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  1. @JazzyV Thank you for the ideas about sourdough!! I am trying to be patient and let this starter go for days before I make a couple loaves! I love homemade bread and all the better when it's that good sourdough taste! @rafinmd Prayers for a good outcome today and for your comfort!!! And for the Doctor to find what they need to find to diagnosis and treat what ails you!!! HUGS!! And all the Dailyites... Have a wonderful Friday the 14th!!!
  2. Thank you for the Reports!! I do enjoy coming to read this thread and feeling the caring and sharing y'all have here!!! Happy Flag Day to each of us in the USA!! And Family History and Chop Suey Days, too!!!
  3. Thank you!! I love having the list of needs so much! Prayers for everyone listed, including those who haven't asked, but have a known or unknown need!!!! I can't say much for the days... I wouldn't drink beer and throw an axe -- or probably throw as axe anytime! I'll await learning who/what Doe B is... And prayers for all Kitchen Klutzes... I love cooking and baking and experimenting... In fact, I'm developing a new sourdough starter right now... I can't wait till it's just sour enough to be used!! I don't know if I'm ever satisfied -- except when I buy Sour Dough Bread in San Francisco -- the bread I grew up eating!! Who knew Plato was such a romantic! Roasted Radishes... can't say this is a known commodity in my repertoire! I await the recipes... And the Bamboo sounds interesting! Since my sister lives in Holland, I have visited Zeebrugge and know many first hand stories of there from WWII. I, someday, will cruise around Europe -- but the closest I come is to leave Southampton on the QM2 to NYC. Hugs to each of you!!!
  4. Good Morning!! Prayers for those needing them! Happy Birthday to @marshhawk's Chuck!! @catmando Have a wonderful day!!
  5. @Vict0riann My thoughts and prayers are with you today! And for your doctor, too! Hugs!!! And @StLouisCruisers I just love that last photo!! Relaxing and floating!! I think it must be an otter??? This one looks so comfortable and at peace!!! Also prayers for everyone on the list and even for everyone to enjoy their day!!!
  6. What fun and delightful information and photos!! I'm reading and enjoying!!!
  7. Happy Today to you!!! And, Thank you for the Reports!! I'm not much of a blueberry or tequila person... so, I think I'll pass on the meal and beverage!!! But... I do NEED to less-crowd the nest of STUFF -- not people!!! And I LOVE Alaska!!! Have a brilliant and wonderful day!!!
  8. Hello... Happy Day to You!!! Thank you for the FR&D!!! The days are perfect... I use a Ball Point pen frequently -- I always try to be a miracle in someone's life... and Iced Tea is my beverage right now!!! The Meal and Drink and Wine sound wonderful!! And I was just watching a movie that was in Malta!! And thinking of Technology... Look how far we've come in such a short time... With AI, computers can ship themselves!!! Have a wonderful day!!!
  9. @Quartzsite Cruiser -- Yesterday you said "Lambie, I agree about needing a sweater inside sometimes in Texas during the summer. Our grocery store can be so cold that it feels good to get back to the 90+ temperatures when we leave the store. " You don't know how many times I have said that exact thing!!! We are of one mind!!! And @grapau27 -- It's so strange to see a jacket on in June!! But I know weather around the world can be different!
  10. Bon Voyage to @Suslor and @swin26!!! @smitty34877 I thank you for the cooler wishes for weather, here in Texas!! And to @aliaschief I, too, aways dislike the day of packing and the day of debarkation!!
  11. Happy Saturday!! And thank you for the Report!! I love having Best Friends!! A perfect celebration!!! And when we remember illnesses and diseases, it's hard not to remember those, we know, or have known, whose lives have been affected by the same!!! I met Mickey Mantle in an elevator in a Chicago Hotel. I was a child, but Daddy reminded me about it a few times. He let me hug him and put a kiss on his cheek! Of course, I was a cute little blonde girl about 4 years old, with curls and fancy dresses and a pretty hat and gloves, back then! And Daddy was in advertising, and he knew such people that he would use in his commercials... I hope each of you have a wonderful day filled with great times and adventures -- or with a smile and peace!!
  12. I don't know how to respond to someone, IN JUNE, saying they need a jacket to go outside!!! In Texas, in June, the only reason for a jacket is to go inside where someone has the air-conditioning too low for me!!! HUGS and Bless you!!! I can only dream and wish for those cooler mornings!!!
  13. Thank you for taking the time to post the Daily!! And all the reports and explanations and recipes and photos! What good things to commemorate today!! Yes, I remember VCRs -- and even when we only had three TV channels!! World Caring would be WONDERFUL!!! And food safety is ALWAYS important!! Jackie Kennedy said that before Facebook... or Insta or Tweeter... How fore-seeing!!! As an avid photographer, I love to record my life, to save the great sights and try to capture feelings or expressions... but, YES, I'd give up my camera, and many times I miss "the" shot -- because I want to experience and enjoy the moment!!! I'll try the meal and drink and wine... and I hope, someday, to see Bermuda!! I've been to the other two points on the Bermuda Triangle... God Bless each of the ones in our prayers and thoughts and wishes... God bless those with unspoken prayer needs... And I pray each of us has a wonderful day to experience!!!
