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  1. Am I the only one who noticed that there are no new cruises for Odyssey in this recent release? My brief perusal finds no Ody cruises past November 2020.
  2. And I will offer another option from a person who favors small boutique hotels. We stayed at Le Reve in Providencia two years ago and found the rooms well appointed, the charming courtyard a great place to relax and excellent service from the staff.I like hotels that are not in the center of loud cites and this hotel on a quiet tree lined street fit the bill. It was also quite conveniently located to walking to the historic area and a wonderful restaurant where we had dinner. Given the time you have you could split your time with a couple of days in the Atacama Desert. As to wineries, easy to visit the Casablanca Valley, a major wine region, on your way to the port. If you do make sure to stop at my favorite Chilean wine estate, Emiliano, and taste their star wine, Coyam.
  3. Oops - darn auto correct. Should be people and not peephole.
  4. To answer your question - yes, on holiday cruises (even on the one I did in the Caribbean) people dress up a bit more on formal optional nights. Certainly a dress as you describe would not be out of place. In fact even on non holiday cruises I usually wear a long gown on many of the formal evenings. My DH usually wears a white dinner jacket. Most peephole will not be formally dressed but that shouldn’t stop you and you won’t be the only one.
  5. Just got oof the Quest-and all soaps, including the loofah wrapped in plastic, were offered.
  6. You can only make reservations for the Grill and for the the Colonnade on so-called AdHoc nights ( as those dinners are inspired by Keller’s restaurant named Ad Hoc). All other venues are first come first served - including the newish concept for the Patio called Earth and Ocean.
  7. Yes it is in addition to the Future Cruise open booking discount. I am on the Quest at present just finishing up a lovely 36 night cruise and I chatted with the SB Sales Rep about this after we all received a flyer in our suites announcing this new benefit. The one drawback is that it is only on selected cruises.
  8. Markham we love the Avenida Palace. We have stayed there three times. It’s old world charm, central location, sumptuous buffet breakfast and most of all personal and helpful service make it the perfect choice for us. I’m quite partial to boutique hotels. Other big winners the last few years have been the Loden in Vancouver, the Langham in Sydney and the Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore. I am struggling to find a decent boutique hotel in Dubai for our December cruise. Any suggestions?
  9. I understand the push/pull in finding a cruise that is both good weather at the ports of call and fits into the window of time when you want to be away from your home. Having done at least a dozen Med/Adriatic cruises on Seabourn I can say while we have done a couple May/June I prefer going in mid September. I have never found it too hot. The crowds have started thinning but places are still open. By mid October you can often start to get the high winds and increased chance of rain. We are looking at the Sept 19-Oct 3 cruise on Odyssey next year. It has the advantage (from our perspective) of not going to Santorini or Dubrovnik (not the charming places we first visited years ago where you weren’t engulfed in crowds from the moment you set foot on shore) . And more importantly for where it DOES go - back to two ports in Turkey (possible our favorite country) and Crete.
  10. Another who in 18 years on Seabourn has never seen an open bridge policy. I know that in addition to advertised bridge tours or bridge tours by invitation to a select group of passengers there have been a couple of occasions where when the Captain found out about my husband’s background and invited him to the bridge for a private tour. And as noted while there may well have been a cruise or two where a Captain announced an open bridge I must say that in a post 9/11 world this would be surprising. Could it be jsiegel’s husband assumed there was an open bridge, wandered up there on his own and they were kind enough to accommodate him?
  11. As a general rule it’s best to make request for special menu items with the Senior Assistant Maitre d’ at least 24 hours in advance. And yes, they can do gluten free escargot.
  12. Maybe no hall of fame but Seabourn has not forgotten him. There is a moving plaque in a prominent position on the bridge of the Quest honoring him. I was quite moved when I saw it last year.
  13. As i recall what is required for Brazil is the Yellow Fever vaccination.. Your cruise documents should mention this. Also check the CDC website because even if not required by Seabourn it might be prudent. I can tell you that last year when our cruise was going from Cape Town to Singapore because the ship had previously come from Brazil Madagascar required all passengers to show proof of having been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. When Madagascar was removed from the itinerary this requirement was removed.
  14. To follow up with previous posts indeed US citizens are required to secure a visa for India. And this is not the type of visa that the ship is often able to secure for passengers. Furthermore you cannot apply for the Indian visa more than 45 days prior to your entry.. In case you think you will just remain on the ship and thus avoid the hassle of securing this visa please note the following quote from the documents I recently received from our TA regarding our December cruise from Dubai to Singapore “ you must obtain your own multiple entry visas for entry into India, even if you do not attend to disembark the ship. You will not be allowed to embark the ship without these.”
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