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  1. is there any self-serve washer-dryers...pay to wash type of place on board ship?
  2. looking for a reliable car service from Times Square hotel to Bayonne cruise port on Oct. 10...Thursday morning. Recommendations please. What can I expect to pay for one couple? How long should I expect the ride to take?
  3. We are boarding the Anthem in Bayonne next month. And have purchased the Deluxe drink pkg. Do we need to wait until we are at sea to take advantage of this or can we get our Welcome Aboard drinks right away??
  4. Can you make reservations prior to boarding? Or do you wait and make them on the ship? I haven't seen anything about it on the Cruise Planner.
  5. Is there a Silent Party on the Anthem of the Seas? Do you need reservations??
  6. Is there an activity called Escape Room on Anthem of the Seas? Has anyone ever done it? Do you need reservations?
  7. I have never cruised in October in the Northeast...unsure of how to pack! Obviously watch the weather as we get closer in date, but I have a feeling I am going to need 2 suitcases for myself on this one! Any advice?? Hopefully we will be able to swim...going on the Anthem...I believe they have a solarium pool...will the water be warm enough?
  8. We are staying in ROW NYC Times Square
  9. Oh I had no trouble skipping the photo part...i just gout hung up on the credit card for expenditures part...it wouldn’t take my CC#..?? So i am told to just say ‘cash’...and then change this option day of cruise.
  10. We are staying in NYC a couple nights before the cruise...our ship leaves on a Thursday....how long should I allow to get to the ship? I’m presuming taking a taxi is my best bet for ease...??
  11. Do you need to put a photo in the spot for the on-line checkin to be complete? I don’t have any that fit The requirements needed in this photo spot.
  12. Attempting to do my online check-in...and when I get to the section to enter my Credit Card for expenses, it keeps telling me to use a Valid Credit Card number...which I am! Called RCCL Customer service and they said to just say "cash" instead of Credit card. and then change it on the ship...seems like that will be a Royal Pain. anyone else have this issue?
  13. They seem like they would be pretty cool...anyone have one that can comment?
  14. should I wait to book the specialty restaurant while on board...I heard that they offer discounts later in the week.?? I will be on the Anthem for 9 nights this fall. Do they fill up quickly?
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