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  1. I don't understand why you would post the exact same comments on 2 threads. You have already posted this. I do hope, MOnday you can get some satisfaction.
  2. yes and that is another plus. Our daughter, who will be flying from Orlando only will arrive in Miami tomorrow about 7:30am. She is not going to use her transfers, she is getting a driver and doing some sight seeing or that is her plan anyway.
  3. We have a different story: we leave at 6am tomorrow and will have a short layover in Atlanta. We are all checked in, 3 of us traveling together and our return flight gets us home late afternoon. we did have to call or our TA did to get our flights changed so all 3 of us were traveling together but NCL did make it good and except for the short time to go from point a to point b in Atlanta Luckily we will have wheelchair assistance. Once in awhile have mobility problems has its advantages.
  4. We were on the first Jewel cruse when they left England heading for the US> We missed New Finland which was so disappointing to many and some were really upset as it was the port so many wanted to see and everyone or a lot of people wanted a refund. Guess what, except for port fees we got nothing and I doubt any of us lost sleep over it. A similar situation happened about 5 years ago when we were heading form Canada to the US on Princess. Yes we hated missing a port but again, we survived and had a very good cruise. Anyone who is rioting over what happened needs to grow up and realize the world does not revolve around them.
  5. e happen to prefer HAL over Celebrity and love the food, but certainly the food on celebrity is super good. The only thing about HAL which we were not crazy over was the specialty dining room. I think it was french but could be wrong. Anyway the food was good, not outstanding but very good. I problem was with the particular server we had.He left a lot to be desired. He was rather smug and had a phony French accent which all 4 of us found annoying.
  6. Am guessing a very unhappy guest that was not prepared for some extra charges on the cruise. I would be inclined to say: the comments were made more "tongue in cheek" Not one thing that you mentioned is even remotely correct. I doubt many people would think there was truth to this.
  7. Will be glad to hear more good news from you when we get back from our cruise. We leave tomorrow morning very early. I do hope we can count on continued positive news from you. Keep up the smiles and forget the tears.
  8. Things like taxes and port charges are not set by the cruise line but by the ports so there is nothing unusual about this. The minute you change a booking you are giving up your old reservation and booking a new one with new prices, possibly including taxes.
  9. Thanks I hope your explanation helps the OP. I am sure you are right, that is how we understood it as well, but apparently there are some people who do not.
  10. Easy, just volunteer, if no one else has you get started. First thing is let the roll call members know what you are doing; then notify NCL that you want to set one up. You will email specialeventsgem@ncl.com and they will give you a time. Then you start keeping track of how many will be coming and you will need to make lists plus plan some other activities. We have ours set for this coming Monday on the Breakaway. Following the M&G we have set up a slot pull, plus we have a few other activities for later in the week. It is a bit of work, but so much fun.
  11. Simple answer: YES. Nice shirts and a nice shirt works well in most restaurants. Hubby rarely wears anything else except for Le Bistro and the Manhattan room. He always wears a nice shirt, not one wrinkled or faded.
  12. Yes, it has been around for ages, but there is always the possibility they will change the special or the perks. Of course if you are planning on sailing in Dec you will want to make sure you have everything in order before you reserve your cabin as you are past final payment and when you book, you will be stuck. Good luck and enjoy.
  13. We have never had a problem. Yes, the selection in colors and/or sizes may be somewhat limited but we have T shirts and sweat shirts from various NCL cruises plus other things, yes, like magnets and shot glasses. You must have hit a bad time. of course maybe we have been lucky. We will be doing some shopping in a few days as we leave tomorrow morning nice and early.
  14. We just go to the bar, order a couple of drinks and take them back to our cabin. It is easy and much less expensive.
  15. We too love HAL. WE did one, a partial Panama canal with friends about 10 years ago. We loved the daily lectures, the food and our cabin steward. Our only negative was the boring guests, yes, in bed by 9pm and we hated our table mates. those were the day with no open dining. Thank God we were with good friends or we would have probably asked to have our seating changed. We also could not stand the gal in the casino cashier cage or it seemed like a cage. As our friends said, they still enjoyed NCL more. As she said: NCL just has more energy. We do have to laugh because we too couldn't get over how old everyone was and we were in our early 70s at the time
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