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  1. The lot was called Impark Waterfront Plaza. The address is 80 Francisco Street. This is the link to make reservations . https://www.impark.com/san-francisco-bay-area/cruise-parking/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_content=0270055&utm_campaign=local_us The daily rate is currently $18. It was a very short and easy walk to the Cruise Terminal.
  2. You can reserve a spot weeks in advance. That's what we did when sailing Princess out of the SF. Made the whole experience painless.
  3. Does Carnival ever run sales on their drink package? I am sailing Carnival for the first time in March after mostly sailing on Royal Caribbean. On my last Royal cruise, I was able to get a great price on the drink package during Black Friday. The Cheers package already seems like a great price, but I am wondering if Carnival does any sales during the year. Can't hurt to save a few bucks! TIA
  4. Totally off topic, but who makes these sandals? They are so cute! Where can I find them? I know, I have a shoe problem. 😊
  5. Just got off Freedom on Sunday and Fabio was wonderful! He also shared with us that he is confirmed to be on Freedom for two years. They are lucky to have him!
  6. No, we are in an OS, but I did not hear from her. Did you? I thought she was supposed to contact us a week out. We also sail next week (6/23). Looks like we are on the same sailing! See you on board! Six more days...!
  7. Hi Sherri, Thanks for this spreadsheet! I just wanted to let you know that the link for the Freedom concierge is incorrect. I tried to use it and it bounced. Clarea suggested I try FR_Concierge@rccl.com and it worked. I heard back from the concierge, Gisleni, and she was very helpful. Thanks again for compiling all of this information! Lorie
  8. I heard back from the concierge! So it seems the email you gave me worked and got to the right person. Do you know who is the owner of the spreadsheet? It would be great if we could let them know that the email in the link for Freedom is incorrect. Thanks again for your help!
  9. Thanks! That one went through. Let's see if I get a response... my cruise is 11 days out. I really appreciate your help!
  10. I used the link in the spread sheet for Freedom. It came up as FR_SuitesConcierge@rccl.com
  11. Hi, Thanks for this. I just tried to use the link in the spreadsheet to contact the concierge on Freedom and it bounced. Does anyone know if there is a new email address? TIA
  12. Wow! That sound terrific! I am so glad you had a great experience. I can not wait until we get to go! That beach looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!
  13. Hey MermaidSRQ, How was your trip? I hope you had a great time! I was wondering how things went with your Island Buddy tour? If you have time, I would love to hear about your impressions. Thanks in advance! Lorie
  14. That was super helpful. DD has a good idea of what to expect. THANKS!
  15. Following this! I'll be on Freedom in June with a 16 year old who is curious about the kind of activities RCCL offers for teens. Hope you had a great cruise, Momto5! Thanks!
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