  14. Hello and Happy Day to each of the Dailyites!! Thak you for the Reports... I won't wish each of us a Happy D Day, that would be strange... but I will remember today is D Day and think of the sacrifices many gave for our freedom!!! Gardening Exercise... Yes, that's a perfect word for all the work it takes to do it correctly!! I look forward to the frittata recipe -- It sounds delicious!!! And, I've been to Tracy Arm Inlet -- I've seen those magnificent sights!!!
  15. I CONCUR!!! Bravo!!! If you could see my face, you'd see disgust and illness as I read the words 'Miracle Whip'... Oooo... Old Bay and not Paprika, what a great idea!!!
  16. Thank you for the Daily!! Great days to commemorate!! And W. C. got it right -- let's do it all equally -- (or not at all!) I'm not a 'spicy' gal... but i do like a small bit of heat in what i eat! I may try one of the deviled eggs recipes! ANd I agree, I'm right handed... May we drink this drink with the right hand? I'm afraid I'd spill or miss my lips if I didn't... 😉 @swin26 Have a great cruise! I've only been on board once, since Covid... @Quartzsite Cruiser You're right about the temps I posted -- they are the "Feels Like" Heat Index temps of the day! The humidity does make it feel even more sticky and hot!!! It IS early in the season for 'this' hot -- but... It's Texas, we can handle it!! @RedneckBob I feel for y'all in Florida, too! It seems you get the same heat and humidity!! I survived the heat and thank those of you who commented... I pray every night that the air conditioning continues to work and we stay cooler inside!!! It won't get cooler till October... So I'm acclimating for 2024!!!
  17. Thank you @Haljo1935 and @grapau27 ... I always have water with me, and won't do any outside chores this afternoon!! In fact, I'm heading to the movies with a bunch of girlfriends!
  18. Thank you for today's Daily!! OUTSTANDING!!! All the choices seem to be good!! And, W. C. Fields had it correct!!! It's gonna be a hot one in central Texas... Here's the chart they had on the news...
  19. What an interesting article!! THANK YOU!! I didn't remember the bulge on the equator -- so that was new knowledge for today!!! Now, I just have to remember how to pronounce Chimborazo... and I've got it made!!! 🙃
  20. Thank you for the FR&D!!!! I will await the meaning of the Day, for the first two, and appreciate Wonder Woman Day!!! And, I await the recipe for today for the drink and the meal! BOTH sound delicious!!! @Seasick Sailor I had a wonderful time in Georgetown on Friday!!! I learned about Dan Moody taking on the KKK and winning in our very own Williamson County Courthouse!!! And Three-Legged Willie offering his name for our county!!! And other little tidbits!! And, of course, the Monument was DELICIOUS and CROWDED but worth it!!! Here's our group... Dailyites -- Have a wonderful day and share your smile with others!!!
  21. Have a WONDERFUL cruise!! I'll be here waiting for photos and to hear about your fun!!! I don't cruise out of Galveston till November... the last day of November... It's a looooong wait -- but I'm up for it!!! I have to say, my favorite drink is the Kiss on the Lips... I love the mango in it!!! On Carnival, my favorite non-alcoholic beverage is the Banana Split Smoothie!!! These were made as ADULT Banana Split Smoothies... with a bit of rum!!! And he was a "B-artist" and added our names, too!!
  22. Thank you for the report and Daily!!! Happy today!!! I think I'd try the meal today!!! I'm not sure I like that the word "healthy" is in there... but, it also has Chocolate and Raspberries!!!
  23. Thank you for the Reports!!! Today's days are perfect! Children and Parents and a way to learn to help someone breathe again!!! And our saying is fine, from Bob Marley -- although I would rather have heard him sing it!! Our quail should start laying eggs soon. Maybe I'll try Quail Egg Salad... River, my child, raises them along with two chickens, and they'll soon be adults of laying-age!! And a Garter Belt... how fun!!! @Vict0riann My prayers continue for surgery and success! HUGS and more HUGS!!! BON VOYAGE @Mr. Boston!!! Take care Dailyites and keep a smile on your face for you and to share!!!
  24. @seagarsmoker I hope your work schedule slows in the future and you have a bit more time! I know how it is to be busy!! I'm so grateful I am retired now!!! @Vict0riann Ann, I forgot to add my wishes and prayers for favorable biopsy results!!
  25. Thank you for the Reports. Good Day to each of you!! I love the Named Days, today!! All great reasons to honor and commemorate!!! And Tolkien is truly a WISE man!! I love to wander and go "off trail" and enjoy my surroundings and find new or undiscovered things!! I can' PURPOSEFULLY wander!!! Parsnips in my Coffee Cake -- maybe not!!! But... flavors can be hidden and textures can enhance recipes -- so I'll give it a look when we see the recipe!! I woke to bright and flashy thunder boomers!!! Posting from my Laptop and desk top, due to the electricity in the air is cautious! Central Texas is having a WET DAY!! @Seasick Sailor I'm heading to your part of this area, today!! Taking a tour of the Historic Williamson County Courthouse and eating at the Monument Cafe... Great choices -- both of them! Happy Birthday to you DH, Ann @Vict0riann... PAT: Happy Birthday!!!
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