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  1. ours came from 2 different places: one from our TA for booking within 30 days after our last cruise and one from being a share holder. Both show up on the summary of our booking on line. It does depend on where it came from, but no fear, you will get credit somehow
  2. Me too. We all know waiting on line can be a hassle, but for that kind of money, even a 2 hour wait would be worth it: Just think of it this way: $1000 saved, a wasted 2 hours and it comes to being paid $500 an hour. How many of us make that kind of money? I do think this is also a case for using a TA. I know someone posted here that some on line agents are charging $25 and more, but that has not been our experience. We do pay ours $20 but she works for us anytime we need anything, even the simplest question answered. I do hope the OP gets an OBC, takes it and learned something about booking your own reservations on line.
  3. This does bring back some memories. Our first cruise which was about 1985 was on a now gone cruise line: Commadore. Our first NCL cruise was the Seaward. I remember how impressed I was cause they had 2 dining rooms. Before that all the cruises we had taken had only one and the Seaward seemed so big to us then. We did sail her again after the name change and now I look at the pics of the cabins and I wonder how we survived in such a small space for a week? Those were fun days though and cruising was so different than today, not better or worse, just different.
  4. How did you get the super amount of lox, did you order a double serving? I always only get a little peice and it isn't enough for my big body or my tummy.
  5. Thank you. It is so nice when someone takes the time to give credit and praise where it should be. As for negatives it is always easier to gripe than to praise. I have always thought we expect to be satisfied for we forget to say Thank You and there are many ways of saying those words, directly or with post like yours. When we are not satisfied we want the world to know. And of course, there are those who expect the world to stop for them. A few of the last posts here are example of those who have more negatives to report than positives.
  6. There will always be those who only know how to post in a sarcastic way, and as for tipping or DSC whatever it is called, for us, it is easier to just pay the amount and add a few bucks to those who go above and beyond for us. No matter what some think it always appears when people ask about the DSC they really do not want to pay it or do not understand where the money goes. That is just my opinion. For those who say, I want to tip individually. Do they go to the laundry dept and find those who wash the sheets and towels, etc or do they go into the kitchen to hand a tip to the dish washer? I could go on and on, but I think I have made my point..
  7. You are right. I don't know what the OP had in mind or anyone else for that matter, but when someone asks about the DSC and says they prefer to pay individually, I know they have no intention of paying $15 a day in tips. they can say what they want. As for paying each person separately like we have all been saying, there are too many who do get part of the DSC that we never see
  8. My some one is a bit defensive today huh? of well you have your idea on this and I have mine If you do not take the free at sea you are not affected. If you do, you probably use other perks that some of us do not use. What would you suggest?
  9. Oh for heavens sake: that goes for a lot of things in life: We do not use the computers on cruises as a rule, but so what? We belong to a POA where we live. We pay monthly dues but are not golfers or boaters, but we still pay for those who do use all the facilities. We use very few, but so what, that is life think your argument is a bit weak to say the least
  10. I am guessing it is a glitch in the system but let us all know what you find out when you call and I hope you have a copy of your final payment that shows what you have paid.
  11. There is no right or wrong. I remember about 5 years ago we did an all day tour in Canada. When we exited the bus, at the end we noticed only a handful of people tipped the guide. We were among those who did. But I am sure some would think we are cheap tippers as we normally tip about $5 for both if the tour is just a few hours and more if it is a 1/2 day or longer. I think the max we have tipped has been about $15 for 2 of us. Remember some of the guides are also owners of the tour company.
  12. We feel as you do: not the internet so much but all the rest. I am always surprised at people who do not realize it is a personal decision which way they want to go. i know, for us we are saving a bunch by choosing "free at Sea" and reduced air.
  13. Oh for heavens sake, there are threads going right here, right now discussing which is better. OK, for you sale away might be the way to go, for others they like the perks. It is a personal thing. AS for the gratuities they only one you pay with the perk is the drink tip, which if you are drinking and do not have the perk, you would still be paying a tip or I hope you would.
  14. You have never had a good TA then. Normally they do not charge for making changes. They may charge for the originally booking and that is to cover any work they do. The fee is normally very low maybe $20 or so. Dealing with on line agents can be very iffy. Some are very good, others are simply order takers.
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