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  1. If you pay for your cruise using your Royal Visa do you get OBC?
  2. Is Luggage Valet service now available from POM?
  3. On a 7 day plus cruise you are allowed 2 bottles of wine. How many allowed for 4 days?
  4. On a 4 day cruise do Diamond Plus Members still have 3 coupons loaded onto their sea pass card to use in different bars after 4:30 p.m. Where is lounge located and is there another room for overflow?
  5. I agree. I love Jamies especially their sliders off the kids menu. I want to know if another restaurant replaced Sabors which is part of the CP package on other Oasis class ships.
  6. Does the Symphony have a Library? Does the Coastal Kitchen bar face the water?
  7. With CP eat drink play perk for booking a Central Park cabin you receive a bottle of wine, lunch at Jamies, Jonny Rockets or Sabors. Since Symphony does not have Sabors I wanted to know if there was another substitution.
  8. Regarding eat drink play pkg since Symphony does not have Sabor what are the eating options offered with the eat drink perk?
  9. Since the ship had to reposition from Ft Lauderdale what time did boarding begin in Miami? For B-2-B cruisers who had to get off ship in Ft Lauderdale did they have to pay their own transportation to Miami?
  10. Can you please let me know who your Hotel Director is. I need to contact him.. Thanks
  11. Can you please tell me who your Hotel Director is and your Loyalty Ambassador. Thanks
  12. Since I was one of the "snobs" you maligned on day one and you continue to reference that occasion, I feel I must respond. You claimed that you overheard us saying that Pinnacles should have their own bar. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you had heard the entire conversation you would have realized that we are staying on for the September 29 President's cruise and we were speculating what arrangements would be made for Pinnacle and Suites guests since the current estimate is that there will be 235 Pinnacles on board. Clearly, the bar on deck 17 won't be able to handle that crowd. So we were speculating that maybe a separate bar area would be set aside to accommodate the Pinnacles, A far cry from what you thought you heard and erroniously posted. Your eavesdropping skills need some work. You accused my wife of rudely demanding a drink while the bar was still being set up. Again you are wrong. She merely asked what brands of Pinot Grigio were being stocked at the bar on this cruise. If this represnts rude behavior then I will stand corrected. Then you carried on about the "silly pins" that the Pinnacles wear. In fact, the senior Officers and Management of Royal Caribbean ask that we wear our pins as often as we can. They are rightfully proud of the Crown and Anchor Loyalty Program. Many young cruisers upon being introduced to the program think that getting to the 700 cruise points required for Pinnacle status is an impossible dream. We current Pinnacles show that it's quite possible and hopefully encourage young cruisers to be loyal to Royal. In most of your posts you go out of your way to deride the Pinnacles. Is it possible that you are envious because we get far more recognition from the Officers and Crew? In any event your posts have been a great source of entertainment and look forward to who or what you're going to complain about tomorrow.
  13. When the Symphony comes to Miami the media TA's and higher Pinnacles receive invites for 2 two day inaugural cruises before she stars regular 7 day cruises Nov 17. I myself am also hoping to receive an invite as i have been invited to last three inaugural cruises and have booked Nov 17 cruise and keeping my fingres crossed. If anyone has received an invite (TA's) please post.
  14. I am cruising from Miami but flying home from Ft Lauderdale. Will I be able to make a 1:50 p.m. flight?
  15. Can you book a non refundable cruise and before final payment change it to refundable?
  16. Does Royal charge TA's a discount on wine the TA purchase for their clients as onboard gifts? For example a bottle of wine purchased onboard would cost $30 plus 18% would the TA pay the same price?
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