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  1. We chose Option 2. Received cheque for full refund of money paid for our March 23 Northern Qld cruise on Monday. Future cruise credit in our Cruise Personalizer. Booked the same cruise on November 29.
  2. Hi from rural Australia. We have been in self imposed lockdown for three weeks. Our Golden Princess cruise was cancelled ten days before it was scheduled to sail and already another reservation has been made for the same cruise embarking on November 29. While many restrictions have been put on our lives we are managing to live quite comfortably with minimal contact with the world outside our home. Groceries and prescriptions can be home delivered, exercise can be done by walking laps of the driveway of our property and social media has allowed us to keep in contact with family and friends. Self distancing is not a problem for us. I think over Easter we will miss the close social contact but that is an easy price to pay to protect ourselves against this nasty virus. Projects that have been completed are: a 1500 piece jigsaw of the cross section of a cruise ship, back garden renovation and as I write my significant other has just appeared with another large jigsaw depicting the History of the Holden. Board games, books, online solitaire, old movies and listening to music cd's complete our entertainment. We are extremely grateful for the essential services personnel, shop assistants and truck drivers who keep the community functioning. To Princess Cruises we say thank you for the way you are handling cancellations and dealing with the Ruby Princess situation. Our thoughts are with the crew and past passengers. Go safely and keep well.
  3. Took Wmf Coyote's advice and resubmitted. This time I received a reply. Thank you
  4. Submitted the online form last week but didn't receive a reply. Nothing in my spam or trash folders . I did speak to the Princess Consultant and said that I was booking on the understanding that I would receive Option 2. He suggested we would get our refund in 30 days or so. He has us booked but I still would like a formal reply.
  5. Smithmlmx. I had checked Spam and Trash files. Thank you for highlighting it may be a help to others in the same situation.
  6. Australians in the same position. Completed and submitted online claim form. No email response advising Princess received our information and request for Option 2. Spoke to a Princess Consultant yesterday who advised we may have to wait 30 days for refund.
  7. I/We are Australian. Completed the online survey and chose Option 2 on the morning the email from Princess arrived advising cancellation of our March 23 cruise. As yet we have not received an email response confirming our information and choices. Spoke to a Princess Consultant yesterday who said we may have to wait 30 days for the refund. I hope he is right and that we are in the pipeline.
  8. Very impressed with Princess Cruises handling of the corona virus outbreak. Yes we will cruise again with them.
  9. Just wondering. How long did it take between completing/submitting your online questionnaire and receiving the email confirming receipt of it?
  10. If you are embarking/disembarking from a cruise in Dubai take the time to google what prescription drugs you can carry into that country. Some of our Australian everyday drugs are prohibited. One never knows when you might be tapped on the shoulder in Immigration.
  11. What is there to do close to cruise port for Aqaba. Does Princess Cruises have a shuttle into closest town. Petra and Wadi Run not on our agenda. Any help much appreciated
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