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  1. Thank you...there are some really nice people out there! It is what it is with NCL.....I think I was surprised with the coldness of the way their response was written. Last year a friend of mine cancelled last minute due to a death in the family-it was another cruise line-they did not give a refund but were very accommodating to helping her plan another trip! Also, my formal letter to NCL did not contain !!!!!!!!!!!!! like one poster stated....it was a formal letter not a post on a message board!
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback!! Ironically, I always purchased insurance but didn't do it this time. Believe me, I know where my priorities are and where to direct my energy. I just needed to vent!!! Thanks again!
  3. Yes...NCL has great ships!! But Corporate NCL has NO People skills!!! I had a cruise booked for mid October. Three weeks ago, I found out I have breast cancer and need treatment immediately!!!!!! Immediately, we contacted NCL, explained the situation and asked if we can apply the money paid for this cruise to reschedule one for sometime next year!!! We did not ask for a refund! We also mentioned that we have taken cruises with NCL in the past. We were told to fill out a form (email) and submit it for their review. Their response was basically telling us that since this request is within 30 days of sailing...too bad...they cant help us!!!!! And how ironic it is that we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! NCL may be a business but they are completely and absolutely heartless!! Cruel.
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