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  1. gaelsail

    Magellen -- Laundramat

    Columbus has a laundrette
  2. We've done something similar in the past. Thanks, very useful.
  3. Dundee has limited facilities at the cruise terminal so think it unlikely that they could take your luggage before the passengers have disembarked from the previous cruise. There doesn't appear to be luggage storage at the railway station either. The last time we visited the McManus Galleries (museum), they had storage lockers for visitors but I cannot see any on their website since their recent refurbishment. It might be worth asking them? Would it be worth taking a bus into town and return to collect your luggage from your friends before embarkation?
  4. gaelsail

    Is Cruise&Maritime still in business.?

    Astoria spends part of the year with CMV. The 2018 season currently includes autumn sailings in addition to their spring ones. I'm not bothered by some repetitive bad comments or 'going out of business' questions- CMV have many repeat passengers. Their new-to-CMV flagship has also just arrived in Rotterdam prior to joining the fleet next month.
  5. gaelsail

    CMV Marco Polo

    A lot depends on the grade/size of cabin booked. We usually take hard cases that store inside each other- and if they don't fit under the bed, we store it (them) in the wardrobe. Which cruise are you on?
  6. gaelsail

    Sailing Svartisen Glacier questions

    Remember you battery usage will increase with the cold. Keep a spare battery in your pocket, ready to use.
  7. gaelsail

    Sailing Svartisen Glacier questions

    Svartisen is at the end of a fjord near to the Arctic Circle. As you sail in, glimpse the glacier over the top of the mountains. The ship turns slowly at the head of the fjord to give a view of the glacier before starting to sail out. The view differs in different seasons and with weather conditions. I usually spend a long time on deck (maybe 2-3 hours in total) and take warm clothing including mitts & hat, plus sunglasses and a thermal mug for a hot drink.
  8. gaelsail

    Coastal roundtrip Norway cruise

    You'll have noticed there are several different sizes of ships- it might be useful to book one of the modern ships, also choose a cabin in the middle of the ship with less movement that you can retreat to if you're Husband feels the need.
  9. gaelsail

    CMV Marco Polo sun beds

    The pool deck is very popular among passengers. It has tables & chairs, bar & often a lunchtime buffet. With sheltered & open areas, it is good for viewing the scenery & wildlife. Also sometimes has sailaway parties and other entertainment.
  10. gaelsail

    CMV Marco Polo sun beds

    There are sunbeds on Navigator Deck
  11. I can't help you with hotels near Victoria. We usually stay near Tilbury- last time it was Orsett Hall and we've also stayed at a Premier Inn at Thurrock. Both arranged taxis to the port to coincide with check-in time.
  12. We've sailed from Tilbury a few times but have never travelled south on the bus, taking the sleeper train instead. For a lunchtime departure, I'd always want to know we're in Tilbury, or nearby, staying the night before sailing. We've had issues several during our journeys including getting across London and also between London and Tilbury by road. One advantage of the CMV bus is that the ship will wait for the bus to arrive if there are any hold-ups. This is, of course, providing you get to London in time for the bus. I suggest phoning CMV reservations for advice re.the transfer bus times.
  13. gaelsail

    Newhaven Port to Edinburgh

    Newhaven is not next to the Royal Yacht & Ocean Terminal shopping centre, that is Leith, approx. 15 minutes walk away. However, there are buses that leave from Newhaven and go into the city centre. https://lothianbuses.co.uk/getting-around/journey-planner
  14. gaelsail

    Marco Polo cabin query

    Have you spoken to the cruise company to ask if any other cabins of the same grade are available?
  15. gaelsail

    DIY Andalsnes

    It's worth looking at the tourist information website for Åndalsnes. We've visited in all weathers- from a blizzard of snow through to warm sunshine. The town's people are friendly and there are a variety of shops. A nice port to visit and walk in/around.