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  1. It is rare for the marina to be used in the Med. And to my knowledge they have never done Caviar in the Surf there - pretty much limited to the Caribbean, Sir Bani Yas in the Mideast, and Ko Kood in Thailand.
  2. And yet many were recently complaining on another thread here that they have trouble getting reservations for the Grill. So clearly I’m not the only one who thinks favorably about TK Grill. And while I’m fine with the deletion of the periodic inclusion of Keller dishes in the MDR as was the case until fairly recently, I do miss the Calotte of beef that was occasionally available.
  3. Video park Try booking one in your name and one in your suite mates name.
  4. I believe you can make one booking per guest in advance but on board you can make more depending on the length of the cruise.. We have always been fortunate enough to dine there often as we prefer the ambiance and more personalized service vis a vis the MDR. As to complaints regarding the large portions of food I often pass on the appetizer and Instead eat some of the erudite. Then for the main course I usually split an entree with a friend and my husband often orders the appetizer crab cake as his main course. We usually share a couple of sides for four people and likewise share one dessert amongst four people.
  5. I can’t remember the last Seabourn Cruise I was on where there was not at least one itinerary change. In some instances we are notified in advance (recent cruise they added an overnight in Chennai in place of an additional port in India) or they change it during a cruise (last summer they added Isle of Skye when we were unable to get to another scheduled port of call). If the change is made during the cruise it is often due to weather - if in advance it is often chalked up to “operational reasons.” This could mean something such as the year they canceled our scheduled stop in Madagascar due to the outbreak of the pneumonic plague or it could be due to some other reason. Bottom line is we don’t always know why they have changed the schedule but I doubt if it is usually due to an issue of using more fuel. And in a sense you are lucky they added two ports of call because often when they cancel a port it is replaced with a sea day. If you enjoy sea days you can just stay and the ship and make it a sea day.
  6. So sorry you are missing Half Moon Bay. Yes, Seabourn now has enough experience in that part of the world that there is always a plan B (as well as C, D, etc.) One thing one has to be prepared for when cruising Antartica is that weather and safety trumps all. To help manage passenger expectations Seabourn intentionally does not publish a specific schedule for the days they are scheduled to visit Antárctica but rather label the anticipated days there as the Antárctic Experience. Hope the you make it to the Chilean Station and if you do please tell Marilyn hello for us.
  7. It means that on a select day (and this is mentioned in your daily paper, the Herald) you are supposed to gather outside of your suite in the hallway and get to know your neighbors. Drinks and served and some of the key officers/entertainment crew make the rounds and socialize. My main problem with this is it is usually held just when I am getting dressed and so I always have to decide whether to skip it or not. And if I decide to attend then I have the choice of getting dressed early or getting dressed later. As either usually works with other plans we have we usually end up giving it a pass.
  8. Two cruises in the last two years(one began there the other ended there) and both times we were at the port a short distance from downtown - not the one downtown next to the Harpa. We did see one of the former little sisters (now Windstar) docked there!
  9. We also had our first experience with a “large” Seabourn ship in December (Ovation - Dubai to Singapore) and I have tried to let my thoughts gel since we have returned home rather than make a snap judgment. All in all though now that the dust has settled I have to conclude that we won’t be seeking out cruises on the Encore and Ovation but if there was an irresistible itinerary we would consider it.
  10. After reading posts this sticky for a number of years it has become apparent than many TA's are clueless as to Seabourn's referral program. And now with the new program recently rolled out I'm sure even fewer are up to speed on it. Rallydave is correct irrespective of what your TA might tell you. This is a verbatim quote from Seabourn's website " Once your first time friends or family have booked a future Seabourn voyage, simply register them for their reward on our website."
  11. Yes, thanks I am aware of the web page - just thought the poster might want to contact Seabourn in case any of the info on the website is not clear.
  12. Seabourn recently launched a new referral program. I don’t believe they are mailing out the $400 certificates anymore ( though my understanding is that for those of us that still have some they will be honored). But the new program is $250 for each referral ( to you and the same amount to the person you refer). However, as the referrer I believe you can use two of these for your booking. Best thing to do would be to call the Seabourn Club in Seattle and ask them to walk you through the details. While the person you refer must cruise before you or on the same cruise the good news is you have plenty of time to find someone to refer if you are looking at an August cruise.
  13. Also know that at the Vancouver airport if you are returning to the US you will be going through immigration there. The good news is if you have Global Entry you can speed through an express line. But know that you must have the actual GE card with you in order for them to let you into this line. Luckily we knew about this in advance and had brought our cards. The guy behind us said he had GE but since he did not have the physical card with him they would not let him in the line.
  14. On Seabourn’s Antárctica cruises they designate a certain umber of days as “the Antarctic Experience.” What they do is set aside these days to cruise the peninsula area and Gerlache Strait with a number of landing sites as options. Each day depending on weather conditions etc. they. announce plans for the next day at a pre dinner gathering in the Grand Salon and designate the order of the color codes landing groups. Then the next day you go ashore with your group - stay an hour or so and return so the next group can go ashore so they never violate the maximum number of passers on shore at one time. In some cases the morning groups go and then the seas get to rough and they have to convert the following landing for that day to just zodiac rides or in some case cancel the zodiacs all tougher. I don’t know if any Seabourn cruises where there have been more than 9ne landing per day. .
  15. Hi Norm Thanks for setting me straight on the excursions benefit. I must admit I have not focused too much on the details of the benefits as the last few years we have received all of them and have not had to pick and chose. I assumed from the online Guest Registration where there was a checklist to select benefits for each person that the excursion benefit was only good for one passenger. Nice to know it is good for the other passenger in the suite. Anyway I.was now curious so I reviewed the detailed terms and conditions and was surprised by the inclusions and exceptions. For instance under excursions it says Seabourn journeys and transfer are exempt from the discount. This seems to make little sense to me. And I think it would be lovely for you to give your wife a day in the Serene area though I’m sorry I have no clue as to what is included as I’ve only been there for Diamond Cocktail parties. Though again you might want to check with Seabourn to see if it s transferable. As to phone minutes I’ve never used mine (nor my massage) but on a recent cruise someone I met had a family emergency and I was able to transfer my phone minutes to them with the blessing of the Guest Services Manager. And most importantly there may have been a few cutbacks on Seabourn in the last few years but I’ve not noticed most of them. On the flip side there have also been some improvements. You may have read the thread “ch ch changes” where there was a discussion about this. To balance all of the negative criticism I posted a list of many improvements. Anyway, as to current life on Seabourn champagne and caviar still flow freely, the staff still delivers wonderful service 99% of the time and there are still no lines or up charges. Do we miss the small ships - absolutely. Hard to explain this to those who never sailed on them but the small number of passengers did create a different atmosphere. Nonetheless we have been quite happy on Odyssey class and just completed our first “big” ship cruise on the Ovation ( it will never be our first choice but will do if the itinerary is irresistible). With your long hiatus I will be very curious to read your impressions. I just suggest you go into the cruise with an open mind.
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