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  1. Thanks for the fact sheet Tall-Cruiser! Love the description of the Retreat pool - “full sized pool”. Based upon Lloyd’s photo, it looks like it is a full size pool circa Love Boat Captain Stubbing days :cool:
  2. Seeing the charging box more, appears that it would be more of a fire hazard. You just know that some passengers will put their charging devices in the box and close the top instead of looping the cord through the slots and keeping the device outside. So many issues with devices overheating. Are the boxes fireproof? I know the intention is to put the cords through the outside slots but I can see many phones going in the box. I know that many cruises, they remind you to unplug your devices when you leave the room. They will even say that stewards will unplug. Might be a little more difficult with a box.
  3. Carnival certainly made a fortune off the Horizon this summer based upon sailing on it and constantly checking prices. They have so many ships in the Caribbean year round that they can certainly afford to have a newer ship in NY for the summer with the price premium it can command for the NYC summer vacation time. We thoroughly enjoyed the Horizon, but as our survey stated, we won’t sail on another ship without the Havana area. I did read that the NCL Encore would be in NY summer 2020. Rumor has it that MSC Meraviglia will also be in NY in summer 2020. Royal/celebrity are also do for an upgrade. So Carnival better send something better than another revamp in 2020 if they want to compete.
  4. Thanks Lloyd for the photos! Lots of progress since the last inside photos. Figured there must be real progress for them to invite the press onboard.
  5. Thanks everyone for their info! We just moved from 10144 to 10141 so per VT’s markups we have avoided the balcony pole. I did say to the rep we have no idea if any exist in the cabins which would be more of a problem in my mind if the support was in the cabin rather than the balcony. Only time will tell :D
  6. Thanks for all the info and Vtcruising for the markups! Gave in and made our final payment for our lovely pole balcony room. Nobody so far has given up a pole free sky room on our voyage yet so we will keep looking, but otherwise we are ready for our pole in a few months!
  7. Just an FYI, the Swizzle Inn near the caves is the second/newer location that gets mixed reviews. The original is at the other end of the island near the airport/St. George.
  8. We are also not happy about the poles either. We are in an S1 and I thought we had a bulkhead, but got our reminder for final payment and we have 10144 instead with the wonderful poles. No other cabins in the category are available. I think that I can only remember one other older ship that had poles out on the balcony. These are supposed to be state of the art ships that shouldn’t need supports and may just be there for looks more than function. Will it ruin our trip, no, but I agree that it is ridiculous to have any obstruction at the price point we are paying. Guess maybe they will only get the point if we start canceling and let them know it is due to polegate 😎
  9. Thanks for the article! We have skipped Wonderland on Royal’s ships since the menus are too adventurous for us. The Eden menu seems very similar which is why we haven’t booked along with not wanting to have a Cirque show happening around you. I am sure that many people will be intrigued and book. I do agree that for most people it would be one and done since it is a very specialized product and may not hold up to repeated visits. I think in the end, Eden will be a gimmicky spot like 270 on the Anthem of the Seas that was a beautiful space, but largely wasted during the day. Hopefully as the article indicates they will make Eden more multi purpose.
  10. Thanks Vtcruising! Great to have so much detailed info. We have a suite booked, but still unsure if we will pay the steep price tag Love the specs on the Retreat sundeck. Have been very curious on the # of people it could accommodate with the large number of suites. Your specs seem to indicate at best only half the suite guests could have seats there. Not sure how many spaces will be additional fee cabanas since I expect they will even charge extra in the retreat. We have found that NCL Haven and the MSC Seaside have plenty of seating for the suites. The Seaside had a huge amount of space just no shade. Not sure we can say the same for the Edge space. We would spend quite a bit of time there and don't feel any suite guests should be shortchanged in space at the ultra premium prices. I realize that not everyone will sit out there but these specs do give reason to pause that the space may not be sufficient, but time will tell.
  11. Form over function once again :D Should we start asking for an obstructed view discount?
  12. Thanks for the pictures Lloyd! Very interesting to see the workers underneath the suites (assuming they are them) in the first set of photos you posted. The balconies have a blue portion in the glass up to the rail which might restrict view if not see through. One room even has a support pole in the middle of the balcony. Would expect that you design a clean balcony for the suites at the prices they are charging.
