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  1. Carly b is back on serenade. Start date was 10.15. Should be there through late November.
  2. He was in guest services on enchantment some of the time it was out of Baltimore. He was also a cook on grandeur 2008-2010 time period. He still remembers how my mom liked her create your own pasta.
  3. Is that when they used Adventure to help transport vacationers back to the us and to bring relief supplies and workers to San Juan?
  4. Carly B started vacation today. A nee to royal cd started for transatlantic.
  5. Also chops is large enough it takes the space of Giovanni and chops on grandeur. They also put the two lounges in where izumi is on grandeur. Perhaps the decision was made because she was going to be going 3 and 4 night cruises that they didn't think the additional specialty restaurants were worth it?
  6. Tanya starts 1/7 on majesty as cd according to her Facebook page.
  7. Tanya says on her Facebook page she will be CD on majesty 1/7-4/29. She's officially been promoted.
  8. Friends on board say John Denton replaced Adriana as hotel director
  9. And to show how different people can be, I love the Canada new England cruise. Despite the fact I've done it about 14 times there are places I want to spend more time at.
  10. Adriana on grandeur goes on vacation November 16. She'll be coming back to Liberty not Grandeur.
  11. I was watching activities in the centrum while people were getting off I'd guess at least 200-300 people left. Also instead of starting self assist at 8 they called the last group before 7:45.
  12. Mario was supposed to go to diamond lounge 10.21. He told us that has changed. He will remain in cl until the end of his contract.
  13. They also continued the renovations on the first cruise out of dry dock. The cabins that were added were not finished when the ship got back to Baltimore.
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