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  1. On the back end you need to leave by 4:00pm. Can’t remember the front end. Worked slicker than whale snot on an ice floe.
  2. There are many secret areas. You just need to access platform 9 3/4. Best to do it at a bit of a run if you’re nervous.
  3. Was Mike there? He is our favorite bartender. Usually in that one bar over by the place.
  4. Genius thread but honestly if money were no object, I’d have something by Nordhavn, 80 feet minimum and fully crewed. http://www.nordhavn.com/models/120/
  5. I would like to register a complaint regarding the sexist title of this thread.
  6. Why is it all the conspiracy hacks can't get they're heads around "their, there, & they're?" Their are times I don't think there even trying.
  7. Congrats on going full transit. We’ve done it twice and it is amazing. We’ll do it again too. If it stops at Grand Cayman and you’ve never been there, then there is plenty to do there. Cartagena seems like a given stop, but it’s not bad. The fort is worth a few hours. One of our favorite stops of all time was Huatulco, in Mexico. We had an amazing guide and did some snorkeling there. We continue to look for trips to go back but so far, no joy. Other Mexican ports now scare us except possibly Cabo, maybe PV. Puerto Quetzal was ok, we did a good tour there but the transit to and from was interesting. Any stop in Costa Rica is worth a look of you can get into the rain forest.
  8. There’s probably an app for that.
  9. It’s an overpriced Big Mac surrounded by 50’s memorabilia. The food never was or is any good. The whole shtick is about the “atmosphere.” They get the same suckers who go to Margaritaville.
  10. I think a sadder life is a nation of people who sit on their butts watching the poorly educated but physically gifted bludgeon each other to the point they are so brain damaged they lose all sense of self and end up suicidal or trying to survive years of excruciating pain. All of this so the obese and entitled can vicariously participate in a virtual group grope with the hope of exclamating “we won!” every week. Not sure what your contribution to the sport is but as long as you’re comfortable with people dying for your entertainment, no worries.
  11. TLDR. Something about a $15 charge while on vacay? $15 doesn’t even register. Who cares?
  12. I think anyone who watches American Football should be hit in the head with a bat so they can share in the brain damage. What a pathetic, barbaric excuse for “sports”.
  13. Sounds vaguely racist. I think we need to be more inclusive here.
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