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  1. I was on a Baltic cruise and booked all ports I was going to take a tour in with 1 company SPB. While all the tours were good I wouldn't do Berlin again because of the 6+ hours on a bus. The Russia tour was great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. On the June 7th sailing it was cold most days. Maybe 2 nice days that people were outside. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just did the Baltic cruise and Finland was my least favorite port by far! Hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I took this cruise last year and I boarded in Rome. It was quite a long transfer from the airport to the port. Definitely, many more people got on at Barcelona. I do know when I disembarked the ship it was very easy and the airports were empty. I heard from friends I made that disembarked in Barcelona that the airports and immigration were very crowded. As a solo traveler, I did wish I got on in Barcelona because it seemed all the solo travelers had all gotten to know each other for a few days and then some new people added.
  5. I have stayed in studio cabins many times and there is no way a cot would fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I am sailing on the Breakaway next week. I have bid on a Haven but haven't heard back yet. But if I am I would be willing.
  7. Go on NCL Joy out of China it's very smoker friendly
  8. I used Viatour for 1 excursion in Italy. Ended up being my favorite tour. I was very concerned during this tour. I was the only one from a cruise ship on the tour. And returned me with like 45 min till the ship left. But he promised I would be back in time and I was.
  9. When I wasn't a guest of the casino I would ask the casino manager if he saw me playing for a while if I could get a free drink and most times would get me a drink. Most times after that if the same casino manager saw me playing would offer me a drink. But it's not like land casinos. If you book via casino at sea you will have a drink card waiting for you in your room. The casios as sea cards are great since they allow you to get red bull!
  10. I would just find it odd to look at past roll calls of a cruise I was never on. If I was interested in finding out how something was I would go look at the reviews or the section that was related to my question. I never find roll calls all that useful to find out anything more then what excursions others have planned and want people to help fill. Or other events they have planned and for people to join.
  11. in 1982 I was 10 years old on the SS Norway. I ordered an Ice Cream cone and the waiter dropped it in my lap. The waiter didn't seem very sorry and no management bothered to offer me a free bottle or even glass of wine. I have never or will ever go on the SS Norway. I wonder if that waiter even cares?
  12. Personally, I have found the easiest way is to use the app Taptalk. You can directly attach pictures to your post and it posts. Anytime I want to post picture I use that app. So simple
  13. I always wait till the last minute as it really upsets my dog as she realizes I'm leaving her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I actually always bring a previous cruise card so can leave in the card slot that activates the ac so it runs even when not there.
  15. Sadly the most violent event I ever saw on a cruise ship was a father beating his daughter. Security stopped him and he screamed it was his right to discipline his daughter. Not really sure what happened after that but I never did see them.
  16. I am getting on June 7th in Copenhagen. Have a great cruise. I choose Copenhagen to leave from as was much closer to the port.
  17. I always get the Spa Pass now. Got it once because my GF at the time convinced me. I have gotten it ever since. My last cruise was a European so didn't buy the Spa Pass before I left. 2nd day I ended up buying it because I missed it so much. I found that being a port intensive cruise the Spa was even better after a long tour to soak and relax. I also in past have gotten the Spa balcony and have found the room stewards are always the best. I think this is due that they share room stewards with Haven suites. Also the location of the SPa Balcony couldn't be better for using the spa!
  18. In Port of Miami got on much quicker! They had a special check-in for casino guests and no one was there. Port of Livorno(Rome) No. I guess depends on the port you're leaving from. If they do have casino check in it's very nice in my experience.
  19. I did this when I was in Rome. I checked in got my ticket and then went on the ship dropped off my backpack and got right off.
  20. They're incredibly light and and strong. They can survive a mojito Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I got these on Amazon. I like a straw with my drink. I won't be harming the environment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I have only gotten a robe in a balcony when it was a Spa balcony. Any other balcony no.
  23. My plan now is on my way to not bother with immigration and stay in Terminal 5 as going only have 4-hour layover and most likely by the time I arrive am going to be very tired. On my way home as my flight leaves from Terminal 3 will keep Terminal 3 till I leave. Once again thanks for all the advice.
  24. I normally book Studio cabins on NCL but I always get a Spa pass. I always use the showers in the Spa. They're so much nicer! Maybe book a Spa balcony that way you get spa access and are near the spa. Could use their facilities for sure.
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