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  1. Yes, I observed the same types of pool activities as the original poster did.
  2. If right at the beginning of September, be aware that the college kids and their parents descend on the city to move in so hotel prices might be a little high. But before the cruise is my vote to adjust to time change. Very walkable city and the public transportation easy to use. Enjoy!
  3. I was on this ship the week before- the review about entertainment was spot on! Especially the house musicians. I would add that solarium was not air conditioned (area by main pool cooler) and not adults only. Our experience last summer on the Equinox was it was air conditioned and adult only b
  4. I was on infinity last month and she is definitely showing her age in some areas ( guest rooms and the bathrooms). But what stood out for me was the attitude of indifference from staff. On past cruises, service stood out, making our cruise special.
  5. And I can confirm the 45 euro cost and that it is super easy. Did it last Saturday
  6. Last week on Infinity- Mama Mia (new one), coco, star wars hans solo, beauty & beast, black panther, Apollo 11, Jurassic World, ant man & wasp ,always at the caryle,a star is born, adrift, mission impossible,a simple favor the more family friendly- on the outside screen
  7. I did this last Saturday in Venice. Was $99 in computer- which we paid but in the shore excursion pamphlet it was advertised as $49. The people at the deak said it was a typo? but I did get a credit. ACTUAL DAY OF: The written directions had pieces of conflicting info. It said we could stay on til 2 but written elsewhere, said had to depart at 1 or 3. The day of had to meet at 815. We sat for 45 minutes til escorted to security for visitor badges. Very disorganized. Pool deck open but pools/hot tubs closed. No bars or places to get a drink- self service areas closed also. Finally, we were told to meet at shore excursion desk at 1245 to be escorted off at 1. We went there at 1215 to ask to leave eArly. They let us. We found out luggage inside the port hall area with the luggage of others in a corner. NO ONE was around. I collected my bags and walked out. I could have easily taken anyone's stuff. No staff or security at all.
  8. Was there 5 days ago. Hotel to ship: land taxi. To get from ship to st marks: take people mover from ship to piazzale roma. Very easy.
  9. My husband was denied entrance to the MDR last week on the Infinity. Last summer, he wore shorts in the Equinox MDR. So? Who knows!
  10. For a cruise from Rome to Venice: dollars or euros?
  11. Confused- the statement about gratuities- how do I tip the delivery person? Or is it included if i do prepaid?
  12. Do it! Best thing ever!!!! Kept us in cruise vacation bubble little longer!!!
  13. Stayed the actual aft last summer- July, Eastern Caribbean. On equinox. Not a single issue with motion. Lack of shade- definitely impacted temp inside our cabin
  14. to walk the wall- will accept a credit card?
  15. Thank you- that was what I thought.
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