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  1. Hi , After reading all of the above posts, And its our own faults for booking with MSC, Great Ships, Worst CS on the high Seas. Like all of you we booked a Cruise Rio TO uk, March 27 2021. We paid our deposits and every thing was confirmed by email. Flying out on the 24 March, 3 days in Rio, Then join the ship.We made our booking on March 7th, On march 12th UK GOV said Any one over 70 should not Cruise , I am 73 my wife will be 70 when we sail. I contacted our TA IGLU CRUISES, Explained what had been said about over 70s, Not our Problem? . Our Balance was due Dec 1st i got back in touch a
  2. edsareg


    Hi Ate, Yes they have said any deposit can be moved to an other Cruise which must be used by Dec 31 2021. But Im not sure its going to be safe to sail on a Cruise ship for a loooong time to come. With all the changes taking place on board, It dont sound like its going to be our type of Holiday. Reg.
  3. edsareg


    Hi All , We along with Lovely Scouce are booked on this Cruise, But we have a bit of a different problem. Along with not wanting to go any where near Brazil, We booked our cruise on March 7, Seven days later on March the 12th the UK Gov gave advice that any over 70 SHOULD NOT CRUISE any where. Im 73 and my wife will be 70 at the time of tthe sailing. There is no end date to this advice, I keep looking on the F.C.O. site for updates the last on being on Nov 11 and no change , Do not sail. We are booked with Iglu I have infored them of our problem but they just keep refering me back to there T/
  4. Hi Jossie, Your right with what you say, But I think people are scared of booking with American TA because of all the wrong info given out. If you do your home work, Every thing should be ok. Reg.
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