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  1. No one should ever end up with any charges they were not aware of prior to boarding and no one needs to have any balance except the dSC unless they choose to add additional charges.
  2. Unfortunately we are living in an era of rude people sometimes. I agree about that and the shorter the cruise the more you are apt to witness this. Thanks for a very objective review. This is what most of us like to see, and hear; pros and cons done fairly and not too emotionally. thanks again, I hope you will become a regular cruiser in days to come. It is a great vacation, whether just 2 of you, a family or enjoying time with friends.
  3. well the hardest of all would be Teppanyaki's. WE did give it a try on our last cruise but had to be there as soon as they opened and still have about 45 min wait. The others, yes, you can take a chance but many are pretty booked up from about 6:30 to after 8pm. There really are not that many activities going on a dining time so I don't think you would have a problem making reservations and keeping them. It is up to you, take a gamble if that is what you want, but you may be disappointed.
  4. Remember the 3 year old will be 4 by then and if watched closely which I am sure he will be there should be no problems I know what you are concerned about but everything should be fine
  5. I do agree with you on the nickel and dimes adding up. But as for the cutbacks starting to add up, I have talked to many including our TA and friends; what NCL is doing doesn't seem much different than any other line, whether run of the mill lines or upscale lines Cruising isn't the same as it was 20 years ago and yet these huge ships seem to be going out full or very close. Of course the cutbacks affect the profit and I didn't mean to say they didn't but my point I guess was there are so few that eat in the dining room at lunch that most people are not going to care about the removable of a few, less than high quality fish dishes. Most people were not likely to be ordering them anyway BTW with all that are comparing the quality of food now compared to 10 years ago, I have been hearing this or 20 years. I think too many are expecting Ruth Chris for the price of Chili's. What we pay now for cruising is still considering inflation not as much as we did 20 or even 10 years ago. I can remember what I paid for our first cruise on a budget line about 30 years ago.
  6. We were satisfied with the Malbec we had just about 6 weeks ago on the Breakaway. we don't expect the top of the line when it is included in a package. Heck our son in law was just on a business trip last week and paid $26 for a glass of wine one night. Now that is what I call over the top. So did he and money is not an issue with him, more the principal of it.
  7. It usually takes at least 2 cruises after a breakout to lift the sanitation mode. I don' t think anyone announces anything you can just tell by the reaction of the crew and the limitations of food handling or one thing. Please for anyone sailing next week, don't let this interfere at all with your cruise. It is a slight inconvenience for all, including the staff but it should have no influence on how good your cruise is.
  8. we are about to take our first AZ cruise so I will wait until I return to judge, but from what I have heard from our TA, many friends and some posting here, tv has a very different idea of what is better. I am hoping he is one in a million. We have cruised over 40 times, so have a pretty good idea of what we expect from AZ. Most of our cruises have been on mass marketed lines I will add.
  9. If you really think that little bit of inferior seafood is making a huge difference in the overall cost for the company you are not really thinking this out clearly. My guess is, so few people dine in the dining room at lunch unless the weather is awful and they are totally stuck inside, the attraction of the listed seafood wasn't popular enough to continue offering them. I do realize there are some that do enjoy the MDR for lunch, but the majority of the passengers do not choose the MDR for lunch, so the management, I am thinking is more interested in other dining issues than what is served for lunch.
  10. My thoughts exactly or pretty much: For most the MDR is not the number one or even second place they think about for lunch: seafood is not the norm for many for lunch and third most of us, if we are still on the ship at lunch time (sea days the exception) are inclined to eat basic salads and sandwiches at lunch I would imagine very few people are going to miss cheap seafood at lunch. This is just my impression by watching what others do eat at lunch. At dinner time there are always, at least one seafood selection available
  11. Yes it is very much enforced . We don't bother anymore and haven't years. We used to buy the wine package as soon as we boarded, now we just stick with the free at sea perk.
  12. Wow, your description of AZ is very different from any other I have every read, when you refer to it as being just like any mass marketed lines with a few drinks thrown in. Are you referring just to the liquor package or are you referring to the entire cruise experience including food, service and entertainment?
  13. Very true; it is probably what we called stomach flu years ago and it is more likely to pick it up from flying or even is schools. Too many do not understand these germs are everywhere. It would never dawn on me not to cruise during certain months because of the noro virus.
  14. We were on the Pearl about 3 years ago when they had experienced a really bad breakout the sailing before. It was so bad that when we got to the port they have us an option to cancel the cruise with full refund.I don't have any idea if anyone took them up on the offer. Even after we boarded all the normal precautions were put into place: no touching of anything, even menus being cleaned after each handling. there was no salt and pepper shakers available, no touching of anything in the buffet and on and on. Still some did come down with noro. If I remember correctly the following sailing had absolutely no breakout. Luckily we have never had a problem personally. Good luck and just be careful to clean your hands as often as possible Better to over do than under do Don't shake hands with anyone either. That is the best you can do And be assured NCL does everything in their power to keep us all healthy and handles the noro cases in a professional way, as well as making the passengers aware of the problem with out putting the fear of Go in everyone. I am sure all the cruise lines do the same.
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