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  1. Did they re-do the surface of the balconies during the refurb? I was not fan of that old turf.
  2. Quick question... is Qsine now Le Petit Chef, or is the Le Petit Chef "dinner theater" only on certain nights?
  3. Is there an "infusions" bar on the summit? Next to the geletaria?
  4. Really enjoying your review! Thank you for all the time and effort you've put forth to keep us all informed and entertained. Looking forward to sailing the refreshed Summit in October!
  5. We used to be big fans of select dining and have typically had decent service, acceptable table placement and little wait times. However, on our recent New Year cruise on the Infinity select dining was a complete and utter disaster. I kid you not when I say waiting to reach the host stand was like being in a mosh pit. Shoulder to shoulder, dozens upon dozens of people all trying to get into the dining room. It's the only time we have experienced anything like this, but it was a total mess. By night 3, we said no more and switched to fixed seating at 8:30.
  6. I love the images of the new look! Looking forward to sailing Millennium in October!
  7. I don't mind teal as an accent color - I just mean and overall color pallett of pastels.
  8. Curious - what about the current look of the M & S class ship do you find "pizazz-y?" The staterooms are a light "wood" look with white bedding & maroon accents?
  9. I agree, I like the subtle pallet with accent colors here and there. In fact, that is something I have always like about Celebrity - especially when the the S-Class ships debuted - I felt the decor at the time was more sleek & modern, almost like a Westin. I never liked the foam teals, blues & corals which seemed very prevalent in the late 90's & early 2000's. Sometimes, when searching for pics of celebrity staterooms, you will come across images of cabins from that era.
  10. The online check in seems to be all over the place. I just took a pic from my phone in front of our bedroom door and uploaded. Just had to make sure the resolution was 960x960 pixels. *edited to add, this was check on for the Infinity
  11. I really enjoyed following along - thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Safe travels, Happy New Year and Cheers to many, many years of love, laughter, happiness, cocktails, good food and cruise adventures!
  12. We did... and no issues or questions asked. Not sure why they would axe this particular benefit. It costs them nothing and I could be wrong, but probably seldom used. In all our years as elite, we have only gone one other time... and actually, now that I think of it, we were in aqua class!
  13. When the Solstice launched, I remember seeing a post similar to this one with a link to photos of the ship - that photo slideshow in 2008 is what made me a full X convert. I just HAD to check out the S class ships and have since been on all 5, and some more than once. Seeing these pics makes me very eager to sail on the Edge.
  14. We were in FLL just a couple of weeks for a cruise and stayed at the W which is attached to El Vez, they have a great happy M-F from 4-7. The Carnitas Tacos were very, very good and the Nachos were excellent. We will be staying at the Hilton Marina before our cruise on the Infinity in a couple of weeks and stayed a few years ago post cruise. If you have time, you can catch the water taxi from the hotel - it's a great little "hop on/hop off" sort of ride and I believe they do holiday light tours as well. Oh... and there is a bar on board too! 🙂
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