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  1. Thank you for all the info. We are headed there in December and doing 3 nights pre cruise at the Hilton. Did you mostly eat on site? Did you rent a car?
  2. Thank you! We are currently booked with Pure snorkeling.
  3. This is our first time to Tahiti and I decided to fly all the way there in one day. We are limited for time with the kids at home. We leave Minneapolis at 7:15 am and go to SFO and a long layover then off to Tahiti and we get there at 8:40 pm. We are getting a room at Fare Suisse overnight then off to Moorea for 3 days of relaxing before our cruise and getting use to the time difference. Doing it all in one day home also. I picked united since I liked the flight times better. I also wanted all my flights ticketed together with one airline to avoid issues if we have flight delays for weather or any other reason. We upgraded our flights to premium economy on the Tahiti portion only to have more leg room. Our flights with the upgrade were each $300 cheaper than the PG allowance just for the LAX to Tahiti fare.
  4. Excursions through PG are opening up in a few weeks for out cruise. I keep researching and I think I get more confused. If we want to do wave runners, should we do it in Bora Bora or Moorea? Would you recommend pure snorkeling or Raanui in Bora Bora? On our second day we will be doing Patrick's through PG. In Moorea we are thinking of ding Aito Off Road Safari or atv both through PG since we have OBC to use up. Is there much difference between the tours other than the mode of transportation? Thanks for all your insight! I thought I had it all figured out then I saw something online and wondering if I should do something else instead.
  5. Thank you for such a detailed report. It will help me plan our December trip.
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