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  1. Bernards has been around a long time and in my opinion it is the best tour company on the island.
  2. Podie

    Ocean Magic Mitch

    Thanks for your link. I joined a tour with OMM on my roll call, and I think we have Captain Rudy.
  3. I scuba dive in Belize regularly, and their barrier reef is the second longest in the world. But you have to reach snorkeling and dive sites by boat. When they built Harvest Caye and the ship channel, they tore up the reef and surrounding area so there is nothing nearby with any visibility whatsoever. Reef life is amazing if you get away from the area.
  4. Don't be afraid to leave the tourist pier in Belize City. The cruiselines want you to be so you'll spend money inside! Yes, if you walk in town you will be approached by locals trying to sell you things - like most places in the Caribbean - but a pleasant "no, thank you" will suffice. I've found the Belizean people to be some of the friendliest in the Caribbean, and English is the official language since Belize used to be British Honduras.
  5. Podie

    Ocean Magic Mitch

    Has anyone used this company? They get fantastic reviews on Trip Advisor but would love to hear from a cruiser's perspective. Thanks!
  6. No worries, you'll be fine. And it's beautiful!
  7. Because I didn't agree to the $9.95, I wasn't able to make reservations or use the messaging portion of it - which is free on every other cruiseline I've sailed on. All I could do was check the activity schedule and my account.
  8. Two weeks ago on Joy I was surprised to discover that the "free app" cost $9.95 if you wanted to use it for booking shows or restaurants.
  9. I was on NCL Joy 2 weeks ago. I carried on 2 bottles of wine and my cabinmate brought one bottle in her carry-on and put one in her checked luggage. None of us were asked to pay the corkage fee and her checked luggage came through just fine.
  10. Two weeks ago on Joy I was surprised to discover that the "free app" cost $9.95 if you wanted to use it for booking shows or restaurants.
  11. Well, this of course is just my opinion...just off NCL Joy. When I booked, I was indeed offered the "free" beverage package and needed to pay 20% upfront, about $140. My travel agent then mentioned if I was willing to book a "sailaway" mini-suite (NCL picks the cabin) rather than the one I was booking, I would save $240 per person (2 of us) on the cruise fare but would not get the drink package. So we saved $360 each by booking the sailaway cabin (which was lovely), and spent less than $150 each on drinks during our 7 days. It was a definite win for us!
  12. This is the first cruise line I've been on that warns of a $15 corkage fee if we bring wine on board with us. Is this really enforced when we arrive at the pier? Or only if we bring wine to the dining room? Thanks!
  13. The water is lovely and there are snorkel sets, floats, water loungers, etc. to take whenever you want. There's a raft out a little way to jump off of, and a dock. There can be some seaweed in your first few feet but it's no big deal. Your reserved spot is your own area with correct number of chairs and usually a bed. They limit to 50 per day. The food is cooked in front of you and the bar is open all day. David is a gracious host and can't do enough for you. The sand is soft. It does take 20 minutes to get there, but the ride through town is interesting. It's the friendliest, most welcoming place I know of in Mexico.
  14. I pick cruises with stops in Costa Maya JUST to spend the day at Maya Chan! It's that good! You need reservations.
  15. I will be meeting a friend at Mazatlán terminal in 2 weeks. Is there a café in the terminal where we could arrange to meet them? It would be 9:30 am. Any other meeting suggestion in the terminal is welcome too.Thanks!
  16. My friend is boarding HAL later this week and said they just changed the order of their ports again, bringing them into Mazatlán the same day as the enormous Joy.
  17. My friend and I are on your cruise. We stay at the Doubletree right near the port and head over at about 11.
  18. I have sailed on 5 cruiselines including numerous cruises on RCCL and 2 cruises on NCL. We joke on RCCL that NCL stands for NCL and dime you. I feel like everything I want to do on NCL costs extra. I can't be in the sun for long, so the solariums on RCCL (and Celebrity) are my favorite hangout. The thermal suite on NCL, the closest thing to a solarium, costs extra. I'm perfectly happy in the MDR on RCCL, or even the buffet, but I find NCL tries to NCL and dime me by pushing me toward specialty restaurants. I've already paid and don't intend to do it again. There is a lot of noise and a general sense of chaos on board the large NCL ships that I've never experienced on RCCL. I'm not an entertainment person so can't speak for that, but the crewmembers on the large NCL ships seemed overworked and not happy. I've never encountered that on RCCL. You may wonder why I still go on NCL from time to time? The only reason is I moved from Florida to Arizona and only Princess and NCL go out of California. And I really disliked Princess.
  19. You're a great writer! I've only been on two NCL ships, Spirit and Getaway, and I also was mystified by all the things scheduled in the Atrium when the noise level is tremendous even without the shows. I remember literally screaming at the Guest Services agent because the desk was in the Atrium and no one could hear a thing. Every other cruiseline does it a lot better!
  20. Thanks for all the info. Not sure NCL is for me then.
  21. I'm sorry to post this question as I'm sure it's covered many times, but I can't get the search function to work. Is it true that a corkage fee will be charged for each bottle of wine brought on board even if you plan to consume it in your cabin? I've been on 5 other cruiselines and there is no corkage fee on them, but it seems the NCL site says it WILL be charged regardless of where you drink it? Is this correct?
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