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  1. Rock Opera is very good. Excite are a lively & entertaining band
  2. The drive through testing is only for guests using CPS parking. All other guests use the terminal tests
  3. I would chose Hotel Barcelona Catedral, perfect for a 1st time visitor
  4. We tried Hotel REC last year. It is a good choice and we saw parts of the city we had not visited before. The hotel is great, the events in the lounge (beer tasting etc) were fun.
  5. How many nights? When are you visiting? Does it clash with a huge event? UEFA Champions League etc When you say refused is it just the booking form doesn't support it? I would contact the hotels directly for a large group booking or ask a travel agent. That is a group beyond my experience, but others may have advice
  6. Of those Condes do Barcelona, which we have stayed at around 2011. It is good for Casa Batllo and Casa Mila. But it was quite expensive (thru Celebrity), nothing special and not convenient for walking to those locations. I reckon 20 min walk to Pl. Catalunya at the end of Las Ramblas. I would recommend H10 Madison, Barcelona Catedral, Hotel Jazz, Hotel Lleo or Hotel REC as other better choices
  7. The beach in the photos is easy to walk to. The closest point is 10 minutes from the ship, so no shuttles needed. I recall some assistance from the ship to port gate, perhaps beyond, for those with mobility problems. We were on Oceania Riviera. I mentioned the marina around the headland (marked with an X by me here) - don't walk your time I marked where the ship docks (not to scale). You can see the beach and dig around in Google maps. The last of my photos gives a feel for the distance to the centre and start of the beach.
  8. Yes every guest, you just need to be there at the right time.
  9. Not sure which sailing, but no cruises planned. Steves Med cruise ports is good if it covers your ports. Barcelona is worth the time...
  10. I live in the UK, but have visited and stayed maybe 12 times, most recently twice in June. 3 days will be good to see the highlights All of the Gaudi sights particularly Sagrada Familia pre book to go inside. Placa Espanya then walk to Montjuic. Pl. Catalunya the walk Las Ramblas (I like Ramblas less each time I visit). Passieg de Gracia is beyond Pl Catalunya where Casa Mila and Casa Batllo are found. Gothic area, Check the shows at the Palau de la Musica which is a few minutes walk from this hotel, but see it anyway for a visit. We saw a Grand Flamenco there. Placa Real, City Hall (Free on Sun morning). Port Vell and the harbour, Olympic port area. Churches, museums...Tripadvisor will give you tips. You will not be short of things to see. Use the Metro and bus network to make some journeys
  11. Take a look on google maps, all will become clear. Port is called Moll Adossat, hotel is at the far end of the gothic qtr as below Hotel is in the city centre which is 15 mins or so in a taxi. Don't let a few minutes difference in a taxi put you off. A good location to explore the city from is far more important. When I mentioned the cathedral, bear in mind it is impressive, but don't confuse it with Sagrada Familia,, which is a Basilica a few miles away.
  12. Not really, but that would be an advantage. There is nothing to be gained by staying close to the port. It is on the edge of the gothic quarter, 2 mins walk from the cathedral.
  13. Great location. Free wine and snacks at 5pm, very good breakfast. If you are there when they offer their free guided walks they are very good. After many visits, we still learnt some new info. The guide told us about free entry to the city hall on Sunday morning too, which was worth visiting.
  14. Had it on my shortlist. Nice place and looks good when we walked past. Location is good too..
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