area.
  4. The other thing to remember that this is the first dedicated suite sundeck area for them and I agree with others that policies may need to evolve over time. I still do believe they undersized this area, but time will tell. There will certainly be a lot of complaints if people can’t find space with the prices being charged for suites. I personally don’t like their cabanas due to the room they take up and there will be even more space constraints in the Retreat area. i personally expect that more people will use the Resort pool area due to the newness so it will be interesting to see how it works out.
  5. I did receive a call from Celebrity during the CC downtime regarding the cabanas in the Retreat area that I asked them about via email. They indicated that nobody yet knows if there will be a charge for the Cabanas in the Retreat area, but they were working with the Concierge staff on the issue and would be hopefully posting info on the website soon. Was impressed that I got a follow-up phone call rather than a quick email response even though no info was yet available.
  6. Agree, and they also take up much of the sitting space on that side.
  7. Thanks for your report! Is there any additional charge for the cabanas on the Haven sun deck? Haven’t seen these in the other Haven sun decks.
  8. Thanks VT for the great summary/photos! I still can’t see the cabanas in the retreat being free despite Celebrity indicating to you there would be no charge. NCL is adding for fee cabanas on the latest ships in the Haven and MSC Seaside yacht club also charged for their cabanas. People are paying premium suite prices on them and yet the cruise lines are still charging extra. We can always hope they are included especially since the Retreat space isn’t very large and these cabanas appear to take up a lot of the space. Just can’t see them not taking the opportunity to charge for them.
  9. The Celebrity Edge posted example menus for Luminae have fewer items than the Blu menu example (especially appetizers) Blu also has an always available option which Luminae doesn’t show. Luminae example also doesn’t show any salads? A lot may depend upon the size of the Luminae kitchen in terms of how many things it can provide since it can’t use the main dining room. It may be similar to the NCL Haven where they have a larger menu that never changes, but the chef indicated they can’t do anything different due to the small size of the kitchen and not having a close MDR to utilize.
  10. I had mentioned this on a main Celebrity thread, but I figured I would also mention it here. I would expect that it would be difficult for Luminae to also offer the main dining room menu on Edge like it does on other ships. Luminae has always been adjacent to a main dining room on previous ships so it was easy to also provide mdr items. Can’t see how the staff will be able to easily provide Mdr items in Luminae roughly 6 decks higher and at an opposite end of the ship.
  11. Highest daily cost, but still no water included. At least they could have finally included water like the other lines.
  12. One other interesting note of the sky suite photo is the small built-in cabinet on the wall to the left of the bed. Usually these are free-standing cabinets that can be removed to split the bed if requested, but this looks like a permanent obstruction possibly preventing splitting the bed. Wonder if this proves that not all king beds can be split like we had been told.
  13. Looking at the latest Retreat photos and the fact sheet really show that there isn’t a lot of space here for their 1st dedicated pool deck. We were on the MSC seaside on May in the Yacht Club. Realize it is a larger ship but was curious of it’s specs for comparison. MSC YC Rooms - 86, approx 180 passengers double occupancy Pool deck - 17,222 sf Restaurant- 6800 sf Lounge - no info but larger sf than restaurant Edge rooms per Vt above 176, approx 352 double occupancy Retreat pool, 12,701 sf, 190 seats Luminae- 4133 sf, 170 seats Lounge - 3585 sf My impression - Edge suite facilities are not very spacious for the number of suite passengers and at best can only accommodate 1/2 the people. Couldn’t find any specs for NCL Haven, but I think Edge is a closer match for the Breakaway class Haven.
  14. I can’t imagine that Luminae would still be able to easily provide MDR items with a location 8 decks higher and at the opposite end of the ship with the Edge class.
  15. Agree with the hope for innovative itineraries but tough to do much different in 7 days from NY. MSC is supposed to bring the Meraviglia up in 2020 for at least the summer after a few longer cruises in 2019. Sailed on the Seaside and we agree that they still have some progress to make an appealing product to a broad American audience.
  16. Their year-round competitors NCL have rotated in or will rotate all their new ships out of NY. Always nice to have new ships/shows every year. Carnival seasonally has also brought a different ship each summer. Sounds like MSC and Disney will have larger NY presence too so Royal/celebrity need to shake up their NY deployment to keep it fresh. Personally we have been on the Anthem and Summit multiple times and don’t want the same product again when we continue to have other new options on other lines.
  17. Thanks for the fact sheet Tall-Cruiser! Love the description of the Retreat pool - “full sized pool”. Based upon Lloyd’s photo, it looks like it is a full size pool circa Love Boat Captain Stubbing days :cool:
  18. Seeing the charging box more, appears that it would be more of a fire hazard. You just know that some passengers will put their charging devices in the box and close the top instead of looping the cord through the slots and keeping the device outside. So many issues with devices overheating. Are the boxes fireproof? I know the intention is to put the cords through the outside slots but I can see many phones going in the box. I know that many cruises, they remind you to unplug your devices when you leave the room. They will even say that stewards will unplug. Might be a little more difficult with a box.
  19. Carnival certainly made a fortune off the Horizon this summer based upon sailing on it and constantly checking prices. They have so many ships in the Caribbean year round that they can certainly afford to have a newer ship in NY for the summer with the price premium it can command for the NYC summer vacation time. We thoroughly enjoyed the Horizon, but as our survey stated, we won’t sail on another ship without the Havana area. I did read that the NCL Encore would be in NY summer 2020. Rumor has it that MSC Meraviglia will also be in NY in summer 2020. Royal/celebrity are also do for an upgrade. So Carnival better send something better than another revamp in 2020 if they want to compete.
  20. Thanks Lloyd for the photos! Lots of progress since the last inside photos. Figured there must be real progress for them to invite the press onboard.
  21. Thanks everyone for their info! We just moved from 10144 to 10141 so per VT’s markups we have avoided the balcony pole. I did say to the rep we have no idea if any exist in the cabins which would be more of a problem in my mind if the support was in the cabin rather than the balcony. Only time will tell :D
  22. Thanks for all the info and Vtcruising for the markups! Gave in and made our final payment for our lovely pole balcony room. Nobody so far has given up a pole free sky room on our voyage yet so we will keep looking, but otherwise we are ready for our pole in a few months!
  23. Just an FYI, the Swizzle Inn near the caves is the second/newer location that gets mixed reviews. The original is at the other end of the island near the airport/St. George.
  24. We are also not happy about the poles either. We are in an S1 and I thought we had a bulkhead, but got our reminder for final payment and we have 10144 instead with the wonderful poles. No other cabins in the category are available. I think that I can only remember one other older ship that had poles out on the balcony. These are supposed to be state of the art ships that shouldn’t need supports and may just be there for looks more than function. Will it ruin our trip, no, but I agree that it is ridiculous to have any obstruction at the price point we are paying. Guess maybe they will only get the point if we start canceling and let them know it is due to polegate 😎
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