  13. We also just got off and we were in a Havana Cabana. The vibration seemed to be a little better after the technician boarded from Grand Turk. One officer told us that they couldn’t run the engines at normal power/speed for extended periods of time. We still felt that there was still ocassional rumbles from the engines so it was still not completely fixed. It was like an earthquake struck at the Havana pool when we left Grand Turk and the ship really shook/rattle, but as I said the vibrations got better each succeeding day. We did get in extra early this morning so hopefully they can get some extra hands and complete the fixes for your sailings.
  14. I agree with how stale the acrobats are. Very talented, but so over used, I don’t care if we ever see them again. Were recently on the MSC Seaside and there were acrobats every night! We kept saying they can’t possibly have acrobats again the next night and they did! I don’t understand why cruise line executives are still convinced that this is the only sophisticated cutting edge entertainment people want to see. Was hoping Celebrity might finally produce some very novel main shows with Edge. I fear they are going to once again recycle Cirque-type entertainment based upon the reveal, but I guess we can hope it may turn out better.
  15. I did see John post the IMAX movies on the Vista for early August. They were Mission Impossible, Antman and Mama Mia. So it appears 3 rotate along with the standard imax documentaries. You can just check the IMAX website to see what new releases are around your actual sailing date. Not many are released in IMAX. They seem to get releases very quickly on the boat. The MEG, Alpha and the Nun were the only August/early September releases when I checked recently.
  16. Thanks to Lloyd and Vtcruising for the photos! Love the look of the ship until this last shot at sea. The color outline of the MC and the white hull at its bottom just disrupts the whole flow of the ship imo.
  17. We sailed on the Seaside in May and we felt it was the most casual across all the cruise lines we have been on. Very few suits and dresses on elegant nights walking around the ship. Tons of shorts on other nights. Can’t comment on MDR enforcement. We were in the Yacht Club and were shocked at some outfits on some nights including elegant nights. Saw one guy with a cutoff tee on elegant night and gym shorts on other nights. No concern to Maitre’d.
  18. Thanks in advance, have to wait 3 weeks for our Havana cabin so look forward to your review.
  19. Haven’t had time to call Celebrity so sent a quick email with of course no response about the price increase. We just booked recently, so didn’t get around to booking at the old price. Could pay the extra,but choose not to. Already paying a substantial premium for this ship so these little changes will factor into whether that final payment gets paid. I am sure there will be other price hikes, changes before the ship sails since every new ship on other lines has done the same. In the end it won’t matter to Celebrity since they will sell our room in an instant since business is so good
  20. Looks like they raised the prices of the dining packages at least for our voyage. The 3 night still shows from $109 on the first screen, but it ends up being $137 in your cart. Not much of a discount at this price. The 4 night is now $165.
  21. Have sailed in the Haven multiple times, but I agree I wouldn’t want to pay the going rates now for the product. We did just sail the MSC Seaside in May in the Yacht Club. We felt the cabin/yacht club spaces were far superior than ncl havens we have been in. Otherwise we felt the food/entertainment were tailored to the international rather than US tastes and we wouldn’t sail with them again until this changes. They did have a different show each night, but they were basically the same show. A cirque knock off, singers up/down stairs then acrobats, repeat cycle again. Theater about same size as Breakaway class. 3 shows each night so technically a few thousand each night would miss the show if everyone wanted to go since there are over 5000 passengers with a 900 seat theater. They did get rid of the opera show after a few months that anyone in the US market could have told them doesn’t appeal to the masses. They don’t have any secondary venues large enough for a comedy club so they would do them very late in the show lounge.
  22. We were in the Yacht Club in May and they were frequently trying to fix the door at top sail pool from Aurea to YC. Staff said it was constantly breaking and not locking correctly.
  23. Glad you had a great trip. Hope to experience it once it heads to NYC. Just curious with the Haven sundeck. I know you said it was empty, but we they offering cabanas for a fee? Pictures make it look like one side of the sundeck have more elaborate cabanas than seen on the other ships due to the expanded space. Just assume they would charge extra for them. Thanks!
  24. Disappointing, but very much appreciate the information!
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