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  1. likes: the Bliss lounge. Love the idea of 2 places offering some form of a show each night. Size is ideal .great crew: love the Hotel manager Entertainers: Jose and Patti who are almost always on the ship: When they are entertaining we never miss any of the acts Gatbys: the best bar of any we have spent time in and that is saying a lot. Dislikes: the ship takes some getting used to its layout; especially deck 8. It can be like a maze. miss the great Outdoors the buffet, we think is just ok at best. Overall, we have sailed her 3 times and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  2. No matter how you look at it, you are cancelling a reservation after final payment. I don't think anything you do or who you talk to this will work. it may not make any sense to you, but it is the way the system works.
  3. generally if you have a good agent there will be more perks involved for one thing. They also have better knowledge of the overall picture in regards to your total travel plans. They are there to assist whenever needed, not just booking the cruise. At least that is how we see it.
  4. You are not 100% correct about other lines versus NCL. Were are you getting your information about only on NCL? As for not drinking on NCL or any other ship, your choice, others disagree with you.
  5. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. More than the ship, resort, restaurant or whatever a lot has to do with were the traffic is coming from or that is my take on it anyway. Like you this isn't a put down to anyone, it is just a fact.
  6. think the final payment date has been 120 days for about a year or more. It should have been noted on your cruise summery when you booked or certainly your travel agent would have informed you. Each cruise line is different. What Carnival does is not the same as RCI ,NCL or any other mass marketed line.
  7. It is called business and last time I checked companies were in the market to make a profit. Don't like some of the charges either, but I know I have a choice and if I choose something that I feel is overpriced I have no one but myself to blame.
  8. of course you are going to start another debate so I am not sure the purpose of your post. BTW the DSC which is what it is, does include the cabin steward. If you want to give more that is your choice. As for tipping, it has been mentioned, just like many hotels today, what you are paying is a resort fee and it goes to many, it is not a tip but a fee.
  9. According to our TA it is a total mess and no one has any idea when the system will be up and working correctly. I guess we just have to sit tight and hope it won't be much longer.
  10. We are on the same sailing, we are just going to wait another week or so. We too are anxious, but the system, according to our TA is really screwed up. Talking about BA we do have a M&G set up, why don't you join the group if you haven't already.?
  11. I would never have considered it particularly safe and it is one of those ports where you are better of touring with a group, but it is a beautiful island well worth visiting and remember Chicago has a lot of shootings every weekend but people still tour the city.
  12. Many years of happiness to you and spouse. I am so glad you enjoyed your cruise and the Joy. There have been a few negative reports so it is always good to read positive reviews.
  13. Keith, as usual had the answers pretty much down for you. As for specialty dining rooms at lunch, some of the mega ships do serve a buffet for lunch in the specialty dining rooms but it isn't an up charge type of experience I have never known an NCL ship with a heated pool but I haven't been on the Bliss either Embarkation: we enjoy getting to the port about 10:30 getting on the ship, hopefully by 11:30 and having lunch before wandering to our cabin. As for crowds, later, about 2pm or so is probably less crowded.
  14. you should be fine. Normally the rule of thumb is don't try to book a flight before noon.. of course anything can happen but it is rare. Remember, baring something really unusual people are already coming on the ship for the next cruise by about 11am
  15. our granddaughter would eat first and then go to kids club. She loved it and it gave us some time to do adult eating. I didn't want to appear rude when I suggested this to you, and I see you took it the way it was intended to be taken. there are places where very young kids really don't get anything out of the experience: long dinners are one of them. It is better for everyone if toddler and kids, much under 7 or 8 are not exposed to long drawn out dinners. Let kids be kids. Well enough of my preaching for the day. Every family has to do what works for best them, taking into consideration the child, the parents and other guests.
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