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  1. rummenroman

    Port of Tampa terminal 3 and 6

    You and Uber/Lyft for about $20 13 minute walk, .7 of a mile according to Google maps. It is an easy walk
  2. rummenroman

    Costa Maya ideas

    Just booked a cruise where we stop in Costa Maya. We are in port from 11 to 7 in November. We really want to do a smaller more intimate tour. A passenger van is more our style over a big bus. We want to go to some ruins. Open to any of them. Anyone have a tour or a taxi operator that does cost your first born to go on? I like what I'm seeing with Native Choice with the exception of the bus. A tour like that would be perfect if it was smaller.
  3. rummenroman

    Tour in St Kitt

    I have also used Thenford. We didn't see a tour listed on his website that we wanted. After a few emails, we had a 100% private tour that was what we wanted. We felt the price was very fair. If you see something on one tour and other things on another tour, don't be afraid to ask if you can switch things up.
  4. rummenroman

    How Has RCCL Changed In The Past Decade?

    My first cruise was in 2004. I loved the pomp of the whole event. It allowed me to feel like I was rich and famous for a week. I saw things I never thought I would see. Who knew that burning booze with some bananas table side would taste so good, and it was a heck of a show too. The best way I describe cruising from then to now is, Saxon 5th Avenue (then) to Macy's (now).
  5. I will second what Bob has already stated. We have tried to drop them off around 10, and they wouldn't accept them. I have been to the port around 1045 and on the ship around 11 on another cruise.
  6. rummenroman

    What all does my Sea Pass card do?

    Your sea pass is your everything. On board it is a cashless system (excluding the casino which does take cash). Anything you purchase will be on your sea pass. Your sea pass will also be your state room key. Your sea pass will also be your ticket to get on and off the ship. I use MTD and most of that is done based on state room number, but for traditional dining your table number will also be listed on your sea pass. For excursions, you will get tickets in your room, that you will use to present to the operator of the tour. When it is time for your excursion they will have people with signs with the name of your excursion. You will get filed onto the mode of transportation and off you go. I am assuming you will report to the coaster in Labadee since there won't be any direct transportation.
  7. rummenroman

    Beach Snorkeling

    Are there any beaches that have decent to good snorkeling? We would want a beach with a beach bar, chairs, umbrellas, restaurant and bathrooms. We aren't new to snorkeling, but certainly aren't experts either. So the snorkeling can't be a 3 mile swim from shore! Thanks for the help
  8. rummenroman

    Pizza People

    The problem with that is I'm a plain pepperoni type of guy. Every once in a while I will mix it up with the addition of Italian sausage. So if the recipe is the same just in a smaller version, not sure it will change my opinion..... I guess I will have to book a cruise to give it a shot:D:D:D
  9. rummenroman

    Pizza People

    No difference. I am a pizza guru, and love most anything. I'm not sure I would feed Royal's pizza to my worst enemy. The pizza is better than going hungry, but not by much.
  10. rummenroman

    Cucumber Martini

    This isn't what they used. There was no basil, no lemon grass syrup. They were using lemonchello (spelling?), elderflower liquor and simple syrup. Thanks though!
  11. rummenroman

    Aruba Bob Snorkeling Tour

    Anyone have any comments or thoughts on Aruba Bob Snorkeling?
  12. rummenroman

    Sightseeing tour companies??

    How long was your tour? Was there any shopping on it? Was it actually private?
  13. rummenroman

    Cucumber Martini

    So we were on the Navigator of the Seas a few weeks ago. We would sit in the R Bar and almost guzzle cucumber martinis (well I would, my partner like to try different things). There were by far and away the best drink I have had in a very long time. When I say we paid for our drink package there, I mean it! All of the the girls that were working the bar were simply fantastic! The drinks was fantastic (not just the cucumber martini, but anything they made)! I loved to walk up to the bar and say surprise me....they never let me down with a drink! Now that I am home I wouldn't mind a drink to remind me of a fantastic cruise. Problem is I can seem to find a good recipe for the drink. Anyone have any idea? Better yet, anyone going on the Navigator that can ask the 3 Eastern European ladies how to make it?
  14. I am with Bob on this one....Chops is no longer work the price of admission.
  15. Be careful with that advise. The last few cruises I have been on I have seen emergency staff taking drinks away from people. There is a rule of no drinks during muster.