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  1. I received my cabin assignment late Tuesday evening for our cruise leaving Saturday. It was a nice aft balcony so very happy.
  2. Just to update everyone, I’m On the Royal now and the Passenger Service Desk gave me $36.58 Goodwill Credit to my shipboard account. My cards were ten years old but they were purchased not given as an elite benefit. I’m happy.
  3. Are there cruise date limitations that this applies to? Will these codes work for a Feb 2020 cruise?
  4. I have several 10 year old coffee punch cards from my last Princess Cruise. Will they accept these?
  5. There is a man that sells it on the beach. The Food Tour told us he is the only one allowed to do so. Safe to drink and it is delicious and refreshing.
  6. We did a private Pirate Ship excursion in Aruba several years ago. Same company but we took a taxi to the ship. Our excursion was half the price of the ship’s excursion, 1/3 of the people, full lunch and bar too. We felt so sorry for the people who booked through the ship that were packed in the other boat.
  7. What incentive do you receive if you book your next cruise while onboard.
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