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  1. Will Diamond Plus be able to visit the Concierge Lounge on the Odyssey? I have previously on the Anthem but I know the rules seem to change all the time. I thought that if there was a Concierge Lounge versus a Suite Lounge, Diamond Plus’s were permitted???
  2. We are cruising in April - gosh sure hope they fix the problem too.
  3. Thank you so much! All the info I needed was on that post. Guess I'll be purchasing a big mirror to take with me:(
  4. I saw a video of the family ocean view staterooms and it appears that there is not a mirror above the desk to get ready. We happen to be booked in that exact stateroom (7199) and that would definitely be a problem for me as I do my hair and makeup while everyone else is showering. Do you have any first hand knowledge?
  5. Hello experienced River Cruisers, I am taking 12 people via mini bus from Munich to the port in Vilshofen to board the AmaMagna. It is noted that Embarkation is at 3pm - is that the real time they start? It will take approximately 2 hours to get from Munich to the port so I am trying to figure the best time to schedule our pick up. Is Vilshofen a nice town to walk around for lunch and such. I just would rather let folks relax longer or sleep in while in Munich than to just hang around waiting for embarkation in Vilshofen. Can anyone share their experience?
  6. So glad to hear about the coffee - we unfortunately are coffee snobs. I read it on an Instagram post.
  7. For all you AMA Riverboat experts could I ask a few questions: For our electrical charging and other items such as a flat iron and a sleeping sound machine, do I just buy European converters? Anything else I would need. I see no dry cleaning on board, do they press clothes for a fee? I read AMA only has instant coffee which totally boggled my mind. Any input? Espresso and Cap's onboard? We have a private service taking us from our Munich Hotel. What time would suggest we arrive? Do most arrive and check luggage and enjoy lunch near the port? Phone service - upgrade to a European Plan?
  8. Thanks for all the information. Glad to hear if our little group gathers in the bar there is at least a keyboard player. We are so used to ocean cruising so this is very different for us. My husband unfortunately is not too excited as he would have preferred another ocean cruise in Europe but since so many friends coming with us, I'm hoping he'll be fine since he is not a big sightseer.
  9. Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time - I really do appreciate it. My email is renee244@comcast.net
  10. Wow - thank you! We are on Ama - Vilshofen to Bedapest 9/8/2019. Specifically asking about our Sept 10 day in Linz as some of us would like a 6 hour tour - not getting back so late. There are two morning tours offered by AMA which leads me to believe we will be there early enough to do something on our own with a private company. Does anyone know what time the full day Salzburg tour gets back on this itinerary? It seems that the 1/2 day Salzburg tour gets back at 7pm which is the issue with some of the folks we are going with. Thank you for all your imput as ALL OF US have never been on a River Cruise before and since I am the one who coordinated this with our friends, I'm trying to gather as much info I can.
  11. We are a group of 12 traveling on the new AMAMagna - we are all newbies. Can you still do your own privately booked excursions instead of the river boat excursions. While we know they are included we are thinking of doing a two for our group alone and paying for them. I also understand that there are specialty excursions with a surcharge that AMA does too - do you have to wait until you are onboard to book those. There is no actual time schedule so we really don't know when we arrive and depart and if we are overnight in any locations.Thanks for any assistance.
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting. We are taking our first River Cruise on Magna with a dozen people in September. If I could ask a few questions: Are there any other alternative surcharged excursions that are available? How hard is it to get a bike excursion since they have to be done once onboard? - So basically after dinner, if there is no piano music and local entertainment, there is nothing to do at all? For the Captain's Gala-what would be the dress code? Did you have the Chane Des Rotisseur dinner? Do you have any daily AMA schedules you could share? Any pictures?
  13. We were so hoping for the Pool. We were on the Edge this past December and they said that they were really trying to copy what they did on the Edge. I know that because the Summit and Milli were different class ships that probably wasn't going to happen but was sure hoping for the pool to be on the Equinox. It made such a big difference in our experience. We have cruised in suites on Royal and the sundeck is very disappointing which is why we haven't cruised with them in awhile. Have to rethink our Equinox Fall cruise now. Thanks for update.
  14. We have an 8-6 am stop in Tortola on Dec. 19th. We are traveling on the Edge. From reading everything, I am wondering if the Bath's is something that must be done. My husband and I are not too athletic and normally love just going to a nice beach. I did get in touch with Patouche/Tortola Tours and they do a tour to the Baths, Snokeling at Cooper Island and lunch at the Cooper Island Beach Club - while this sounds super nice, and something my grown Son who is with us will love, I'm a bit unsure for Myself and my Husband. Would a day at Cane Garden Bay be better? Seriously, any help would be great. And by the way, any imput on Patouche tours ??
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