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  1. Thanks for the article! We have skipped Wonderland on Royal’s ships since the menus are too adventurous for us. The Eden menu seems very similar which is why we haven’t booked along with not wanting to have a Cirque show happening around you. I am sure that many people will be intrigued and book. I do agree that for most people it would be one and done since it is a very specialized product and may not hold up to repeated visits. I think in the end, Eden will be a gimmicky spot like 270 on the Anthem of the Seas that was a beautiful space, but largely wasted during the day. Hopefully as the article indicates they will make Eden more multi purpose.
  2. Thanks Vtcruising! Great to have so much detailed info. We have a suite booked, but still unsure if we will pay the steep price tag Love the specs on the Retreat sundeck. Have been very curious on the # of people it could accommodate with the large number of suites. Your specs seem to indicate at best only half the suite guests could have seats there. Not sure how many spaces will be additional fee cabanas since I expect they will even charge extra in the retreat. We have found that NCL Haven and the MSC Seaside have plenty of seating for the suites. The Seaside had a huge amount of space just no shade. Not sure we can say the same for the Edge space. We would spend quite a bit of time there and don't feel any suite guests should be shortchanged in space at the ultra premium prices. I realize that not everyone will sit out there but these specs do give reason to pause that the space may not be sufficient, but time will tell.
  3. Form over function once again :D Should we start asking for an obstructed view discount?
  4. Thanks for the pictures Lloyd! Very interesting to see the workers underneath the suites (assuming they are them) in the first set of photos you posted. The balconies have a blue portion in the glass up to the rail which might restrict view if not see through. One room even has a support pole in the middle of the balcony. Would expect that you design a clean balcony for the suites at the prices they are charging.
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