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  1. Does anyone have a photo of bed rails set up on a lower bunk in a Fantasy room? We have a pack and play reserved, but my daughter doesn't do well in those and I'm toying with requesting double rails on the bed instead. I'm just wondering how much room there would be for her to fall/crawl out. Do rails need to be requested ahead of time?
  2. Thank you for such a fast reply. We are arriving the day before at staying at the MCO Hyatt, so I'm pretty sure the kids will be itching to get on the first bus to the port that morning. So if we get different boarding numbers once we arrive at port, we can all board at the same time with whatever the latest boarding number is…is that what I'm understanding?
  3. Thanks in advance for options and tips - We are a family of six - grandma, mom, dad, an 8 year old, 6 year old and 18 month old - all traveling for the second time on Fantasy next month. We were looking for port adventures in St. Thomas that would be appropriate for everyone and found the Coral Land and Sea Excursion. Can anyone give me a rundown of how the whole thing works and/or opinions on if they enjoyed it?
  4. Hi all - We have two reservations (family of six with two adjoining rooms) for an upcoming Disney cruise. The online check-in was completed at different times for each reservation, and now we have different port arrival times -- 11:00am and a 12:15pm. We are taking the Disney shuttle from MCO to get to the port. Are we going to need to split up and take two different shuttles? Is one set of us going to have to wait at the pier? Should we all take an 11-ish shuttle and arrive for the 12:15 port arrival time? What is the most efficient way to handle this situation? Thanks!
  5. Hello friendly cruisers! Our family (3 kids, two parents and a grandma) have a cruise on Fantasy in October. On the day we disembark, our flight out of MCO doesn't leave until about 5pm. We have an astronomy-obsessed 8-year old and thought it might be fun to spend some time at the Kennedy Space Center that day if possible instead of bumming around the airport all day. For those who are familiar with the area, does it seem realistic to disembark early, take a cab to Kennedy Space Center, spend some time there and arrange transportation back to MCO in time for our flight? Would renting a car best the most reliable option to do that, or a car service like Mears? We will have one child that needs to be in a car seat if that changes things at all. Thanks for tips and advice!
  6. Hi all - We are on the Fantasy later this fall for the eastern route, which is a first for me. I'm not finding lots of kid-friendly excursions like we did for the western route. Our crew consists of a mom, dad, grandma, 8 year old, 7 year old and 18 month old. We are already asking grandma to watch the kids for us in St. Maarten, so I'd like to find something that we can do together in St. Thomas. Suggestions for a varied age crew? Thanks!
  7. Hi all - We just booked an October cruise on Fantasy with our three kids ages 8, 6 and 1.5 years old (at time of cruise). We were on Fantasy two years ago when I was pregnant with our youngest, but now that we have a little one in tow, can I get any helpful tips on what to pack or things to arrange ahead of time? We are bringing grandma along to help and have two connecting rooms booked to give us more space and have arranged for a crib/high chair in our reservation. I'm thinking of ordering diapers and a few supplies from Babies Travel Lite to have delivered to our room. Any other tips? Thanks in advance!
  8. We stayed at the Hyatt inside the MCO airport and took Disney transportation from MCO to the cruise port and felt it was totally worth it. We were the first Fantasy cruise after Hurricane Sandy. We got into MCO very late the night before and the cruise was delayed the next day. The night before we were able to just head right up to our hotel room rather than worrying about taking a shuttle to a hotel, etc. The next morning, Disney started loading the buses about two hours after the scheduled time because the previous cruise was arriving late, thusly making our cruise leave a little later as well. This made our hotel room upstairs invaluable because rather than waiting with the masses of families, we were able to take the kids back to our room and watch TV for a little longer. It wasn't cheap, but I think of all the options available, it was the simplest. We plan to repeat it this fall for next cruise.
  9. Howdy - We are a family of five looking to take our second cruise on Fantasy. Our first trip, I was pregnant so there were just four of us in an 05B room. Now we are looking to go with two adults, 7 and 8 year old boys and a 1.5 year old daughter at the time of sailing. For these ages, what would you book? • two connecting OV rooms (08B) without a veranda, or • one deluxe family OV with veranda (04A)? Just wondering if trying to cram us all into one room is an obnoxious thought. I don't know if my youngest will still need to be in a crib or would be fine with a bedrail. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the replies! The baby monitor idea is a pretty great idea, actually. I'm pricing out all of the different combinations right now, and until I just brought up the monitor idea to my husband, we were thinking we'd just spring for the balcony rooms. That might just fit the bill for us actually! Thanks for the comments!
  11. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to book connecting rooms on Fantasy of different categories? For example, I'd love to get a verandah room with a connecting room that does not have a balcony to save money and alleviate worries of my kids being on a deck unattended. Is that even an option?
  12. I'm actually staying there right now. Getting off the plane and into the room was fantastic. They gave us instructions for the bus transfer--have our luggage outside the room by 8:30 with tags on and it will be delivered to our staterooms. Buses start run from 9:30-1:00. Seems pretty simple!
  13. This was also posted on the disneycruise.com website: Tropical Weather Update 10/24/2012 We are currently monitoring Hurricane Sandy very closely as it moves north through the Caribbean towards The Bahamas. As this time, the October 25, 2012 Disney Dream sailing will depart Port Canaveral as scheduled. However, given the predicted path of the storm, we realize that the ship's itinerary will need to be altered as the storm passes through The Bahamas. Unfortunately, the storm is expected to produce tropical storm and hurricane force winds near Nassau and our private island, Disney's Castaway Cay for most of the day on Friday and early on Saturday. The revised itinerary is as follows: Thursday, October 25 - Port Canaveral, Florida Friday, October 26 - Day at Sea Saturday, October 27 - Nassau (pending weather conditions) Sunday, October 28 - Port Canaveral, Florida The safety and security of our guests is always our top priority. If necessary, our Captains are always prepared to alter the ships' courses or itineraries to navigate away from inclement weather.
  14. Well that's fantastic! They sure do make things simple. Thank you!
  15. We are scheduled on Fantasy this weekend and have a 12:00-12:30 port arrival time. We are using Disney transportation from MCO to get to the port, but I'm wondering if an early arrival (before 12:00) would mean we sit around and wait at the port until 12 or if we could possibly sneak on early. Thanks!
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