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  1. We purchased a JT Smart 2 international cell phone from www.jtglobal.com which is an English company. We took it with us on a Caribbean cruise and only were able to use it on one occasion. The instructions are extremely complicated and we weren't even able to reach the customer service to get help. The phone does not work in the U. S. so we weren't able to try it out before our trip. The return policy is only one week. We ordered it so that we would get it at least a week before our trip. By the time we were able to use the phone the return period had already expired. Upon our return we contacted the company who said since the return period had passed they would not give us a refund. DO NOT buy a phone from this company. It was a waste of money for sure.
  2. momarb

    Punta Cana resort day passes

    Would appreciate the name of the resort and what you spent and any other details you can provide, thanks!
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find Punta Cana resorts that offer "day passes" for cruise ship passengers? We have looked online but can't find any info even though we have heard that these passes are offered for a fee.
  4. I wanted to find out about buying time to use the internet on the Equinox but all I found was an unlimited amount for $299. Are there other less expensive packages that will be available on our May 19 cruise? Also, if we do buy time and want to use 2 different devices is that a problem?
  5. How is the snorkeling in Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Bay near Cabo San Lucas? Which one is the best spot to go snorkeling in May? What is the approximate water temperature? Any advice is welcomed to thanks in advance.
  6. Your help is much appreciated. I just got my support stockings in the mail and will cut down on my salt. Thanks alot for your good advice.
  7. When I fly for more than a few hours to get to a cruise my feet and ankles swell up. On my last cruise I ended up wearing slippers most of the time since I couldn't wear other shoes because of the swelling. I have ordered some compression stockings to wear to see if they will help cut down the swelling. Does anyone know what else would help me if I do swell on the next flight? Is there something available in pill form over the counter that I could take to make this go away? I appreciate any help that you can send my way.
  8. We will be boarding the Coral Princess at Port Everglades. Can anyone tell me about the terminal buildings? If we get to the terminal early will we find someplace in the shade or indoors to sit and wait? Are there any places selling lunch at the terminal?
  9. I need to know about dinner at Sabatini's on Coral Princess. How much does it cost per person? Is it true that is is an 18 course meal? Please tell me if it is worth it and if you recommend it to us or is it just way too much food. Any other helpful hints about Coral Princess would be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.