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  1. We took this cruise last year and be prepared for weather ranging from summer to winter. It was 90+F in Buenos Aires and Santiago, and freezing around cape horn, and southern Chile, with every type of weather in between. We could not get into Falklands because of high winds and seas, but the Cape Horn transit, while cold and rainy was not that rough. The cruise before us and after us had more tranquil weather, so you never no what you will get. Just be prepared for anything and you will have the trip of a lifetime, as we did. Joe
  2. Hi : we did go to the estancia along with a half day tour of Montevideo with ecouruguay. We picked that company as it was the only one like it that I could find with google that was less expensive then the similar princess tour. We had a group of 14 and our tour guide was flexible and informative. The lunch at the estancia was good. However the estancia princess uses offers the opportunity for horseback riding and sheep shearing. The estancia that Eco Uruguay used did not have these features so you have to consider whether this is important to you. If cost and quality of food is important then choose Eco Uruguay. Also, Diego , the owner of Eco Uruguay met us at estancia and he brought his mother and family to celebrate her 70th birthday there. As Diego told us, this is the estancia where locals go to celebrate. Joe
  3. We recently went on the Star Princess cruise from Buenos Aires to Valpariso. All of our tour companies did a good job. We used EcoUraguay for Montevideo, Punto tombo (don't remember who we used),Edward Calaio for Ushuaia (Marcelo was our tour guide, GV tours for Puerto Montt, and South Excursions for Valpariso, winery, and Santiago transfer. We had booked Patrick Watts for Falklands but didn't get into port due to bad weather. We didn't book a tour in Puerto Arenas ( we just walked into town and went to the market in the town square. We received what we expected and had no surprises. All of the tour guides were fine. Joe
  4. Received the same email from edgardo yesterday assigning us to Marcelo. I have found this to be business as usual for most excursions. Everyone wants the company owner but it almost never happens. It would be better if they were upfront about this, but this is the way it is. I am sure our excursions will all be great.
  5. Hi: Who was your guide. We were assigned Marcelo. Thanks Joe
  6. I have received price reductions on every princess cruise I have booked. We book directly with Princess, always using future cruise credits for our deposit. I am fanatical about checking the princess website every few days for price reductions. All I do is call up Princess and ask. On several cruises, I actually received three separate reductions. If you booked through a TA they have to contact Princess for the reduction. Princess will not speak to you. I have read that with certain fares, that you cannot change without forfeiting your deposit, but I have never experienced that. You generally cannot get a reduction after the final payment date at 75 days in advance of cruise. The largest reduction was when Princess offered a two for one sale on the Grand Med cruise several years ago, and we saved $1750 per person and even upgraded our balcony cabin classification. Our final price was lower than any I saw with any online TA's
  7. While we are all interested in the outcome of the stops at Falklands/Argentina ports, I would also be interested to know what production shows you see on the Star. We are on the January 30th BA to Val. Thanks
  8. thank you both for your reply. Your feedback is appreciated. Joe
  9. Hi All: Can any of you cruisers who have previously been to Buenos Aires recommend a restaurant for our roll call to meet for dinner the night prior to our cruise. We are looking for something that has local flavor, fairly reasonable prices, and can accomodate a group of approximately 20. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joe PS. I also posted this inquiry in the South American thread
  10. Hi All: Can any of you cruisers who have previously been to Buenos Aires recommend a restaurant for our roll call to meet for dinner the night prior to our cruise. We are looking for something that has local flavor, fairly reasonable prices, and can accomodate a group of approximately 20. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  11. Hi Johnami: As suggested, come over and post your interest in our Star Princess roll call, January 30, 2013 roll call. Here is the link. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1501275 People have arranged small group private tours for each port of call, and while many have been filled, I am sure that some are still available. As to the Falklands, use the link previously provided for the Patrick Watts tour. You book individually, and are put into groups. It is what most of us are doing there. Regards, Silverjoe
  12. I agree with the above poster about the value added things you get on the Costco Kirkland Cruise to Alaska. That being said, it was our first cruise, and I didn't realize that cruise prices change, and you can get reductions prior to your final payment date if you are vigilant. I don't think you can do that if you lock in a costco cruise. I think your price is set. On the four post costco cruise that we took with Princess, we have gotten reductions on every one, and a few times we were able to get 3 price reductions between booking and final payment date. One time we saved 50 percent of our initial cruise cost.
  13. We were on the Emerald last winter, and found that some of the shows that were cut down, also offered a longer version in one of the other venues on a different night. They did that for BeatleManiacs, as well as the comedian who had performed with the Beach Boys (can't remember his name, but he was great). We enjoyed the initial show and really enjoyed the opportunity to see an elongated version in a more intimate venue. Our bigger complaint is that having been on 5 Princess cruses in the last 5 years, we have seen most shows at least 2 times ( and enjoyed them both times) but would like to see more variety, since I think 3 times might be too many, and entertainment is a big reason we cruise.
  14. Here are the rates from the Verizon website for Princess ships. If you are interested in using your smartphone for email and internet access, you have to call in advance of your cruise and order the Global data access for Princess ships. It is $25 a month and includes 100 meg of data. That doesn't sound like a lot, but it should cover email and checking your facebook account daily. It will not cover streaming music or watching videos. Here are three pieces of advice. 1. Turn off background data, otherwise you phone is consuming data when you don't realize. 2. Disable all apps from automatic updating. 3. Keep the service for the full month, even if you are on the ship for a shorter time. Otherwise you will only receive the prorata data for the time you had the service, and you might receive whopping overcharges. This happened to me, and received a $300 charge. Only after fighting with Verizon did I get this removed, since if I had kept the service for the month, I would not have received the charges. Voice Roaming Rate: $2.49 per minute Text Messaging Rates: $0.50/address sent $0.05/message received Global Data Monthly Access $25 Rate after allowance $25/100MB Pay As You Go: $0.02/KB ($20.48/MB)
  15. If you book directly with Princess, just call them up and they will easily honor any price reduction and or switch cabin levels provided you are outside of the final payment date, which is usually 75 days before the cruise. If you book through a travel agent, then they have to be the one to call in. Princess won't talk to you. We have yet to have a cruise where we haven't gotten at least 2 reductions in price. I do check the Princess website just about every day for pricing. Good Luck Joe
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