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  1. Hi Minikiss In the UK it depends on what the booking offer coniditions were when you booked your cruise, I booked a cruise last April 18 for July 19. My booking offer included one swap or reprice upto 31 December 2018. I deliberately took screen shots incase I needed to do this, for me my cabin has gone up in price. Ask if you can have a copy of the offer terms and conditions that you booked under. It is one reason why people book through US travel agents and I do too depending on what the difference in price is at the time. For example a cruise I am looking at is £600 cheaper booking in the UK than in US but it can work the other way too.
  2. Hello Can anyone advise which menus are offered on what days? In particular I am interested on the menu offered on on Day 3as it is my partner’s birthday and he is a vegetarian. I would like to know if the veggie option is one of the RCCL dishes is one of his favourites otherwise I will look a Jamie’s. Can anyone advise which nights are formal nights? We are travelling 18 July 19. Thanks
  3. Thanks I will have a look to see if they offer a tour and transfer to Newark It is a shame they don’t offer the Stay Awhile Programme at USA ports.
  4. Thanks Ken, that is a pity, my first thought was to book a room at the Newark Airport Marriott as it had an indoor/outdoor pool and we would thought we could relax there, unfortunately they have removed the pool! :( Any suggestions ideas on what to do there are 4 of us with luggage? Our flight is not until 6pm, no option to get an earlier flight.
  5. Hi Can anyone confirm whether The Stay Awhile program is offered on Anthem in Cape Liberty on the last day? We have a late flight and it would be good to relax onboard and head to the airport mid afternoon, we did this in Venice and It was great. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your live review :) The pictures of menus are great, keep them coming! Can you post some bar menus if you have time? I notice that the cocktail/drink of the day did not have a price on the compass. Do you know if on Navigator whether the pre loaded diamond drinks during cocktail hour can be used in the dining room, it appears to vary from ship to ship. Thanks, enjoy!
  7. Would someone on the current TA be kind enough to post the menus? Does anyone know what different themes the Windjammer offers in the evening?
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