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  1. 15 minutes ago, chengkp75 said:

    The US Maritime Administration, the federal agency tasked with supporting US flag shipping, conducted a study years ago, the showed it cost 3 times as much to operate a US flag ship as a comparable foreign flag ship.  In that increased cost, crew cost was nearly 5 times higher..

    Excellent information. thanks you.


    European river cruising is hardly cheap, but I guess we have more choice and competition.  We do have a few "budget" river cruise products.

  2. Thank you! I was not aware of all this.


    However, I was aware of the issues NCL had with "NCL America".  I note that a cruise onboard "Pride of America" can cost twice the normal.


    I cruised on "American Queen" a few years ago. What a wonderful ship! She will be a sad loss, if they scrap her.


    I've always wanted to cruise the Great Lakes, but the fares that I have seen make my eyes water! I also have to add the long haul fare from the UK.

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  3. So why has ACL scrapped American Countess and Duchess, when they paid over $3 million dollars for the pair?  It also sounds like they are going to dispose of the wonderful American Queen too?


    Can anybody tell me why? All three ships must have had some life left in them, especially Countess and Queen.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Victoria2 said:


    I'll stick with the modernity of the C21st.👍



    It's funny, people never used to need TVs, balconies, atrium, hot tubs and water parks, on their cruises.

  5. Titanic II should be relatively easy to build, being a small ship, by modern standards (56,000gt).


    The engines/pods are all of a standard design. There's no LNG capability. I'm guessing that the external apperance and internal decor will be the biggest challenge for Tillberg. Modern fireproof materials will have to be used instead of all that natural wood. There will be some extra fire exits too, in some public rooms.


    Surely, even even 'steerage' cabins will have private bathrooms. 


    There will of course be no atrium, no pools or hot tubs on deck, no balcony cabins. Palmer even said no TVs and no Wi-Fi. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, BlueRiband said:

     If 2024 passes and there is still no contract, I think this latest revival can be written off as something Palmer decided to do because he got bored with politics.


  7. 1 hour ago, BlueRiband said:

    Two years ago the Belfast Telegraph said that Palmer was having second thoughts on the long term viability of the ship once the initial curiosity had worn off.  

    Palmer now says it was Covid that delayed the project, rather than 'second thoughts'.

  8. 10 minutes ago, Host Hattie said:

    They were built on the same Vista design but they are not the same ship.

    OK Hot Hattie, they have strong similarities. As exlondoner said, it was going to be QV then they changed their mind half way-ish.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Victoria2 said:

    Cunard's history is, history and for me, you can keep QM2 and her  TAs. I am/was quite happy sailing the Atlantic on Queen Victoria, a cruise ship, not an ocean liner. 🙂


    Hi Victoria 2, of course Cunard cannot just appeal to "history buffs" and "ship nuts". Anybody is welcome to enjoy their experience, like yourself. However, I would suggest much of what you enjoy about they has been carried over from the past.  If you don't need that, you could choose Celebrity, Princess, NCL or RCI etc. (By the way, P&O's Arcadia is the same ship as Queen Victoria).


    For me TA' are what Cunard do best and the QM2 is easily their best ship. You are welcome to disagree.


    What you have said, in my humble opinion, is a bit like saying "I've just purchased a vintage Rolls Royce, but I have no interest in historic cars". For me they go hand in hand.

  10. 1 hour ago, Victoria2 said:

    Have you ever cruised with Cunard? I ask because a simple definition of fantasy is the imagining of the impossible.







    Yes: QM x 2, Queen Vic X 1 and QE2 x1


    Surely Cunard's unique selling points (brand)  is "history", "tradition", "class" and "formality".  I'm suggesting that they offer an 'ocean liner' (retro) experience rather than a conventional modern cruise ship one.


    That's why there QM2, QV and Lizzy all have rerto 'ocean liner' style décor (Art Deco etc.). That's why their ships are full of painting of other historic ships.  That's why they still offer white-glove afternoon tea. That's why they have hung onto their dress code, more than most cruise lines. That why the QM2 in particular, is a 'real' ocean liner offering regular transatlantic voyages.


    The element of "fantasy" is the fact the the QM2 is a modern ship (although designed as an ocean liner) and her other fleet mates look like ocean liners (dark hulls etc. Ocean) but are really cruise ships in disguise.  


    If you dream of going to New York onboard the Titanic,  the SS France, the original Queen Mary or Normandie, TODAY the QM2 is you best option.

  11. 1 minute ago, Victoria2 said:

    We have various Fantasy Football 'leagues' over here in the UK.


    I guess Fantasy Cruising, if it doesn't already exist,  could be of interest to some. Not me though.

    Don't Cunard offer an ocean liner type 'fantasy'?:-)

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  12. Although I do belive that Palmer will build.Titanic II he does tend to speak without knowing the facts himself. For example, he originally said it would be constructed in China which was a daft idea he also said passengers would be provided with costumes! How would that possibly work?

