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  1. n2smilin

    J&J tours

    Thanks so much -- contacted him on his website. Hopefully, I will hear back.
  2. n2smilin

    J&J tours

    I sent Stan an e-mail and have not heard back. Could you provide me with his website? We are cruising to Grenada in March. Thanks!!
  3. We are ready to dive overboard -- let alone jump ship. Room for two more??? Cheers, :D Nancy
  4. Our cruise leaves out of Charleston on Saturday, August 13, day at sea and we visit Nassau on Monday, August, 14, Half Moon Kay on Tuesday, August 15 and Grand Turks on Wednesday, August 16, two days at sea and then back to Charleston. Thanks for your input. Nancy
  5. Leaving for a cruise out of Charleston this Saturday, August 13. Should things be somewhat calm until we get back on Saturday, August 20? Always appreciate your expert opinion. Thanks, Nancy
  6. Thanks, that is sort of what I was thinking...
  7. Any good suggestions for a reasonable and reliable shuttle service from North Charleston to Port and return? Thanks!!
  8. I also just booked this hotel for a pre-cruise stay in August. I will be anxious to hear comments. The only negative thing I have read is that the food is not so wonderful. Did you book the snooze, cruise, and ride package?
  9. n2smilin

    Rome Tours

    I will be spending two days in Rome and would like suggestions on the best city tour to hire for just one person. Romeinalimo came highly recommended. Thanks for any input.
  10. Been there, done that!! I was in the naughty room on my last Norwegian Cruise because I put a bottle of wine in my checked luggage that was delivered to our hotel pre-cruise. I was not sure I would even like the wine so I choose not to pay the $15 corking fee. I have to say my experience in the naughty room was hilarious. Most people were laughing about how silly it was and made light of the whole situation. This was my first cruise on Norwegian and they seem to be far more strict then most of the other cruise lines about bringing alcohol on board. Carnival still continues to allow you to bring one bottle of wine per passenger on board.
  11. Thanks for the contact information. I have printed a copy of your suggestions and will certainly check them out. Thanks again for getting back so quickly.
  12. Hey Turtles06, Thanks for the great suggestions about layering clothes for the trip, they were very helpful. Did you book excursions through the ship or did you go out on your own? Our roll call for this cruise is setting up several different groups for various excursions and most are full. We just booked the cruise so we are waiting for others to join to get another group going. This is our first cruise longer than seven days and we are very excited. Thanks again for your input.
  13. I was hoping to hear better news. I guess I will pack winter coat just in case. I do not do extreme cold weather very well. Thanks for your feedback.... Cheers,
  14. Will be cruising on the Jade February 13, 2011 for a 12 day cruise to Rome, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Will I need to take a heavy winter coat or will just a jacket probably be enough? Thanks for any input.
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