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  1. I don't usually get insurance until final payment, but that's because deposits have always been refundable (been 4 years since last cruise) so I didn't have to worry. By that time tho, "any reason" is no longer available on the insurance, so will need to think how much of a gamble I want to take. Deposit is transferable to another cruise if we do have to cancel, so that makes non-refundable look even better.
  2. I just booked for April 2021, there was an option to pay $76 for a refundable deposit, which at first, since it's 2 years away, I thought was a good idea, but then I thought I would only lose another $24 if I have to cancel. If all goes as planned tho', I will have an extra $76 in my pocket to spend if I choose non refundable, so now I don't think I'll pay for it.
  3. It's been awhile since I've been on here and searching seems to be a little different, I used to be able to find info on cabins much easier. If someone could tell me the best way to find it then I won't start new topics. Thx! What I am looking at, both cabins are "spacious" but on the deck plan 7400 is the same length as the other balconies and 7402 is shorter, just wonder what the difference is, if there is one?
  4. OK, let's try this again. I won't address each of you individually like I did before, but want to thank all of you for the great help. As long as we know what to expect it won't be so frustrating, traffic delays, lengthy disembark.... We will be flying In the night before (we land ~5:30) so will stay near the airport and take the shuttle in the morning. We will use Cruise Connection as they are $25 each way per person, and will pick us up at the hotel as long as it is near the airport. Plan to go around 9 a.m. so we have plenty of time and can be at the port early. Will probably do walk off when we return so we don't have to wait so long. We plan on the Jamaica itinerary, but haven't decided for sure, (April/May 2018 so we have some time). We'd love to stay in Galveston, but would want to have a few extra days and with owning our business we just can't take any more time right now. It seems most people have either had awful delays or it was a breeze, will hope for the breeze :D Hope you all have a cruise planned and it is your best ever!
  5. well I just spent 15 minutes responding to all of you and when I tried to preview it disappeared, so I will have to come back later and try again, but thanks for now !:mad:
  6. Oh, no - you must have missed where I said I just got off the phone with Cruise Connection and had found who we would be using. We will be using them, I just wanted to be sure they won't be making a bunch of stops on our way to the port, I'd rather pay more and have a shorter drive. And we are flying in to Hobby, will take a look at Drury, we've stayed at one before. Was hoping for a Hyatt, we have family discount there, but the only one I see is a Regency, and even with the discount it may be more than I want to pay for just a place to sleep. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Oh, so they do go to some airport hotels, well that could work out for us, we wouldn't have to shuttle back to the airport maybe. Their private car is $275 one way on cruise days, that's more than we've paid RT with tip in Florida, so that's out, but as long as we don't' drive all over picking people up it shouldn't be too bad. Now to find a decent hotel near the airport :)
  8. Oh, well that's good to know! We will be cruising in May so will plan on no fog! :D so the shuttles, do you stop at many places on your way? We used super shuttle years ago from Los Angeles, straight there and back, but have since heard some horror stories about it taking hours with all the stops, and one couple missed their flight due to the shuttle going to people's houses in the LA area. I just assumed there would be enough people from the cruise going to/from the airport the whole shuttle would be cruise passengers. We've used a private car the last 3 cruises, the 2 in Orlando were great, the one from LA, horrible! Driver didn't know the area, drove like a maniac, and then was an hour late picking us up at the ship, won't use that company again! thank you 39 august! Just talked to cruise connection, private car more than we want to spend for just 2 people, but the fact that they only go from the airport to ship and back relieves my worries that we'd drive all over, I think I have found our transportation!
  9. bert425 - thx! glad to hear it kept moving, that just seems to make it less strressful. mellowjourney - thanks, I will read your review. I had looked at Galveston Limo before, will definitely take a look again. clarea - thx! we like to get to the port early, not sure if that will mean even more traffic with everyone else doing the same, or it won't start til later. cstimmons -we considered staying in Galveston but won't arrive til after 5:30 so thought we'd better stay in Houston. Your wait, not too bad, longer than others, but there's always something. Fog, another reason to consider a different port.....how long to the international waters? thank you!
  10. oh sorry, I had more details then I shortened the post, we will stay near Hobby. I will try that board again, maybe I used the wrong words in my search request Thx!
  11. I have done several searches and haven't found any recent posts, most from 2007 - 2015, so was hoping those of you who have sailed since the new terminal opened can help me. I have avoided sailing out of Galveston due to reading that it is a nightmare, but maybe the new terminal would make it better. Just wondering what we can expect now. We plan to take a private car service (any recommendations?) from Houston to Galveston and back - how long should we expect the trip to be? Has the new terminal made getting on and off the ship any better? From what I've read, those are the 2 main issues that have made people say never again to Galveston - anything else we should be aware of? any thoughts are greatly appreciated, I try to make it as stress free as possible, and know that things happen, but if it is normally a frustrating situation we may need to re-think it. thank you!
  12. thanks! Yeah, I've looked at some of those and the cruise review websites, but that is where I am getting conflicting information, are they E1's or E2, we can't book an E-1......and I was hoping someone who had actually been in these cabins could tell me about the balcony size, it's hard to tell from pics and the angles. I will keep researching, DH can tell you I drive myself (& him) crazy looking for info, people here have been so helpful in the past, and since I'm not getting clear answers from these other sites I hoped I could get help again. If 8410 and 8710 are E1's we may have to look at 8412/8712 just to have a chance at getting a rear facing aft, but I keep reading that we should avoid the connecting cabins. Thank you for responding, I know we'll have a great time, how could we not?! ;)
  13. Well maybe my question should be which rear facing cabins can I book with only 2 people in the cabin - I had looked at one review site and it said 8410/8710 were an E-2, now another says E-1.....we want a balcony but not a suite, any help with what cabins that would be? I didn't really want to consider 8412 or 8712 due to the connecting door, but does that mean 9404 and 9704 are the only 2 cabins a couple can book otherwise? Thanks so much for your help!
  14. Please give me your opinion on the above cabins. Looking at pics, deck 8 looks like the balcony might be bigger (?) Soot, noise, any pros/cons for either of them would be appreciated. Thanks! We have stayed in 7408 but know we can no longer do that with only 2 of us.
  15. Yes, that is convenient, but once we leave the cabin we are really gone all day, so I think we won't take the humps so those who like it for the convenience can have them. Our friends are depending on me to take care of all the details, but the one detail they have mentioned is to have our balconies open together. Knowing that the balconies won't open on the aft cabins (and we can get our aft next time, we go every other year, they can only go about every 7), I have decided to take our chance on them opening the balconies for us, and have booked connecting aft superior cabins (still quiet with less traffic), more space inside, and hopefully a nice big shared balcony :) thanks for your help!
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