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  1. We are definitely pool people and I love being outside in the sun, so yes, it does look like a great location!
  2. Thanks, I'll remember that, but I'm not holding my breath for another upsell anytime soon. This was the first one I ever received after 44 cruises! I think we got it because my sister has only sailed once before?
  3. We got a call from our TA. Called her back and she contacted Princess.
  4. Just got word that we got R739! Have no idea if that's a good Stateroom or not, but I am excited to get the balcony. I will have to do some research to see if I can find out any info on it.
  5. Never got an upsell offer before. Sailing 10/28 for 10 days on Crown. Is the $99 a good deal. Seems like it!
  6. Great news everyone! I just got off the phone with my sister and Southwest. My sister was able to get her daughter into the care facility a day earlier and then Southwest changed us to a flight on 10/27 at no extra cost to us. (Sis will have to pay dearly for the extra day at facility, but she is glad for the peace of mind in not a chance we will miss the ship!) So thanks again for all the responses and know that my sister and I are now much more relaxed!!! (Now just have to book a hotel, but that is no biggie!)
  7. Hey thanks everyone for the replies/suggestions! Unfortunately, Southwest does not have any earlier flights out of Milwaukee that day. I have been searching other airlines of course, but none are that much earlier. I would love to go the day before, but my sister that I am traveling with, has a special needs daughter who is staying at a facility for the duration of the cruise and I don't know if she can get her in a day early. She is working on it. I contacted my TA and she says without any delays, I should be fine. I hope it all works out because my sister rally needs this break!
  8. My airline just changed my flight to arrive in Fort Lauderdale an hour later at 1:50pm. We are sailing on the Crown on 10/28, scheduled to depart at 4pm. My understanding is that you have to be onboard 90 minutes before sailing, so this will be tight, if not impossible. Does anyone have any personal experience with this? I am really worried with Baggage claim, cab, etc that we will be late! My airline does not have any other flights that arrive earlier. ( And please no lectures about going a day early!)
  9. I tried to pre-reserve a shore excursion for my October cruise on the Crown, but it won't let me do it unless I pay for it. I thought you could reserve now and pay later. Am I wrong on that? I want to be sure I use my OBC for the excursion and not a credit card.
  10. If I am Elite and my traveling companion is not, can she get preferred boarding along with me and no waiting tender embarkation so we can stay together?
  11. Can you catch the ferry to Klein Bonaire without an advance reservation? Any worries getting back on time for a 1:30pm all aboard? Can you walk to Ferry from Cruise port?
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