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  1. but you are not at home, so we are talking apples and oranges. I do agree most on board packages are overpriced. That isn't really what the OP is asking. She/he wants to know if it is better to pay for the anniversary package or do all that is included separately. OP, just for the massage alone I think it sounds like a pretty good deal
  2. As a few others have mentioned, this is he reason for a PCC or a TA. Emailing customer service is never the best way to handle a question but more than that, I always wonder what is behind a poster who has only posted twice, both with complaints. Especially ones that really make little or no difference. So the grammar wasn't up to the standards, does it really affect the overall correspondence in anyway?
  3. Of course, why would you not complete them? That is your one time to let the company know what makes you happy and what does not. If you do not bother than you might be creating your own problems.
  4. you are right: TA has to give them a call. So OP, just talk to your TA about this.
  5. but you forget how much it has gone up this year: it was bound to take a hit one of these days. I don't know how much this had to do with The Cuba situation or just an adjustment.
  6. Very good question: here is how I see the negatives and the posters who decide to post the negatives: I their ideas and expectations for the most part are outdated or not realistic. 2-they have a favorite line and that is their agenda for knocking another line, regardless as to what line 3-they are just negative people who post he bad without looking for the good. To some degree this probably applies to many of us. We expect to have a good time so we think little of it when we do but if things go wrong, we can't wait to let the world know. Too often people get the idea if they continue to post negatives, especially when they have another favorite line they will convince people to jump ship (not literally of course) Those are he posters who are basing their opinions on 1 experience. For those of us who post regularly we know who they are. It might be someone who had a bad experience just a few weeks ago, or one that had that experience a few years ago. They suddenly become experts as to what is wrong with the cruise, the ship, the line or whatever. And yes, this is not a good thing. as new viewers do not know the difference between over exaggerating and honest criticism. I think some of what I have mentioned is seen right now by reading the responses to your questions. When people complain about this change and that change, they overlook most lines are doing something similar but in a different way. The bottom line is still pretty much the same. they are i the business to make money, and when this changes they will have to adjust where adjusting is needed. Between friends and family we know a lot of cruisers. Each one will tell a similar story regardless of the line and usually it comes down to cost and or service.
  7. can't answer the question about prices, it may have to do with port charges as every port is different. As for tendering, you do not tender in Astoria. We have never sailed with a stop in Monterey We used AA for our flight last time we did a similar itinerary . It was a fun cruise I will add and very from most we have done. We did it on the Pearl but it was several years ago. We haven't been on the Pearly for about 2 years..
  8. I don't have my invoice from my last cruise so can not argue with anyone as I do not know for sure. I do know, for sure other lines, do impose the tax on guests.
  9. I am sure we go charged on RCI as well. For those who say they did not, maybe MSC is an exception.
  10. Thanks for the warning. At least we are not going there on our next cruise.
  11. Exactly: the credit shows up after the tour has been taken . AS for rudeness, it seems we are seeing more of this lately. It is to bad people do such attitudes.
  12. I am sorry you feel insulted if that is what you do feel but I have never looked at this the way you are. I simply think of it as responding to a particular comment, not a quote. Anyway, I certainly didn't mean to start an all out war and will gladly drop the back and forth. In all my years on CC I don't think I have ever seen anyone take one of my comments the way you did. We will leave it at that. ☺️
  13. I was not quoting you, when someone sends a response it is simply just that; a response, but not to be taken as a direct quote. I was responding primarily because you and another pointed the age thing. I was clarifying, I saw similar situations but didn't find it necessary to bring up the age or the ethnic make up of those I witnessed I did mention them just to make a point: we don't need to add certain comments. It did wound as though you think the poor hygiene habits are more common is one group over other. This is certainly not the case.
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