  13. On 3/20/2024 at 8:43 PM, WantedOnVoyage said:
    On 3/21/2024 at 10:34 PM, NE John said:

    Many of us here know of Hyacinth Bucket and love the QE2 episode. Even Mrs. Bucket seemed to chill out some when dancing with Onslow. 

    So would anybody here be interested in a cruise onboard Titanic II or it it just a ridiculous idea?


  14. 8 hours ago, CGTNORMANDIE said:

    As an ocean liner historian I have yet to figure out what the purpose of this venture is??? 


    I took a wonderful Transatlantic onboard the QE2, because I wanted to experience the traditional 'ocean liner' "thing". I not alone, in this mind-set, that why Cunard ships have retro-décor and are more formal, than most.


    What better way to get the ocean liner/yesterday experience onboard a ship that is a near replica of the most famous ocean liner ever built (for all the wrong reasons, of course).


    Many non-cruisers have probably never heard of the Queen Mary 2, but EVERYBODY in the world has heard of the Titanic. I think the Titanic II will be incredibly successful. There will only be 2,345 cabins to sell, unlike many of todays monsters!


    I recently met a relatively you woman working in a café. I noticed that she had 1912 tattooed on her arm.  I asked her what it meant. She laughed, she said it was the year the Titanic sank. I asked her if she was a ship enthusiast, she said no, she just love that movie.  Strangely, the legend has a life of it's own!

  15. 1 hour ago, ace2542 said:

     If that question/statement holds any water it could be hard to get that target market onto their transatlantics?

    I assume Titanic II will offer cruises in Chinese/Asian waters too, as well as transatlantic crossings.

  16. 2 hours ago, WantedOnVoyage said:


    Thank you.  If nothing else, this entire tedious tiresome nonsense is beyond inappropriate. I am not sure how or why a horrible tragedy... something that killed 1,500 people in horrible circumstances... has been effortlessly rendered into some ghoulish obsession for too many.   

    I take your point WantedOnVoyage, but where do we draw the line between history, education and tastelessness?


    All things Titanic have been incredibly popular with the general public for decades and their thirst does not seem to be waning. 


    Cameron’s movie of 1997, was one of the most successful movies ever made.  There is Titanic music, CDs, books, a stage show, TV Dramas, documentary’s, exhibitions, submarine-expeditions, museums, hotels, pubs, restaurants, ship models and other collectors’ items. All these have generated vast profits. 


    I remember being in the British museum as a child, seeing Mummies and Skeletons, from ancient Egypt. Educational or ghoulish? You could argue that they should be buried or something, rather than being on display daily, in glass boxes. These were once people, after all.


    The Titanic was lost 112 years ago, so I guess descendants would be elderly great-granddaughters and great-grandsons. There are two (relatives of Ismy & Molly Brown) that support the Titanic II project and serve on its advisory board.


    Anybody interested in historic ships, who saw a full-sized replica Titanic sail into Southampton waters, would surely feel their heart miss a few beats!  Who would not want to go on-board and at least have a look around?  I guess that’s why Palmer is building it.


    (Speech over!😉)

  17. 5 minutes ago, NE John said:

    And no WiFi would be a deal killer for many…YouTuber’s would boycott boarding that ship.  

    I guess Titanic II, it's not aimed at YouTubers. (Maybe, Palmer may retract the no wi-fi idea).


    A while back on Facebook, a user was shocked to learn that James Cameron's Titanic movie was based on fact!  😉

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  18. 2 hours ago, chengkp75 said:

    I believe the thread title was "tongue in cheek", as this thing could no more compete with QM2 than a ferry boat.  


    Hi, yes it was tongue in cheek! However, if you were looking for a traditional 'ocean liner' experience and Titanic II was on the Transatlantic run, potential passengers may feel that it was a more authentic experience than the QM2?

  19. 1 hour ago, ace2542 said:

    In fairness to it. We haven't seen it yet so we don't know what it will be like.. I can't find much info but it will be built he has the money and the will to do so lets assume it will be done. And the demand point is valid which brings the question of where it would make it's bones. Not on the transatlantic market nor the long time live on board market like the world ships. So where can it slot in?

    Some info (and speculation) here:Titanic II News – Est. 2018 by Malcolm Oliver (wordpress.com)


    Palmer says that she will offer crossings and cruises. Will she be a 'real' ocean Liner or a cruise ship (like Queen Vic, Lizzy & Queen Anne), that looks like an 1912 ocean liner?


    Apparently the Chinese are Titanic "mad". That could be a big market.


    Remember she will be a small ship and have a quite dense passenger capacity - so NOT really "luxury" by modern standards.


    Hardly family orientated, either! Plus, no balcony cabins, no atrium, no pool or hot tubs on deck, no Spa, no TVs and No Wi-Fi.

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