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  1. Yikes Im sorry :eek: Ive had a lot of skin yanked off once but never blistered. From personal experience....keep icing and neo often. Mine was the day before pictures and keeping it moist made it a lot easier to hide with makeup because there were no scabs. But in 6 days you may scab and be healed. PS..I hope you gave him an ear full.
  2. We were pretty shocked at all of the hidden fees too. We ended up paying more than $300 more than what the package was listed for. $100 for a seasonal fee, $100 for the ship we're on, etc. Sounds like we're bound to break our budget at the rate they throw around extra fees. Its frustrating and makes me feel deceived that they list things at 1 price when they have every intention of charging us a ton more.We haven't added on any extras yet but hopefully we don't have to go through what you went through. We're kind of hoping that our guest list will stay fairly small to eliminate some of the extra fees. Keep us posted and good luck!
  3. If the price for the room I've booked goes down before I make my final payment can I get my price adjusted? There website says they have the right to increase or decrease prices....but do they usually do this?? Thanks in advance.
  4. I've never tried Sheer Cover but used Bare Minerals in the past. It's OK and certainly better than the makeup walmart carries. It does have fillers and can cause blackheads (that was my problem with it). I now use GloMinerals which has no fillers and more pigment. It also comes in liquid form as well as pressed and loose powder. I swear by it but its all a matter of personal opinion. Also, I wouldn't recommend apricot scrub. It's a very harsh exfoliant with nut shell shards in it and can cause tiny scratches on your face. If you're looking for real results find an esthetician that you can trust and yes it will cost you more but they can do more for you than you can do at home. It's worth it IMO because its for your big day.
  5. We've decided to do brochures with travel information, cruise itinerary, etc. We want to give everyone as much information as we can and I'm not sure if pricing is something we should include. And if you do add pricing what do you do about group rates? What if we don't end up with enough sailing guests to get the group rates? What about hotel information-did you include this as well? Also, what did you do about TA's? Should we include our TA's contact information and say something to the effect of so and so is available to help you with your reservations. I know quite a few of our friends and family dont have their own travel agents. At this point we aren't planning on doing any additional mailings other than the actual invitations so we don't want to miss anything. :confused:
  6. This thread is so helpful. We're trying to plan our wedding and we're down to either freedom or liberty. Whats the difference and any advice on rooms with the most bang for the buck? And anything else you think might be helpful? ;)
  7. Thanks for the info Bill. Thats quite disappointing :(
  8. I'm new to cruising so please excuse my ignorance and I'm sorry if the info is here somewhere and I'm missing it.....but what about summer of 09 Caribbean cruises? All they have listed on their site are a few 9-15 day sailings and the rest that you all have listed are in the fall. Any 7 day end of June or July western Caribbean sailings out of FL? :confused:
  9. Just wondering what they are. I'm assuming I'll need the FL license for a wedding thats in port in FL. Does anyone know what kind of documentation is needed? I can't seem to find my SS card and I don't want to get a replacement now and another after the wedding unless I need to. I've searched online but found conflicting info on different sites. Also, the princess wedding info says TWE will assist in getting the license...what exactly do they do? Thanks in advance :D
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